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  1. i still cant believe they are using BIG, I guess when you are a Swedish multi-billion dollar construction company / developer you can bring in that kind of horsepower. They will no doubt have a master plan that unifies this with the rest of their properties. Knowing BIG / Skanska there will certainly be green space / natural elements in the other blocks. Now we just need centerpoint to burry their substation and build a park on top of it....Hell even a parking garage would look better!
  2. you are such a tease, i thought for a second that swamplot was coming back.....
  3. someone needs to do a case study on the property values around discovery green before and after the park was built. IMO this will be Nancy Kinder's biggest legacy here in town. The added value to our local economy that this project brought needs to be studied!
  4. if this is mostly core and shell office space, they should have no problem being done by June. FYI the GC on this job is Harvey - they are on a ton of large jobs here in down and can bring in plenty of horsepower if they have to get this over the finish line.
  5. office buildings are VERY had to convert to residential. The floor to floor heights suck and you perimeter to core depths make it very tricky to get enough daylight into the residences. If i had a crystal ball, i would say that Skanska, Hines, Transwestern, etc. will continue to develop new trophy buildings for major tenants moving into the CBD or other prime areas. I think a lot of the small office buildings scattered through the inner loop are going to be demolished in the next 10 years as the demand for in town living continues to grow. Look at some of the low rise office buildings
  6. Looks like Hilton contracted the randall davis paint scheme disease. Symptons include using strange paint patterns and colors to "elevate" and "energize" bland architecture.
  7. Look at that beautiful ETFE! Before the questions come in: What does ETFE stand for: Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene Whats the big deal: Arch Daily ETFE This might be the biggest install of ETFE here in town. We have PTFE on The Woodlands Pavilion and on NRG stadium, but I dont think we have any large scale or notable ETFE.
  8. Its self climbing formwork. Here is a decent video explaining how it works: PERI ACS Core 400 Climbing Formwork - Customer Testimonial - YouTube Long story short: It is a faster, cheaper, and safer way to place concrete for repetitive vertical stuff like elevator and stair shafts. All of it gets removed at the completion of the concrete work and sent to the next project.
  9. Imagine if they could land a Whole Foods or Phoenicia, downtown could use another grocery store.
  10. Typically this means the client or design team have retained a geotechnical engineer to provide a report that the structural engineer is then able to use to develop their foundation design. It is not very common for a general contractor to mobilize before that work has been done which is why I am confused on the schedule. They could have been out there for other reasons (subsurface water testing, or supplementary testing) but it is weird and a bit out of sequence. My worry is that they had McCarthy "mobilize" to help with fundraising or for PR purposes, not to actually
  11. geotech drilling rig on site today. Now I'm really confused about their schedule.
  12. if they time this thing right, its going to be a HUGE success. Imagine this building opens in July / August of 2021. The vaccine has rolled out, people are itching to get out and BOOM there is this place ready for you to spend you money. 2021 is going to be a GREAT YEAR (i keep telling myself as I hide under my desk from the current world).
  13. i'll never forget the meeting I was in with a stone vendor and a developer. Gensler (the architect) specified statuario marble, and the stone vendor asked if we had considered statuarietto (the developer got all excited because it wasn't a type he was familiar with). That was the day I realized I truly do not care about finishes. It was also the day I realized that developers choose materials based on how cool the name sounds.
  14. not sure if an old folks home should have a "wandering garden" right next to a road.....
  15. So BBP doesn't like the Corps plan, but they don't say anything about what a better idea would look like. Do they have an alternative?? Part of the Corps plan relies on other work by the County / City which is already funded mainly the North Canal Bypass and the demo of derelict buildings along the bayou downtown.
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