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  1. Pier and Beam house in Magnolia, built early 1950s, the floor underneath kitchen completely rotted, kitchen gutted down to the dirt. Concrete foundation/crawl-space wall on three sides of the kitchen location. This crawl-space area under the kitchen has had very poor ventilation for the last 60 years. When it rains, water collects inside the concrete foundation walls. I am in need of a structural engineer who has experience in working with homes built in the early 1950s. Recommendations with moisture barrier installation; crawl-space ventilation; answering questions such as "what wood is rotted and what isn't?"; etc... I have gotten a quote on kitchen repairs, but I don't want to build something that's going to completely rot out in 10 years. Any advice on a good structural engineer with experience dealing with old pier and beam homes?
  2. Rodents of Unusual size...My stepmom had a dog that looked like one of those. Thanks Phillip Thanks for the Stormtech info Ross.
  3. Thanks for the answer! I was really puzzled by these things...but yes, there was no retention pond on this build...that's because it will be underground. That must be why, on another construction site that was finished, they tore up the parking lot and put a huge tank in the ground. Detention pond underground. interesting... Now I can sleep at night.
  4. They are clearing land for another strip center on Rayford Road in Montgomery County. Their are dozens of the bright yellow/orange plastic...domes? What are these used for?
  5. On the SW corner of I-45 North & Woodlands Parkway/Robinson Road, they have dug a cavernous hole, and there are huge fans being stored at the job site. See the photos.
  6. Currently under construction, on the east side of the Hardy toll road just north of where you exit for IAH is a huge tilt wall facility being built. Taking up nearly a third of the front of this building is an enormous oval shaped "O" - very similar to the logo for the Oakley Corporation (the sunglasses company). My question is: Does anyone know for sure, one way or the other, if this is a facility for the Oakley corporation? Besides making great sunglasses, Oakley is also revolutionizing the film & video industry by developing a new type of video camera that is unsurpassed in image quality, visit www.red.com for more info on that. Very interesting company...I wonder what else Oakley has in R&D? Just curious...Thanks in advance for any information. Jerry
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