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  1. Concrete columns typically step by standard sizes, you could theoretically reduce each floor as your go up, but that would be cost prohibitive on formwork. So the engineers look at the loads and give you blocks of floors by each column size, they also fiddle with reinforcing steel as you go up.
  2. for a school that spends so much money on their buildings, it blows my mind that they would go with the cheapest / ugliest possible building. Is this thing supposed to be temporary?
  3. What really sucks about this facade is that the owner now has a difficult to maintain building. The contractor right now has leverage to get replacement pieces (retainage, successful contract closeout, etc). 5 years from now the supplier will have very little insensitive to provide glass for a broken piece cause by the proverbial lawnmower throwing rocks. I guess they could buy a bunch of attic stock but it looks like most of the pieces are in different sizes.
  4. The chips are fairly easy to patch. The precast company has all the color mixes and can send out small patch kits. When done correctly they are indistinguishable from the rest of the wall. Plus all the joints will end up getting caulked which helps hide some of the edge damage.
  5. not to split hairs, but that is architectural precast concrete not stone.
  6. FYI storm troopers are water quality devices designed to improve the quality of discharge storm water from the site. Cool name and a cool product: https://parkusa.com/index.php/corporate/241-stormwater-division/stormwater-quality-category/hydrodynamic-separator-product/stormtrooper-aq
  7. I am really enjoying the trend back to more reflective glass. its almost like someone figured out that looking into a building and seeing a ton of mechoshades at different heights is ugly...
  8. And it looks like that was the crane for the office building. I guess that means its on hold?
  9. You're looking at a flat slab post-tensioned parking garage.... FYI this one is being done by the second largest concrete contractor in town (Keystone Concrete). The re-shores and formwork system they use may appear to be janky but they are highly engineered.
  10. i am absolutely shocked / confused as to how the project wasn't put on hold. Did they land a tenant that none of us know about???
  11. building question of the day: why plywood sheathing? it looks like there are brick lintels and on some of the photos fluid applied waterproofing. I wonder what drove this decision over typical sheathing.
  12. not sure where their pricing was at but yall do know that Cristacurva down in Mexico makes plenty of curved glass....
  13. just an FYI for the non-construction folks out there. we have seen an increase in RFP's and RFQ's coming out of the City and County. Public money is still flowing right now and the last of the approved school bonds are all bidding. There is definitely a fall of in the hospitality side, many projects are getting put on hold or are back with the architects for "design refinements".
  14. im sure the architect and engineer are planning castellated beams.... or they wanted to highlight the extensive floor to floor height.... or they just screwed it up.
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