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  1. Yes Sir. His son lives across the road from me and he's a great friend and is a Pflugerville police officer. I will ask him next time I see him if he has any relation.
  2. Please let me know what you find out. I have a great neighbor who lived in Houston in the 90's . His name is Cody Irby and his dad was James Irby. Thanks, John PS: I was 12 when Carla came thru and lived in Westbury and we lost our roof
  3. My Mom bought a new '65 Chevy Impala station wagon at A.J.Foyt Chevrolet on Post Oak between W.Belfort and Willowbend where I met AJ himself on the sales floor that day. We used to ride our bikes up to the back and watch them work on some of their race cars, mainly dirt and stock cars. We moved to Austin later that year and I drove it off the Mansfield Dam late one night after partying in the park. I've got some pictures if I can find them.
  4. "Back in the Saddle" is the right description to use if you want to get around in the downtown area. Parking is about gone, and lanes dedicated to bus only. Traffic is horrendous. The city council is trying to turn most of downtown into a pedestrian only area with cabs, busses, and trains, and maybe some tunnels and even a subway. It ain't like it used to be!
  5. We moved to the area in 1958 and I'm sure my Dad would have known about it, but I don't recall him saying anything about it. But in about 1960, he did mention Meyer Speedway,but I was only 11 yrs old, and I was out there by 1962 on my bycycle. I've noticed a number of these impressions on the old arieals of Houston all over. I might venture to say the were horse trainning tracks, which were more common back then. I'll try to dig up some more info.
  6. I remember working there in 64 &65 selling 'Cold Beer,penuts, popcorn' and I was only 15 but I found a way to get in! In 66 we snuck in over the fence on the back strech and hid in the old destruction derby cars piled in the infield, and by 7 we were in the infield and no questions asked. I loved that place.
  7. I used to get my load of the Houston Press Sunday edition to roll on the porch of that 7-11 backin the early 60's. It was a much simpler life back then.! Even at 4am.
  8. I'm missing something here. What would I respond to between getting jury summons ?
  9. In peace and quite, way of the road, off Hill Country Dr. in the hill country. Left Houston in 1997 and never regretted it.
  10. Don't go to Home Depot parking lot! Speak English, Most established quality flooring companys hire the best people that are dependable and do the best work. They have to warranty it and the installers know that or they get backcharged for anything that needs to be corrected. Clean looks, and clean truck.Most know how to read blueprints, and let them see the job because unknown problems causing price to go up. They don't want problems. They're no warrantys on the side jobs (unless agreed in advance) and you get a great deal. GOOD LUCK! I love my tile
  11. I've worked for one of the largest flooring stores here in Austin for the last 14 yrs. and the labor price per sq. has gone down since '98. We have 30+ tile crews daily to dispatch and some days when things are slow, these installers would gladly do side jobs for not much more than what our wholesale rates. Custom tile jobs that required top quality and intricate fitting should go for not more than 6.00 sf. Floor tile for about 2.50-3.00 tops. Check out your larger flooring stores early in the morning and check out the parking lot and ask around, Or if you know someone that works at one, they
  12. I remember a store near Griggs Rd. and Mykawa Rd. where my parents went and bought our first new tv back in the mid 50's. I'm pretty sure it was a Fed-Mart, or something close to that. Seems like they used play money, which seemed silly at the time, but you had to buy their money to buy their goods. At the time it was pretty good deals.
  13. I remember my Dad bought my brother and I our first shotguns for Christmas in 1960 at the Meyerland Oshmans. Used to find some great deals there, but for the most part, they were on the more upscale price line, but mostly better quality that I could not afford at the time.
  14. px4man

    Pilot Knob

    Thia ia right across from the new F1 Track. Not really much to see in the area of a volcano once being there. I have a retired friend who goes camping at McKinney Falls State park often, and she says it is a beautiful park.
  15. I like it because my dad worked for Exxon (Hunble Oil) back in the 50's and moved there from the old building downtown, which had no A/C, and was on one of the top floors that I got to visit. I think at that time it was the tallest building in town. He would take me around to look at all the birds that hit the windows and landed on the overhangs.
  16. I stumbled across this also.(I love this forum)... On my seventh birthday, back in '56, was one of my best birthday presents I remember.All I wanted was all the Wheel Burgers I could eat ! It was the one on OST I think they were 35 cents and to die for. My whole family loaded in the car and went out for dinner. I ate two and started on the third when I found out what glutton I was. Lesson never learned!
  17. Great Photo !!! FYI only This is neither here nor there but the other day when my Nissan Frontier was about to turn over 100,000 miles, I swore I would take a picture of the odometer at that spot. I just happened to be on a flyover simmiler to the one above and pulled over to the far extreme side till the mirror was about to touch the wall and I had a hard time focussing on the odometer with the tremendous shaking going on. I'm talking an inch or so up and down. A tripod is great, but if the subject is moving, it throws another kink in the picture. ( 30 second exposure) This was south bound
  18. Brings back great memories of summer weekends 3 wheel'n and 4 wheel mudding on the sand bars and trails in the mid eighties at the 1965 bridge turnaround.
  19. I've seen it too many times. Even if I want to reply, I pick who. It's pretty simple. Reply All=Dangerous!
  20. I grew up in Westbury 1958-1965, and watched the Weingartens next to Westbury Square being built. My mom used to send me to the store to get her a carton of Chesterfield's for $2.00 and they had the two water fountains and the two sets of bathrooms in the front of the store that were the way of the times back then. I'm not sure what it is now. I remember finding several cases of out of date wine in the dumpster behind Weingartens that ended up getting me in a lot of trouble. Had a lot of fun at Westbury Square also. I remember filling up a balloon with dish detergent and sneeking it into the f
  21. I'm so sorry. Since I found this Forum, I got real excited, and have not explored and used the search feature like I should. I will in the future and really enjoy being able to answer a lot of my questions in my memory about growing up and living in Houston for over 50 years. Most of it in SW Houston. Thanks, John
  22. I was just wondering if anybody remembers the Sam Houston Airport on old 90 just west of Chimney Rock back in the late 40's and early 50's ? A great friend of mine lived right on the runway back in the early 60's and never new it. He's was a pilot in the Vietnam War. It's all covered up with housing now. Ran across it on Google Earth (historical time feature) back in 1953.
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