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  1. Thanks! Got that on the list to see this weekend. You say that the address is incorrect? THAT's why I couldn't find it on google streetview! We were going to go and see the Shallow Pond listing too but it is already under contract. What's up with 46 Sky Terrace? What It was on the market for 18 months straight, then took it off market for december and January, and in February it was back on market and then pending. The pending didn't last longer than ten days, so you know it had to be something off on the inspection. Anybody got the scoop on that house? Oh, also, anybody know the "official" name of that floor plan?
  2. Yeah, saw that one too, but we're looking for something a little larger. Thanks, though. Trace Creek is very pretty!
  3. Thanks! Anyone else want to chime in with any new LifeForms listings? We have a contract on our house and are ready to go.
  4. Hi, we are looking to relocate to The Woodlands, and I'm intrigued by the Life Forms homes. Can anyone tell me where I can find a list of Life Forms homes for sale or a picture or scan of any of the floor plans they offered? Thanks!!!
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