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  1. I have only ever done dewatering systems when doing permanent below grade structures. In houston we have a number of foundation options that allow for installing foundations in VERY wet soils without the need for dewatering. The fact that they have a system installed makes me think they are either going to have a basement / underground parking / or other below grade support structures for the fountains and site stuff.
  2. My interpretation of that really stupid sentence: They use drones to scoop up hot Buffalo Bayou water and drop it on your house....
  3. there are 3 items that are wreaking havoc on construction schedules right now: mineral wool insulation, metal decking, and roof insulation. Looks like they need all 3 on the little building.... My guess is that they got pinched on schedule and will get to it when they get their materials.
  4. I am about 75% positive that these are part of either a permanent or temporary dewatering system. Here is a company that specializes in that kind of work here in Houston: Griffin Dewatering
  5. well get prepared for a bunch of angry rich people in tanglewood to take up their metaphorical pitchforks!
  6. This place gives me all kinds of Palace of the Golden Orbs vibe: https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/palace-of-the-golden-orbs Although Aga Khan appears to be a much more real organization with much better funding, I cant quite shake off my doubts related to their past tax issues with the site, and their non-existent time frame for actually bringing the project forward. The project has been in planning for 15+ years and they have chosen now to break ground, which blows me away. There has never been a more expensive time to break ground on a new construction project in Houston, TX.... We are facing across the board price increases and delays for common building products. If you would like to read some industry gossip, here is the latest inflation report from the AGC: https://www.agc.org/learn/construction-data/agc-construction-inflation-alert I'll retreat to my safe place and continue to pray to the optimism / positivity gods.
  7. They now have a drilling rig onsite, I think they might be moving beyond mockups!!
  8. this is one of the most refreshingly new glass box tower designs I have seen in the last few years. WOW, nice to see some good architecture in the commercial office space!!!
  9. I also heard that the "Grand Poobah Architect" is Rem Koolhaas and the "Master Ideation Architect" Renzo Piano. All joking aside KPF are a legit firm, excited to see their name attached.
  10. something something OSHA? okay stupid question, how do you embed an imgur so it shows up????
  11. Two 3D spin around renderings are now on the sales site: 1550 on the Green
  12. the FF heights dont work, you would have to blow out portions of every other floor (which would make for some dope loft style units) but not sure what the market would be for that. Also the core depth of this building makes it inefficient for residential or hotel conversion. FWIW the comments above are largely from a bar conversation with a developer that doesnt like Shorenstein so take all of that for what it is......
  13. here is the problem with 800 bell: no one wants an old 1.3 million SF building with low FF heights and extremely old infrastructure. The "sell" from Shorenstein is that you could deliver a "reno" of this building to market faster than a new tower but there are not a whole lot of anchor tenants looking for the kind of SF they would need to kick this into gear. Even with top tier renovations this will never be able to compete with new construction Hines or Skanska buildings....
  14. Why in hell is the city spending $40mil when this company could easily go out and bank finance the job themselves (or get a developer involved)? I wasn't aware that our tax dollars are being used to fund commercial development....
  15. FWIW, the equipment used to "tear it down" are just excavators, no heavy demo equipment was used to demo this thing as none was needed. When we demo modern ish buildings you have to use hammers or shears on the equipment to "chew" through the structure. Looking back through these photos is looks like they largely used buckets to process the building down. Also salvage of brick is almost never done even in restoration projects. The old brick is often weaker than the mortar holding it together making it almost impossible to re-use. A few years ago Harris County did a great restoration of 5900 Canal. This was a concrete framed building with decent bones. From what I understand it was an old canning factory. https://www.kirksey.com/portfolio/projects/harris-county-5900-canal-renovation
  16. send it through montrose, we would have 20 DNF's..... Back to the topic, major props to the Skanska folks for thinking about the cycling folks.
  17. this is such a salty post and project title. What did HCC do to you??? this building looks to be the very definition of vanilla ice cream. Not bad, not good.... I for one am happy to see HCC being restrained and responsible steward of our TAX DOLLARS.
  18. anytime I see renderings for a project with solar panels I just assume it will never be built.... and this is a mixed use project with solar panels, thats like double proforma confusion....
  19. god those renderings are SEXY! I love how they have segmented the building into targeted tenant chunks. The semi-open garage is going to be interesting, that is always a tricky element on podium towers so hopefully the detailing will pay dividends. I cant help but see this a a major contrast against what is to me a bland Hines Block 58. I know the location is very different and drives the design to an extent but I can see this building commanding higher rents than the other vanilla ice cream recent downtown projects (including their owner cap tower).
  20. https://www.skanska.fi/tietoa-skanskasta/media/uutiset/254374/Jatkasaaren-terassitalon-arkkitehtikilpailun-voittaja-on-ratkennut Skanska just announced a new development in Helsinki, just copy paste that design right here!!
  21. This is the kind of extreme detail that i come to HAIF for! Sometimes the tangents on here annoy me but for some reason this is just mint!!
  22. this is going to be a tricky building to build that floor plan makes sense but hot digidty that is about 13lbs in a 10lb bag skanska stock is at pretty much an all time high, they got money so might as well pump it into houston I wonder if part of their underground work will be future connectivity to their other block to the north
  23. Mockups fall into two categories 1) visual 2) performance. 1) Visual mockups are for the owner / designer to approve colors, details 2) Performance mockups are for the designer and contractor to figure out waterproofing / weird details that are tricky. Many contracts will also require a mockup on site during construction that can be compared back to for quality control assurance.
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