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  1. Agreed, very neat timelaps Jax!
  2. Thanks for that info. I hope they get their route sorted out and move forward.
  3. My wife and I bought in to a piece of the third ward a month ago and we really like it over here. We previously lived in Midtown and then downtown. Our little street reminds my of the garden district in New Orleans.
  4. After moving over to Third Ward, I have to ask. Has anyone here heard anymore news (possibly promising) about the University line?
  5. Thanks for the link from my earlier post. This project in particular is very exciting to me.
  6. They could use a whole network of golf carts.
  7. And one more relic... http://www.flickr.com/photos/23032926@N05/7856718118/in/set-72157624622425131 http://www.flickr.com/photos/23032926@N05/5189182555/
  8. A friend of mine actually has a photo of the "Houston Proud Express" taken at Hobby. Here's a link. http://www.flickr.com/photos/10659106@N00/5585800555/in/set-72157623965085935
  9. Yikes! We have eaten there dozens of times and haven't had an issue. I can understand though. In comparison, we heard nothing but good about Batanga but when we finally went, the staff was (at times) rude and food was bland at best. Inconsistency can be a bummer.
  10. I flew on the Continental ATR-42 out of Hobby to IAH several times as well as the Embrear 120 out of EFD to IAH. The terminal at EFD looked like two mobile homes stuck together. Years before this there was a dedicated Continental DC9 that flew from HOU to IAH called Houston Proud I believe. There should be some pictures on the web. While we are here, anyone remember the old Clear Lake metro port? Metro Airlines Twin Otter service to IAH?
  11. Ah, your a Sony shooter as well. Nice! When I had the A700's I bought the 10-20/4-5.6 but eventually got the 3.5. After the upgrade I would say I liked the 3.5 much better. Plus a little brighter framing subject matter up at night. It's a shame I didn't know you we're a Sony shooter. I sold 1 A700, one A77 kit, my 10-20/f3.5 and 10fish. When the weather cools down we will have to do some shooting around town!
  12. what do you shoot? APS-C or full frame? When I was APS-C I really enjoyed the Sigma 10-20/f3.5 EX DC HSM ($649.99).
  13. That brings to mind the other day I saw several soil testing trucks in the parking lot across the street from Franks Pizza (corner of Prairie and Travis).
  14. Who cares who payed for their fuel. If it brings competition that translates to cheaper fares for the consumer bring it on! And if our government subsidized our airline costs the balance would have to come from somewhere and we would ultimately foot the bill through taxes. In the end, we are a capitalists nation and the more profit you can squeeze out of a product the better return for the share holders and whatnot. So I don't believe that the government offsetting some of the operating cost for our airlines would translate to lower fares for us in this day and time.
  15. More McDonalds pictures please! I'll take a McAstoria, no cheese!
  16. I'm guessing you we're trying to make an example here with UA/WN? I guess one thing I could take from this is that Hobby would be somewhat safe from a situation like EY/EK/QR taking the wind out HOU's international sails.
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