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  1. Enwave has plenty of capacity and they are always happy to expand if they can lock in a new client. FWIW the other Skanska building downtown is also on district cooling. "Does chiller = AC or is it something different? " short story yes. Longer story: Chillers make cold water by a magic process involving a cooling tower to reject some heat and then some weird compression thing happens and stuff gets colder (again magic). Longest Story: I am not an engineer so you will need to go to wikipedia to learn the dark arts of heat rejection and mad science of delta T.
  2. yall are being fooled, that is precast concrete, not stone. I will say, it is nice precast concrete.
  3. What we have now is 100% Phase 1. They absolutely have plans for parking garages / more buildings on site. They REALLY want residential + office space on the site.
  4. Drove by this morning, the project is now going full speed ahead. They have started site clearing and there are lots of workers on site.
  5. Just an FYI, mistakes happen ALL THE TIME in construction. TAS (the concrete sub here) screwed it up and will replace it without complaint or cost to anyone else. That whole whoopsie is probably going to cost them less than 10k, nothing to really write home about, they will work the weekend and make up the time so schedule shouldn't be an issue either. Oh and I would bet you a chicken dinner that the goofball that screwed up here did not go home and is in fact the one on the boom lift chipping out the bad concrete. We call those "teaching moments"!
  6. Fun Fact: Skanska has a bit of a history with heritage oak trees. On their first project in town they put in a big oak tree (3009 Post Oak) and then their next job at West Memorial Place had a few large oak trees. Cap Tower doesnt really have BIG trees outside but they do have some cool ones in the Understory not to mention the whole rooftop garden. Yes it is a bit of greenwashing but its pretty cool that they have brought in serious landscape budgets to all of their developments.
  7. Of course the crane guy in the last photo isn't wearing a hard hat or vest. These people are a joke. Side note: Awesome photos cityliving!!
  8. not to be that annoying person but as an FYI the green board stuff on the outside of the building is called sheathing. In this case is it Zip sheathing with an integrated air barrier.
  9. Looking at the photos, there isn't really all that much damage. They will spend more time arguing about who's insurance should pay what than the actual time it takes to address the damage. I would bet this sets the project back 3-4 weeks max. Having said that, if I owned that tower crane, I would claim it as a 100% loss and sue the shit out of Consolidated.....
  10. I have only ever done dewatering systems when doing permanent below grade structures. In houston we have a number of foundation options that allow for installing foundations in VERY wet soils without the need for dewatering. The fact that they have a system installed makes me think they are either going to have a basement / underground parking / or other below grade support structures for the fountains and site stuff.
  11. My interpretation of that really stupid sentence: They use drones to scoop up hot Buffalo Bayou water and drop it on your house....
  12. there are 3 items that are wreaking havoc on construction schedules right now: mineral wool insulation, metal decking, and roof insulation. Looks like they need all 3 on the little building.... My guess is that they got pinched on schedule and will get to it when they get their materials.
  13. I am about 75% positive that these are part of either a permanent or temporary dewatering system. Here is a company that specializes in that kind of work here in Houston: Griffin Dewatering
  14. well get prepared for a bunch of angry rich people in tanglewood to take up their metaphorical pitchforks!
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