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  1. Interesting; I thought it'd be a strip center...
  2. Is the ham radio store at 45 and Spring Cypress still open? There's another one on 1960: http://harsradio.net/
  3. I was going to suggest 1960... My backups are Louetta and 249.
  4. The bypass bridge is free; you only have to pay tolls on both sides of it...
  5. Amalia's. She had 4 locations at one time; one near the Highway 6/Longenbaugh place someone else mentioned... The last one was very close to where I live now; Grant and Louetta. Unfortunately, it's long closed, and "replaced" by a place I'll never go into.
  6. Yes, you can be ticketed for backing unsafely on private property. (Along with parking in a handicapped space and a fire lane.)
  7. Wasn't that a combined tire shop/apartment?
  8. It was a car lot not so long ago, but I don't know what was there before. Call Bruce at the chamber of commerce; he'll know.
  9. And it did. It's smaller than the Louetta/249 store, and has a layout similar to the smaller stores (like Jones and West).
  10. A couple of those look very familiar. From way back when I lived a lot closer to the area...
  11. Where is/was that building located? Is it the one inside the loop close to the railroad tracks?
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