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  1. Netflix series 'I Am A Killer" season 1 episode 5
  2. this thing looks like a "plug" I saw in a "art film" one time. can't wait to get my selfie.
  3. Innes is annoying. I much prefer the guys filling in for him this week.
  4. Nice. definitely Houston's best suburb.
  5. I don't know if "heart of the Houston Medical Center" is accurate. Lower intestine maybe.
  6. At least they have the 2018 nba finals and world series to look forward to.
  7. My roommate was a cook there at the time of hurricane Rita. It's where we got the ice for our keg.
  8. 5000 employees. 95% of the current employees are temporary, making 9$ an hour, and no benefits. many of the employees at the location on 11th st depend on the bus. Maybe they will get raises big enough to afford cars for the new commute.
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