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  1. I met up with a developer, who is building a home in the flood zone A. I asked about the flood insurance and what kind of premiums i would expect. He said the slab of the home was above the 100yr BFE and with the home came a certificate of elevation stating so. I looked up an elevation certificate from the FEMA website, (this is where i am confused) it asks for the Flood zones in section B8. What Flood Zones are applicable when building in Zone A with the home above the BFE? Zone A and X? Has any one had an elevation certificate done with this specific situation?
  2. I checked out a few town homes this past weekend. Why do some communities have detention ponds while others do not?
  3. well, they plan on changing the drainage patterns, the ditch will drain from the new TXDOT building (IH10 and Washington) and swing all of that flow to Eureka through the railroad yard eventually to White Oak Bayou.
  4. i hope none of you guys bought here, there is going to be a 10' deep channel dug between the railroad and the back of the homes.
  5. well, i found this forum by searching for lovett homes. a week ago, i looked at a home by intown homes and i wanted to read a few reviews. I will check out perry and weekley. hopefully they have something in construction i can keep an eye on.
  6. i have to lower my front door this weekend, it is starting to stick up top...
  7. anyone? from other threads, i am guessing to stay away from kb and lovett?
  8. I have been reading various threads on builder horror stories. I currently own a condo, but I am looking at buying a new home in the next year. I have been driving through neighborhoods on Sundays and checking out open houses. Is there a builder you guys recommend? I would like to check out a few of their homes as they are being built, so I know what to expect. Sorry if this topic has been covered, I tried the search tool but there was not a recent thread about this.
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