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  1. live music on your front porch. i don't see the problem here.
  2. Earlier, headed south on main I intended to take the Holcombe mini exit, but that section of mini feeder was closed with some heavy equipment doing some work on the road in front of this site while the parking lot seemed full of buses.
  3. Sorry, no. the response we were looking for was What is run of the mill.
  4. it even shows retail in my link. Notorious Skimmer.
  5. Looks like this area is fenced off with one of those pavement stripping machines on site.
  6. don't think so http://www.609mainattexas.com/#techspecs
  7. 500k for 1700 feet of sidewalk? Does it really cost $300 per foot for sidewalks? According to this sidewalk cost calculator i found with google, thats crazy talk.
  8. I see this avatar used by a member on IMDB that always posts on 'The Red Shoes' board. I wondered if it was you.
  9. Meiko Kaji in a promotional poster for Female Prisoner: Scorpion. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0226872/ The best trilogy in the history of cinema. Also a little better than her role in the more popular Lady Snowblood.
  10. Couldn't they make it free for residents of sector#6, kinda like the Texas city dike? that way it's a win-win.
  11. Is Houston the skybridge capital of the world? serious question. edit: never mind https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skyway
  12. http://www.har.com/2401-crawford--b108/sale_23424354
  13. It looks a little better than I expected it to based off the renderings
  14. Now that I think about it I can't even remember why I ever used it. One little thing, I don't see the post number in the corner of the posts. I kinda like the little reminder to just where I am in a thread. I love the unread content and Activity functionality.
  15. thanks. Creeping strangers social media accounts is a skill I'm proud of.
  16. just chose a random tweet to see if we could embed tweets.
  17. just need the view new content button. also no preview post/ more reply options?
  18. I for one don't hate it. I love being reminded of my trapper keeper from fourth grade And of the recurring amoebas from my favorite cartoonist
  19. My inside source says March. (my source being Urbanizer like 6 posts back)
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