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  1. thats one hell of a visual mockup. Looks like the are testing different glass types (probably trying to nail down the reflectivity balanced with the SHG and U-Vaules...)
  2. first upload was hard to see, i colored over the lines so they stand out:
  3. Looking at google earth, there is a clear shot from May of 2020 in which the buildings laid out??
  4. from the morning commute, we got a forklift and 2 portable toilets.... Making progress!
  5. I drive by this site everyday and have noticed increased activity. They have a dumpster and a McCarthy trailer on site. There also looks to be some site cleanup / clearing going on. No heavy equipment is onsite yet but things might just be kicking off!
  6. Those grid patterns in the concrete are from saw cutting the concrete. Basically after they finish the concrete, a grid is laid out and joints are cut into the concrete. It is how they attempt to control cracking and force cracks to happen in certain spots vs others. If you want an informative look at the process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9UrR31RGVI
  7. I'm really confused by this one. I have worked on a number of mid - high rise concrete framed buildings but they all had metal pan stairs. Is it becoming common to use precast for the central core egress stairs? Obviously this is a tragic accident and when installed correctly the system should be no better or worse than another, I am just curious if this is a new design approach or something tried and true.
  8. When talking about a building foundation, no properly designed or built foundation system will ever be the linchpin in a building lifespan. A good foundation will last FAR longer than anything built above it. NOTE: I am talking about large public or private buildings, I am not talking about under 6 story timber framed anything. FYI foundations are subject to differential settlement in our soils (differential meaning that your building is falling or rising differently from adjacent ones). For a building like Texas Tower or other tall structures you expect to see 3 windows of sett
  9. We have very naughty layers to our soil. Clay is not great and sand is not great but neither are of any particular concern, you just design a foundation system that jives with that soil. The problem we run into a lot is layering like Paco showed from his geotech. We actually have a decent amount of "underground streams" or sandy layers which really screw with your foundations. You either have to keep it high and tight (spread footings / mat foundation) OR you have to get past the sand into a bearing layer (drilled piers / ACP / etc). TLDR: dirt aka "soil" is extremely complicat
  10. So what your are looking at here are Auger Cast Piles. In Houston these typically go deep (60 - 120+ feet deep) and rely largely on skin friction with the soil. We do NOT "go to bedrock" in Houston, it is simply too far down to get to. Fun fact: Many of the tall building foundations downtown are VERY shallow. They use a mat slab which is anywhere between 8-15 feet thick across the entire footprint of the building.
  11. I am very curious to see how tall they would go. Anything in the 4+ range would really stand out in that area and be potential catalyst for a cascade of other smaller townhome type projects. They would also have some stellar downtown views. I did not expect to see this kind of gentrification happening in near northside. If they pull this off it will set off a cascade of development that will turn near northside into shady acres 2.0.
  12. just thank the lord we dont have a developer here in town that loves gold and puts very large signs up with his last name on them. I will take Randall "the EIFS / Stucco queen" Davis over some others any day of the week!!!
  13. I have priced plenty of jobs to bury electrical, the developers never go for it. Part of the problem is also the shared use agreements that CenterPoint has. If you bury power then you have to accommodate the fiber and other communication lines that are also on that pole.
  14. I like this one from their marketing brochure "The Views from the 7th level and above are just spectacular. We really don't have any obstruction to the Downtown skyline". Surely people are smart enough to understand that the ATT store / Bancorp just east of this site is going to be redeveloped....? There will be a 30+ story blocking most of those sweet downtown views within the next 10 years. (And for the record I have ZERO intel for this post, just an opinion based on the underutilization of the subject property).
  15. i'm more amazed by the rooftop pool at 110 Milam. https://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/topic/5134-110-milam/ anyone have any photos of inside that house? it looks incredible!
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