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  1. The backside apartments will have a great look at the train and jail district. lol
  2. Good for Joe - so we think no car wash? Just beers?
  3. Formerly Saint Dane's - new poles / beer garden maybe being set up in former parking lot? Looks like the Pizza Patron logo? Very curious. Getting close to finishing the spur redo
  4. Since I live on this street, I always was fascinated by 407 Avondale St. Built in 1910 Depending on the season, sometimes you can't even see the house because of the big tree out front.
  5. I was kind of wondering if I would get shit for sharing the story of the lady pooping . It is a little off topic, and we have been down that road with other projects in midtown. Then like clockwork yesterday afternoon 5pm while driving my kids home from their daycare downtown I got to show them the basic mechanisms of a drug deal right in front of us in the middle of the intersection on the tracks next to the McDonalds. Very fun spot! Excited to see what will happen in about an hour.
  6. Saw a woman taking a dump this morning next block adjacent to Greyhound Station . ROse Gold Cocktail lounge, before it was Tarakaan Restaurant Almost spit out my coffee.
  7. I was on my bike a while back and stumbled upon this building with the red roof below JDC Staff Parking - looks incredibly old and interesting. Anybody know what it used to be?
  8. Williams Brothers are the single largest owner of American Crane's in the world, old school technology , American Crane Corporation was bought by Terex in the mid 90's and haven't built a new crane since. Pretty wild to see some of their bigger one's on jobs like this. I know there is a crane operator on here would be curious to hear his take on this random fact.
  9. They will need full time cop after hours , i hate the NEW little homeless camp that's set up on Webster - just tons of trash, needles, garbage. I drive my kids home from school past it everyday and I am having to get creative to distract them from grown adults using the street as a bathroom, passed out and convulsing. I'm not trying to turn this thread into a personal rant but it's just sad. With all the resources close by to help, I guess they need to want the help that's out there.
  10. Amegy bank parking lot / block next to this block (387)being excavated - is it part of this development? Seperate block than 387 - it has a lot of activity as well.
  11. Is this project in tandem with the Amegy Bank parking lot / building construction going on ? Laydown site perhaps
  12. I think if you look at what Pearl has done in Midtown, I wouldn't be surprised if they don't get started on this bad boy until the Whole Foods is totally open and done. Not sure if they or whole foods are doing the work for the grocery store but it's full go in there right now INSIDE
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