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  1. I think if you look at what Pearl has done in Midtown, I wouldn't be surprised if they don't get started on this bad boy until the Whole Foods is totally open and done. Not sure if they or whole foods are doing the work for the grocery store but it's full go in there right now INSIDE
  2. Nice! - looks like they are re-doing the park as well? fences off heavy equipment / midtown sign covered
  3. place is bumping every weekend, may just have the secret sauce and some staying power. Line 30-40 deep to get in on Sat, Sunday brunch. Living across the street besides the valet and cars have no issue with this place. Just need to find a downtime (during the week) to check out the food! When WF opens up I see a lot of the empty lots around , late night pie and across the street, Bunch CO block ect filling in fast.
  4. I heard Liftime fitness is coming to Greenstreet - has that been posted here
  5. fence around the property, hopefully they get started!
  6. Was walking my dog last night and did a double take - i walk past this building weekly and noticed for the first time CityPlace Midtown signage on the building. Looks like Cityplace sucked it up and brought it into the fold. Wonder if this was in the plans all along for the original developer or if it came about naturally? Interesting...
  7. Just a run of the mill red brick apartment would have fit in really well and would have been timeless. As an unfortunate stucco owner this is seriously very dumb!
  8. I saw the guts of the building half way demolished, parking structure, some old bricks, IMO not too much to be sad about, if Chevron actually does something with this block that would be cool. Don't really see why they would knock it down just to grow grass
  9. I kind of feel you @downtownian - i know there are constant calls for a target downtown but having just survived a quick trip to the one on Sawyer, I think the days of the big box target store's are numbered. Picking up on your comment, an Amazon GO store where there is no checkout. I will start the calls for one of these to pop up!
  10. Waiting for the GFRE (Ground Floor Retail Enthusiasts) to swarm this news with the vigor they use when there is none .............
  11. There are some great old buildings still hiding out in Midtown on the East side of Main Street. Hopefully as the Aussie's tower goes up , they will be re purposed from urine stained sleeping sidewalks to more of what you have described. Great prose by the way. I feel like I was there!
  12. HAIF's favorite question - will they fix the sign? LIGHTITUP!
  13. I would prefer the non fortress, but advocating for forced ground floor retail seems very un Texan and extremely un Houston.
  14. I would prefer the non fortress, but advocating for forced ground floor retail seems very un Texan and extremely un Houston.
  15. I think we can all agree anything but the two vacant blocks is a net positive for this side of Midtown. I struggle to accept why the GFR crowd needs it to be on the ground floor of every residential project. I get the allure , I get what kind of streetscape it provides but I don't know how you could look at this project, next to the bum infested greyhound station, a few blocks from the shadiest Mccidikkies in Houston and pronounce that it's a damn shame there is no GFR. I haven't ranted for a while , this feels good! I want @MarathonMan to pretend you are the developer, go spend an hour at the McDonald's parking lot, then picture those zombies all around your vacant GFR space two blocks East and you now know why the developer didn't decide to put the space in the first place. There is plenty of vacant and filled retail a few blocks East https://www.google.com/maps/place/2117+Chenevert+St,+Houston,+TX+77003/@29.7441786,-95.3648786,3a,75y,129.25h,90t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sme-XxYxsSCboEsMpAHMp5A!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!4m5!3m4!1s0x8640bf10d2829d87:0x210a015cef4f4004!8m2!3d29.7439049!4d-95.3645547 Free market economy, when the area demands it GFR will come or likely come next door in a strip mall of other form.
  16. I guess they could have been prepping for demo but caught at that light coming off 59 - they looked like they were prying fake shit off the walls like sears in midtown - taking the faux stone work off im confused - will see what’s up next week
  17. Doesn't appear to be a knock down - what's going in here? I am confused I know there are those cheesy apartments but I thought those were a block north?
  18. This one is getting very tall. It was tough to predict how big it would look because the lower floors blended and couldn't get a good count. I will send a pic from my driveway but this one is going to stand out big time in the neighborhood!
  19. yall herbivores need to take this conversation off line. lol
  20. My fam and I ate at Cafe Saigon vietcajun crawfish over the weekend - walked to the park after this part of midtown is gonna be so different soon. maybe the crime stoppers building can even take down their fenced in park in a few years ! Armed seal security was working hard patrolling the new park on golf carts - no bums anywhere to be seen.
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