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  1. The building to the left used to be Wynn's Grocery (50s thru early 70s) Mr. Wynn had an apartment above the store. In the mid 60s it became Wynn's Bar-B-Que. He made some of the best B-B-Q in Houston. He was a friend of my dads and as a kid I visited him and his wife's apartment a lot. I bought my 1st Dr. Pepper from him when I was like 5 and it cost 5¢.
  2. Stuart's was across the street from Prince's drive-in (well I don't know if it was a named street as much as a pass through between OST and Main St.). My family preferred Stuart's over Prince's and we ate there many a time. It was always an exciting day when my mom told us we were going to Stuart's. Also I remember going to Price's on Bellaire St. at Stella Link and 19¢ hamburgers with secret sauce. Photo by Ken Rudine
  3. Anyone on here grow up in Knollwood Village, Linkwood during the late 50s threw the late 60s. Remember attending Longfellow Eliminatory, Pershing Jr. High, Madison High School. Any one have memories of these times? I grew up in a house on Bluegate Ct. off Lorrie Dr. I remember learning how to swim at Gateway Swimming pool, playing along Brays Bayou, catching crawdads in the ditch off Linkwood Dr. just before Longfellow Eliminatory that was just past the Methodist Church. I remember attending Sunday school at that Methodist Church. I remember attending Madison High School and when there was a "surfs up report" on the radio everyone cutting out of school even if it was the middle of classes. These are just a small number of my memories of that neighborhood.
  4. I remember them having a huge store in the Memorial Mall in the late 60s and throughout the 70s.
  5. The concert I saw was in 1979 the year I moved from Houston to Shreveport, La. to work for a Rolex dealer in their new store in a newly opened mall. The concert you saw must have been different concert than the one I saw, because no one threw-up on stage at the one me and my ex-wife saw.
  6. blue92

    IAH vs. DFW

    Are observation decks still open at IAH?
  7. Well back in the late 60s early 70s FM stations didn't really play rock they played mostly classical or easy listening. And like someone else all ready said they played music off the albums. Back then record companies made 2 versions of some songs one for the top 40 stations. Underground FM stations played the albums long versions of the songs.
  8. Didn't say I saw them I heard them on that underground FM station.
  9. Back in 1968 when I was in high school there were lots of bands that played Love Street Light Circus feel Good Machine down at Allen's Landing. There was some underground FM station that simulcasted the shows every Saturday night. I heard Cream, Fever Tree, Spirit, The Doors, and many more local and west cost bands that played there that year. Does anyone on here remember this or the call letters of that underground FM station? Also my last concert I saw in Houston was Jetro Tull at the Houston Coliseum in 1979 the year of their Songs of the Woods album. I remember there was some heavy metal band that played before before Tull did that had a stage full of equipment for just a 3 piece band. Between sets they cleared the stage and out of the rafters they lowered Tull's equipment which was over half as much equipment as the metal bands and Tull out played the metal band all to hell.
  10. Speaking of Houston Concerts in the 80s, did anyone on here happen to see or remember this 86 concert? I've heard it caused all the freeways near downtown to shut down till way past midnight.
  11. In the Mall north of Joske's there were a couple jewelry stores, a Godon's and a Zale's and maybe a Michael's. On the street that ran into Sakowitz's big circular drive going to the big main entrance was a Sweeney E. Co. Jewelers store. I did some high end watch repair for both Joske's and Sakowitz between 75-79. I was delivering watch repairs twice a week out there.
  12. I worked at the 7-11 around the corner from this Chuck Wagon in the fall of 67. Worked there for 3 months before I was transfered to the store behind Westbury Square shopping center. At the Willow Bend location we could smell the Chuck Wagon cooking the french fries and the onion rings, the smell drove us crazy in a good way. The guy running that location told me they had someone that specially grew the onions for all the locations. The onions were a special large size so Chuck Wagon's onion rings were all a good size, they never sold a small onion ring. I never ate onion rings because I didn't like onions, but the smell and the guys I worked with looked loved them so I had to try some. My lack of liking onion rings and onions went out the window after eating those Chuck Wagon onion rings.
  13. When I go out to try out a new hamburger joint I always compare the taste I remember from my very 1st Prince's hamburger I ate that had all the fixings on it except onions. It was the summer of 1961 when I was 12 years old. Before that burger I ate my burgers with just meat and mustard. Prince's burgers were made with mustard instead of mayonnaise, which I now call, well have called for years a Texas burger. Burgers with mayonnaise are Yankee burgers in my mind. Whataburger throughout the 80s and 90s were the closest burgers that I ate that tasted like that original Prince's burger taste that I still remember and loved.
  14. Cool pics. Though I would take them into Photoshop and and color correct them to match just a little better.
  15. Anyone remember Wilson's? They later became Service Merchandise. Their home office was in Port Arthur and started out as a local Jewelry store chain there.
  16. 3 million for maintenance a year? Someone is pocketing a lot of money because from that video you can see there's been no maintenance done on the inside of the Dome.
  17. I would like it to turn into a Houston Sports Museum. While one tours the dome the concession stands could be open or have a food court with restaurants. They should install a huge hd tv like the one in the new Cowboy Stadium and it could be used for Texas baseball history films and the times Reliant is a sellout they can sell tickets for people to sit in the Dome and watch the games on the big screen tv.. Or sell tickets for Astro games, some people might like this so they don't have to go to downtown Houston, find parking and have all the walking to get to the downtown stadium. Actually Houston always likes to outdo Dallas so their big screen could build the largest 4 screen big screen in the world.
  18. Actually Walgreens owned Woolco. Back in the 70s I did some watch repairs for Woolco and my paychecks were from Walgreens, well the checks had Walgreens in the letterhead.
  19. I remember sitting on the roof of my parents house as a kid watching it being built. I remember riding my bicycle around it also as they built it.
  20. Sure that's a new report the music ion the video is 30 years old and the video looks old too.
  21. Most forums even ones that you can edit you can't edit the titles, I run a car forum myself and in our forum you can't edit the titles once it's posted up.
  22. Tnx. I'm so glad the report I got about the place was false . In 1978 me and my family took the tour of the place and we didn't want to leave, an amazing piece of Houston history one can visit still in Houston.
  23. Is it still there? Someone told me they thought it burned down and there now is some Condos there. Sorry misspelled museum in the title.
  24. There could already be bullet train service between Houston and Dallas but for the last 30 miles of right-a-way being bought up by the now bankrupt American Airlines almost 10 years ago.
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