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  1. My family ate there many times during the mid 60s we always went there for seafood. I was wondering if the restaurant ever changed it's name in the mid to late 60s. I for some reason thought the name was Bill Williams Sea Food Restaurant and Oyster Bar.
  2. Looks like (from google earth) zero lot line town homes. Edit: Plaza 9200 Four Bars + Four Moods + For You! 9200 Buffalo Speedway + (713) 666-3464 + 666-3356. Free, Patrolled, Well-Lit Parking For 300+ Cars. Plaza 9200 Shopping Center contained 4 clubs/bars/areas: The Ranch Houston Club at 9218 Buffalo Speedway. Ms. B's Club at 9208 Buffalo Speedway. XTC Club at 9212 Buffalo Speedway. The Patio Club at 9200 Buffalo Speedway.
  3. How about a Ones-a-Meal? They were the perfect dinner, food was good and were open all night.
  4. Yea Guy's News been there lots of times at one point Guy's News had a location on S.Main in the old Lee's Den location. Lee's Den used to be across the street from Prince's Hamburgers.
  5. Did you ever shot pool at the famous Le Que? When they shot the movie with Paul Newman "The Hustler" they shot a scene there, and Minnesota Fats and Willie Mosconi played in tournaments there all though the 50s & 60s. I played some there when I was in high school, I played mostly at the Le Que that was in The Village, back in the day when you could play for a penny a minute.
  6. Dom Shadows didn't open in that shopping center until I was in high school. In that location was a hi-fi store before there was stereo. My dad bought all his hi-fi equipment there in the the late 50s. I bought my 1st transistor radio there when I was in junior high. There was a barber shop next to the Ward's grocery store on the north corner of the chopping center. The center was L shaped almost boomerang shaped. The corner of the center that faced Buffalo Speedway was a drug store that later became a cleaners. Edit: Buffalo Plaza Shopping Center contained the following tenants: These are newspaper advertisements from the 1960s and 1970s. Jeans West at 9228 Buffalo Speedway: Goodman Foods Market at 9224 Buffalo Speedway: Buffalo Plaza Salon of Beauty at 9210 Buffalo Speedway: The Liquor Spot at 9222 Buffalo Speedway: 7-Eleven gas station: No images.
  7. News stands used to be big in Houston, there were many all over Houston up until the early 90s as I remember. Do any of you folks remember a favorite new stand you used to visit on a regularly visited? If so post up the stand and the location. There was a big one on Westheimer east of Voss I used to go to a lot through out the 70s.
  8. For your other amusement parts around Texas there's Landa Park in New Braunfels probably the oldest in Texas dating back to the late 1800s here's their web site
  9. As a kid growing up in southwest Houston in the 50s and 60s I went to sleep in the spring and summer months listening to the screams of the people on the roller coaster at Playland. We lived within walking distance to the park, that was across the street from Gaido's Seafood restaurant. On Saturday nights I could hear the race cars roaring around the track. When I was 8 years old my dad would take me to watch the races. They raced there up into the early 60s then moved the racing to Meyer's Speedway out on S.Main past the South Main Drive In. I watch A.J.Foyt more or less start his racing career at those 2 tracks. Here's an overhead shot of Playland park from 1953.
  10. Yea that is a good article, I guess I should ask about the history of the Spanish Style home that one has been there since before 1944. AS seen in the pic here. Also thx for the responses guys I appreciate it.
  11. One was on the corner of North Braeswood and Kirby on the Northwest corner of the intersection. 1944 pic. 1953 pic The other was on the corner of N. Braeswood and S.Main St. 1953 pic 1964 pic 02 pic
  12. I wouldn't know I wasn't alive at the time. It is a fact that there were no such things as cell phones in fact there was not even telephones. In those days it took several weeks to get one message across like 3 states. What I was taught in my 8th grade history class by my 92 year old teacher who's father fought in the Civil War were the facts that I listed. In 1860 people weren't informed like we are today. Not to mention how the political correct police is out to change our history, and our history books. It's funny that there's people out there that believe it's only the blacks that came to America that were slaves. Ask the Christians in the Roman era about that or the Jews.
  13. A Rebel was way better than my schools ours was a fish, the Marlins. Is Westbury still the Rebels? Or has PC made the school change it. btw that flag that had the X of bars and stars was never the flag that flew over the Confederate States, that was a battle flag that was only flown going into battle. Another fact is 70% of the solders that fought on the south's side never owned a slave, They fought because they felt the North infringing on states rights, was steeling the south's natural resources, and was over taxing the south. I hate political correctness. So if your called a rebel today does that mean your a racist or the caller is a racist?
  14. When I was a kid growing up off S.Main in Knollwood Village in the mid 50s my mom's favorite grocery store was Weingarten's at the intersection of Stella Link & S.Braseswood. I always liked going with her because there was a toy store behind the grocery store that while mom shopped for groceries I would play with the toys. I also bought a lot of model cars in the toy store. The other grocery store we had in the area we used when we didn't want to drive all the way over the Weingarten's we'd shop a Ward's grocery store on Buffalo Speedway a block south pf Linkwood Dr. Also does anyone on here remember Richmond Grocery store on Richmond and I think Loretto Dr.? I remember they were the 1st 24 hour grocery store back in the early 70s.
  15. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiesta_Mart I maybe wrong but I think their 1st. store was on the corner of Bellaire Blvd. and Hillcroft in an old vacant Globe store.
  16. Corrigan's was owned by a Houston family that started in 1922. Corrigan's was bought out by Zale's in the mid 50s. Regardless to what Wiki says, I know this because I worked for Houston Watch Co. that the original owners of Corrigan's started to stay in the jewelry business because of an agreement with Zale's not to use the Corrigan name to compete with them.
  17. There was several United Jewelers stores, they were a chain owned by Gordon's Jewelers, who's home office was there in Houston. Gordon's owned a 9 story building in downtown Houston on Fannin St. In the mid 90s Gordon's was bought out by Zales. Gordon's back in the 70s/80s owned Gordon's, United Jewelers, Sweeney E & Co. Jewelers, Linz Brothers Jewelers. I'm thinking there were a couple other chains they owned but the names don't come to mind at the moment.
  18. Well 32 views so I guess that answers my question. Well in that case I'll start. Micheal's Jewelers on Memorial Dr. and out of their home office location. Gordon's in several mall locations. Sweeney E Co. Jewelers owned by Gorden's also several mall locations. United Jewelers on Voss Sterling's Jewelers Westheimer & Gessner. Houston Watch Co. downtown Houston. Battelstein's on Shepherd and in Memorial mall Joske's Town and Company Village Klor's Jewelers in the Rice strip center on Greenbrier and Holcombe Tenenbaum Jewelers in West Chase Shopping Center. Wolf's dept. Store in the 5th ward. Just a few to start with. I did watch repair for all of these stores during the 70s. There's more stores I did work for that I'll try to find. I specialized in Bulova Accutron repairs. At one time I had 28 stores I did work for. Everyone feel free to add names of your favorite Jewelry store that is no longer around.
  19. Yea my dad confirmed that to me the other day. I was 10 years old in 1959 so my memories might have be flawed. That may be true, but I heard that one of the reasons it closed was the pool had a huge crack threw the deep end of the pool and to repair it would have cost too much money that the owner didn't have.
  20. If your link was to google or bing that could be why it didn't work. Two years ago they would have worked but most of the time now they don't.
  21. Is there a Defunct Jewelry stores thread here?
  22. Your list didn't include Battelstien's.
  23. You think that Epsom Downs was big. I did a side by side comparison between Epsom Downs & the Buffalo Speedway track. Epsom Downs was one third the size as the track off Buffalo Speedway. That track off Buffalo Speedway is actually bigger than the Indianapolis 500 track. A track that big you would think it would have been famous and someone in Houston would know the history of it.
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