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  1. Could someone share some other major Skanska projects? Reliant Stadium (minority partner) 3009 Post Oak Capitol Tower (now BOA) Large development jobs in Boston and Seattle LaGuardia Airport Met Life Stadium World Trade Center Oculus Hub https://www.usa.skanska.com/what-we-deliver/build/
  2. Before the Houston Club closed, they held an auction in which they tried to sell damn near everything they could. When Skanska took over the property, the only think left was Asbestos, Mold, and years of neglect.
  3. Here I was thinking that I provided some cool information about how modern elevators work.......
  4. Elevators like these use a destination grouping scheme to reduce wait times. When you scan your badge it tells you which elevator to go to (because it know what floor your work on). That way all the people going to floor XX during the morning rush go stand in front of elevator YY. For elevator banks that do not have badge access, there is a centrally located call station where you enter the floor number and it tells you which elevator to wait at. Skanska used this system on their 3009 Post Oak building. There are a number of newer buildings in Houston that use this. Developers like these systems because on tall / large buildings they can actually reduce their elevator count due to the decrease in loiter times. If you want to learn more: Kone - Destination Control
  5. where do you get the 5 story limit from? Mass timber / CLT framed structures are not bound by the typical fire code that stop balloon frame apartment bldgs.
  6. This "developer" has experience in desert style hotels, nothing taller than 2-3 stories. My guess is this was a EB-5 money play. It seriously looks like a money laundering or a Ponzi scheme. There are 1,000 more economically viable developments in the area that any real investor would rather put money in.
  7. A beautiful building and a dog turd of a sign... That might be one of the worst signage pedestals I've ever seen.
  8. This might be my favorite question in a long time. I have been to a lot of concrete pours and had to think for a bit about what is smells like! Like Tumbleweed_Tx said, it certainly smells like diesel exhaust, each pump has a big diesel engine running and there are typically 4-10 trucks lined up at each pump. there could be up to 50-60 concrete trucks around the site at any given time. The actual concrete doesn't smell like much, think about wet beach sand or how a road smells right after it starts raining. The concrete curing process is exothermic and does generate heat, but most of that is lost during the evaporation process or held deep within the mat. There wont be any noticeable temperature changes with the pour.
  9. Well i am sorry, you are not a Houstonian if you dont like our magnificent tunnels!!!
  10. i wonder if they are still doing the illuminated crown that was shown in a lot of the early renderings. If it ends up looking anything like the BHP tower in uptown then it will definitely stand out more at night.
  11. yeah, because below grade infrastructure makes so much sense in Houston......
  12. That is some seriously clear glass they are installing. I wonder how many mole people will be accidentally walking into that!
  13. What's crazy is that for a long time the design was to have a green roof but for it not to be accessible to anyone but maintenance people. This is at least a 2-3 million dollar amenity that they are adding, I am curious if BOA is chipping in or if this is what they needed to include to get BOA signed as a tenant. Regardless, this going to be one hell of a feature and will likely have one of the best downtown views.
  14. This will be a public RFP so the Gensler's of this world probably wouldn't even pursue it. PGAL, EYP (formerly WHR), Kirksey, etc will be in the hunt for this.
  15. I would put good money on NOTHING happening until the I-45 realignment is either done or well on its way. Who would want to office or live right in the armpit of 10 years worth of freeway construction....
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