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  1. Sounds like an interesting experiment. I wonder how it will turn out. Sounds like the effect on revenues stays flat since they raise in some areas but lower in others...
  2. Beautiful. Thanks for the link. I was partially distracted by the webpage you link to because it is so beautiful. Great images. It says it is in Orange, TX, but doesn't specify exactly where. I looked it up, here is the address: 2111 West Park Avenue Orange, TX 77630 (just above Port Arthur on the LA border).
  3. Thanks for the link- that is an amazing website. I found the archival photos especially interesting. You can search the archival photos by park, format, date, etc. Some great old black and white photos on there... Makes me want to go visit one of the parks!
  4. Up at Bush, huh? Well, they definitely have enough raw land up there...
  5. Houston has the advantage of being next to the ocean - if you like the beach Galveston is great. Also, being a port city and a corporate oil/gas hub, a lot of money flows through Houston. This provides lots of professional opportunities for young architects in Houston.
  6. Loved the questions for Richard Keating and the answers, any more on this from other architects? Lake/Flato or others?
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