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  1. FWIW, I saw survey stakes yesterday on site. Not sure if they are just shooting site corners or starting to layout the building. It might be happening???
  2. No GC will mobilize on a jobsite without MONTHLY fee which includes staffing. Minimum staffing would be a Superintendent and maybe a PE. There are 2-3 McCarthy trucks on that site every day and have been for a couple months. Trust me, they are burning cash. Hell they even had a truck load of timber delivered that is sitting around waiting to be used. Painting your connex box is a prime example that McCarthy is just burning hours. they dont need to do it (no crane is going to run into a connex on the ground). Hopefully they will break ground soon, but it is hella weird to have st
  3. imagine paying a general contractor 100-200k per month to sit in their office trailers while you scramble for funding. The apartments across the street will likely finish before this one gets out of the ground.
  4. What you are looking at is a "Mast Climber" in the construction world it is a form of scaffolding but obviously very different from what you see on the other elevations. Typically used on taller structures, not really sure why they are using one here. SafRise® Mast Climbers | Hoists and Lifts (brandsafway.com)
  5. Just noticed a project at UCLA that looks suspiciously familiar. So who had the curvey fa├žade idea first? Steven Hall or Johnston Marklee? UCLA ARTS UNVEILS NEW MARGO LEAVIN GRADUATE ART STUDIOS | UCLA Arts Johnston Marklee
  6. normally I like buildings that look and feel new. Something about the garage on this job looks 10 or even 20 years old and I kinda dig it. Mad props to the developer for taking a risk, I hope it pays off for them and encourages others (hint Skanska) to see Montrose has an area that will allow for a bit more creativity than other parts of town.
  7. trains are cool I guess, but can we get back to talking about what an incredible parking lot this is about to be?
  8. that is some harsh interior design for a residential project.... I can understand minimalism and exposed structure in public facing spaces but to do polished concrete floors with exposed ceilings in the residential area is pretty bleak. White walls and white base make it look cold and borderline prison vibes (compare to UTHealth Continuum Of Care Campus For Behavioral Health). And that bathroom... WTF they couldnt afford to tile the floor? I guess they spent all their money on the brick facade and ran out when it came to actual positive features for the building occupants. Another
  9. My post was definitely sarcastic, but I will expand: (I dont have top secret knowledge of astros planning). Long term this will likely end of as a cool development similar to Texas Live or other recent ballpark adjacent developments. BUT, revenue is horrible right now for all sports teams and 2021 isnt exactly looking phenomenal for ticket sales. My gut tells me that they will scrape the site, asphalt the thing for the short term and have it ready to go when their long term plans finalize.
  10. here to cut the suspense, they will be building an asphalt parking lot.
  11. Energy code requires exterior continuous insulation on pretty much all building types these days. The typical solution is rockwool or foam board insulation. Which is anywhere from 2-4in thick. You then use z clips or girts to stand off the facade material which in this case is brick. If you like to read: https://www.rockwool.com/north-america/products-and-applications/external-wall-insulation/ Cladding Attachment thermal break - Thermal Bridging Solutions
  12. I don't think these residents quite understand how lucky they are. A storage facility is about the LEAST impactful development possible. Hardly any traffic, no late night noise, and it will contribute more to local taxes than the existing church. Now the 7 story thing is a bit tall, but storage centers have a really low Floor to floor height. My guess is it will be around the same height as 1111 Studewood which is 6 floors but typical 14' ceilings. Yeah there are a few houses that will back up to this and it will be a bit of an eye sore but I would rather back up to a storage cente
  13. i still cant believe they are using BIG, I guess when you are a Swedish multi-billion dollar construction company / developer you can bring in that kind of horsepower. They will no doubt have a master plan that unifies this with the rest of their properties. Knowing BIG / Skanska there will certainly be green space / natural elements in the other blocks. Now we just need centerpoint to burry their substation and build a park on top of it....Hell even a parking garage would look better!
  14. you are such a tease, i thought for a second that swamplot was coming back.....
  15. someone needs to do a case study on the property values around discovery green before and after the park was built. IMO this will be Nancy Kinder's biggest legacy here in town. The added value to our local economy that this project brought needs to be studied!
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