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  1. This project continues to deliver truly "exceptional" / original design ideas. I have been involved in a number of projects where we demolished tons of that green marble. This dude should not be trusted with a 58 story building!!!!
  2. aesthetic dumpster fire. for an eye doctor, dude doesnt seem to have a good vision.....
  3. IMO parking podiums are 1000% better than a detached freestanding garage. When you have a podium you have to resolve parking into the overall building facade (some people do this FAR better than others). When you have a freestanding garage it seems much more likely for the developer to just treat it as a pure parking barn and give the thing zero to little ornamentation.
  4. This site is developer nightmare fuel: major flooding risk (yup), contaminated site (yup), bad neighbors (a lead battery place YUP).... On a positive note, there is a very nice development going in right across the Bayou so maybe someone will throw a few dollars at it.
  5. FWIW Skanska has been trying to develop the corner if Hardy and I-45 by Exxon for 7+ years now.... Its planned as a 3 building 850,000SF development that has sat there as a forest waiting for a tenant. Skanska will only move as fast as the market dictates. They might not need stellar pre-leasing but they are also not going to sit here and ignore the crazy cost escalation factors the industry is facing coupled with softening demand and a potential for economic collapse.
  6. There is something special about having the postmodernist Michael Graves "masterpiece" Federal Reserve building next to a curvey metal clad blob thing, next to a high rise $$$$ condo tower, next to low income housing.
  7. Project is coming along quite nicely. I am a bit suprised that they were able to get a lane closure permit on montrose. Their trucks are crazy backing up traffic in the mornings and evenings.
  8. Found this on linkedin: CWIC next trip at Skanska job site: Mar 23, 7:30 AM – 11:00 AM Houston, 1550 Lamar St, Houston, TX 77010, USA Join us as Skanska takes us on a tour of their high profile project "1550 on the Green." Interested? Sign up through our website🦺🚧www.uhcwic.org 🏗
  9. I hate to pollute the site with my crappy cell phone shots but I got one of the complete crane this morning:
  10. last last rendering looks ridiculous. you either have decomposed granite or you have pavers, mixing them should be against the law.
  11. those houses better have some excellent insulation. that road noise is going to be something special.
  12. new conspiracy theory, Hindesky doesn't actually care about buildings at all, they just like tower cranes and get annoyed when we want to all talk about the cool projects that are behind or below said cranes.
  13. Saw on linked in their first elevator core vertical concrete:
  14. I find it curious to see maxim tower cranes on this job. I am not a crane nerd, but these might be the only ones in town right now??
  15. Long story short the process they are using is likely called "soil nails" here is a nifty website explaining things: Soil nailing | Keller North America (keller-na.com) the surface of the walls is similar to shotcrete that you see on a pool, but there is also a retention component drilled into the earth.
  16. glad you got the drone up!! I drive by every morning, but you cant really see anything from the street right now. They are using the little rubber tire crane to feed rebar down into the hole and the tower crane base showed up late last week. Looks like they got it ready for the NW corner which will likely mean we will see another crane go up on the S or SE corner.
  17. Have you seen any of the renderings elsewhere in this thread from the landscape architect? A HUGE focus of this project is the central helix spine and the site hardscape / landscaping is going to be dope. Imagine the rooftop of POST but ground level surrounding by tall curving glass buildings. Now if you are driving down Old Spanish Trail or Braeswood, this will likely end up looking a bit vanilla but the project isn't really designed for those big external views it seems to be fairly inward looking (in my non-architect opinion).
  18. as one of those contractors, I am calling it: here is the stuff I can actually find in 2022. So much material right now is backordered, long lead, no longer made, etc. We aren't even really doing VE, its just triage to get the building built. FWIW, most of us hate VE, its more work for us and we also get blamed when it doesn't go well.
  19. drove by this morning, there is a daily parade of dump trucks leaving the site. it is now hard to see the tops of the excavators as they are working down in the pit. I think i saw 4 McCarthy people leaning on the cable rail this morning watching the orchestra.
  20. Yellow is your sheathing (exterior wall) Brown is the fluid applied air barrier (aka keep the water out) White is ??? either insulation or like jmitch94 said it could be a protective film on metal panels.
  21. Spoke with someone familiar with the plans on this job, the hole they are digging is going to be around 50' deep. Not sure if its underground parking or part of the building interior. My guess would be parking.
  22. FWIW you can pretty much say everything west of lockwood Dr (right at Turkey Bend) is ripe for conversion and urbanization but it will take time. Everything east of there will remain the world of industry for the foreseeable future. Hell we still have some warehouses along washington ave / sawyer heights area.
  23. its nice to see that the design has some height to it. I was a bit worried with such a large site they would keep the whole thing low to the ground. The height + the elevation change between Allen Parkway and W Dallas will really help to accentuate the scale of this thing. It is also really interesting to think of this as a complementary building to the Houston Endowment project. Both are civic adjacent structures with a primary focal point to the Bayou.
  24. paving is pretty much always on grade (no vapor barrier). all you need is for the rebar to be clean and have your proper depth for the specified paving. The subgrade here is probably select fill or lime stabilized material. As long as there is no organic material (topsoil) they are good to go.
  25. There is no question this is a nice building, but I cant help but feel this building already looks dated. This building just kinda looks like a really clean 15 year old building.
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