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  1. Interesting; I thought it'd be a strip center...
  2. Is the ham radio store at 45 and Spring Cypress still open? There's another one on 1960: http://harsradio.net/
  3. I was going to suggest 1960... My backups are Louetta and 249.
  4. The bypass bridge is free; you only have to pay tolls on both sides of it...
  5. Amalia's. She had 4 locations at one time; one near the Highway 6/Longenbaugh place someone else mentioned... The last one was very close to where I live now; Grant and Louetta. Unfortunately, it's long closed, and "replaced" by a place I'll never go into.
  6. Yes, you can be ticketed for backing unsafely on private property. (Along with parking in a handicapped space and a fire lane.)
  7. Wasn't that a combined tire shop/apartment?
  8. It was a car lot not so long ago, but I don't know what was there before. Call Bruce at the chamber of commerce; he'll know.
  9. And it did. It's smaller than the Louetta/249 store, and has a layout similar to the smaller stores (like Jones and West).
  10. A couple of those look very familiar. From way back when I lived a lot closer to the area...
  11. Where is/was that building located? Is it the one inside the loop close to the railroad tracks?
  12. I may have to move... 610 should be called the Aggie Expressway, since it's the official hurricane evacuation route for Aggies.
  13. I'm pretty sure one of the two at Bellfort/Broadway in the mid 1970s was a Shakey's (and changed later); opinions here differ, though, and it may have been farther west on Bellfort around Mykawa, but I don't agree. There was one at (outside of) Almeda Mall too. And I found a mention of one at Griggs and South Park.
  14. That may be a Location of Death. It has been at least two different restaurants in the last year.
  15. Pretty much my experience, Purpledevil. I had friends who lived there 20+ years ago. It wasn't to bad then... I know people who live there now, and wish they didn't.
  16. There was one at Broadway and Bellfort too. Someone mentioned one near Palm Center; I don't remember that; maybe it was near Gulfgate...
  17. I say Memorial City too. Even before I read the other messages.
  18. It's probably too late to ask A&M, if something ate the plant on June 2nd... There's a "native plants" nursery on 11th St.; that might be a good place to ask.
  19. Looked good to me. It certainly could have been Fingers. And the fire was closer to Fingers than to you.
  20. I've read about lawsuits over blocking views/blocking light. I don't remember how any ended up.
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