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  1. Thanks I-Beam. Just looked at photos of interior of FBChamber. Afraid they are to "elegant" for this metal sign. Does not fit their decor which to me is WOW. What a great place to work. It would look great in an old dance hall or restaurant such as Gruene Hall. I would feel comfortable giving it to established place such as Gruene Hall. Don't think they would be shutting down any time soon. Thanks again.
  2. My father obtained a historic metal Alief sign from a building that existed in Alief in 1950's. It is approximately 2 feet high and 10 feet wide. My daughter has possession of it. We have no family. Just she and I. I am positive it will go in a dumpster when she dies. Know one will want it. Is there a museum in Houston or Sugarland etc. that has old signs/memorbilia from Alief and surrounding area on display?. For instance, where are old things from Imperial Sugar??? I don't want to say what sign is or show picture. Sorry. I want to donate, not sell.
  3. Here are some aerial photos I found: file://localhost/Users/candyminshew/Desktop/Alief%20aerial%202.jpg file://localhost/Users/candyminshew/Desktop/12052634_1211192652240791_5460194648163670472_o.jpg file://localhost/Users/candyminshew/Desktop/12063658_10207385351458184_3691796539780031532_n.jpg
  4. I moved to Alief in 1947. The Schiller's had a farm there. Population was 300 farmers and their families. I have a source for info on the Schiller's if you want more ?????? file://localhost/Users/candyminshew/Desktop/12063658_10207385351458184_3691796539780031532_n.jpg file://localhost/Users/candyminshew/Desktop/12052634_1211192652240791_5460194648163670472_o.jpg file://localhost/Users/candyminshew/Desktop/Alief%20aerial%202.jpg
  5. file://localhost/Users/candyminshew/Desktop/Alief%20aerial%202.jpg file://localhost/Users/candyminshew/Desktop/12052634_1211192652240791_5460194648163670472_o.jpg file://localhost/Users/candyminshew/Desktop/12063658_10207385351458184_3691796539780031532_n.jpg
  6. I moved to Alief in 1945 and every Sunday my parents and grandparents would drive to Houston for lunch at many, many restaurants. There was one in particular that I can't stop thinking about and I have no idea what its name was. It would have been in the 50's and my guess is it was Downtown. After we would leave the restaurant, out on the sidewalk would be an organ grinder with his cute little costumed monkey and I would give it pennies. Anyone else remember that?
  7. I moved to Alief in 1945. There is a Facebook page called "I remember when Alief, Texas was not a bad thing". I jumped into it beginning August 2, 2011 and if anyone would like to stroll down memory lane with us, we have lots of stories and photos. Yesterday my daughter and I drove to Cuero where we attended the 90th birthday party of my mom's best friend, Hazel Reeves. Some other Alief ladies from that era were present. My daughter should be posting the photos soon. One of the ladies brought a 20 inch wide photo of over 100 members of the Alief Community Church. We are all assembled out
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