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  1. Don't know what the Randall's stores are like now that Safeway bought them out but I can tell you what Safeway did to Tom Thumb. In the mid 1990s Randall's bought Tom Thumb a big grocery chain based out of Dallas. Tom Thumb from the mid 1970s to the Safeway buy out was the premier grocery store in north Texas. Every Tom Thumb was nicer than Central Market stores. My local Tom Thumb used to have a Sushi chef on staff in the deli, plus the deli served fresh store made breads, and daily store made sandwiches plus locally shipped in Antone subs from their Dallas store. The bakery made custom cakes now the cakes are shipped frozen in from the local warehouse. The breads are also shipped in from the warehouse. The deli food is shipped in as well like the Sushi (which is shipped in from Costco) which tastes like convenience store Sushi. The whole store just looks like discount & cheep. I'm guessing Safeway has done the same thing to Randall's as they did to Tom Thumb even Kroger's now looks gourmet compared to Tom Thumbs.
  2. Don't you have to have permission in most Houston neighborhoods to paint your house? Even if your not in a historical part of Houston? Hasn't homeowners associations and the lawyers running them taken over most of Houston neighborhoods? I moved to Houston in 1999 and paid cash for our house, in 2000 we wanted to do some home improvements to the back side of the house that wasn't visible from the street or from back neighbors because of the bayou that ran behind the house and our request was turned down, That's when the association told us we only owned the house and that they owned the land the house was on. If this is true does Houston homeowners that are in neighborhoods that have homeowner associations mean these homeowners don't own the mineral rights to the land their house is on? We moved out of Houston in 2001 to Arlington, Tx. where you don't see homeowners associations.
  3. There might have been one in La Marque. or Seabrook.
  4. Well it was, I had my cars serviced there, I spend over 4 hours of my life (seemed like years) waiting in their waiting room to pick up my 77 Plymouth Valerie Wagon, that not even Plymouth could make run. That car should have been recalled, then crushed. I didn't get out of there till after 2 in the morning. Here's a pic, not my car but one just like it.
  5. Anyone remember Handy Dan Home Improvement centers? My ex-wife and I practically lived at the one on I-10 between Blalock & Bunker Hill on the south service road. This was back in the mid 70s. They were like a Lowe's even tho a couple of their CEOs later started Home Depot in the mid 80s. Also did anyone on here get any auto repairs at Crown Automotive also on I-10 between Silber Rd. & Antone Dr. also on the south service road. It was in a strange looking 2 story building that you drove your car up to the second floor to the automotive dept. What was good about Crown was they were open 24 hours a day. This was also back in the mid 70s. I later lived in Houston from 99-01 and the building was still there but it wasn't Crown anymore.
  6. Just did a google search for the Majestic and the Metropolitan theaters of Houston and the search came up with the same photos for the 2 theaters. Is there a place that would have photos of each of these theaters that are of each theater? And what ended up in their locations once they were torn down? Also were there any other theaters in downtown Houston that were as grand as these 2 were?
  7. How about the Forest Milk plant on West Alabama anyone remember that one? Any pics?
  8. Here's the car without the white wall tires.
  9. My family moved out of Houston in Aug. 1968 to Shreveport, La. (talk about culture shock). In 71 I started watchmaking school in Natchitoches, La. and in 72 got married in 73 moved back to Houston to work for Laufman's Jewelry as their watchmaker in the Long Point & Wirt Rd. store. By the early 70s white wall tires weren't the ugly huge white walls they once were even so I still wasn't into white wall tires. For some crazy reason that I still don't understand today white wall tires were cheaper than black walled tires in the 70s. So I would have the white wall mounted on the inside so my cars would end up with the black wall look. In 75 we bought a 72 Buick Centurion that had a 442 engine in it. After owning it for about 3 months and several trips to La. to visit my folks I did a mod to the rear shocks. The mod was air shocks on the rear to change the bouncy, soft, dragging feel of the stock shocks. Also it gave the car a sexy, mean look. My ex-wife loved the sleeper aspect of the car, she loved out running Vets on the freeways. That 442 engine was a beast.
  10. I wasn't as forward thinking as you were i never thought to take pictures of my cars. In the summer of 1965 I turned 16, at the time my dad was a part owner of a used car lot so he got me a 1962 VW bug. I had a great summer that summer driving all over Houston. That fall we moved to Tampa, Fa. The following summer we moved back and I traded the bug for a much cooler car my 56 Chevey. 1st thing I did to it was change the ugly huge white walled tires, changed the wheels to a nice set of Mickey Tompson grey aluminm mag wheels, then changed that huge ugly steering wheel to a 12in racing wheel. I don't have any pics of it but did find a close pic on the net.
  11. The tower at the bottom left with the aqua blue glass is a Medical building not a hospital. On either side of it was the car lot and other side of the tower was Bill William"s chicken and oyster bar. I went to a shrink in that tower when I was 12 years old that ended me in military school for 3 years all because I had trouble reading, dyslectia wasn't much know about in 1962. I also had a dermatologist in that building that used to burn my face with dry ice every 2 weeks for a whole summer.
  12. I grew up in Houston in the late 60s & early 70s. My neck of the woods was S.Main & Broadmead. We didn't do much crusing back then. We would get some beer & some pot and head over to the 610 & US59 mixmaster, park under 610 & Westpark then run around raise hell up under the mixmaster. We also would drag race up and down Chimney Rock, Stellalink, & Buffalo Speedway. Sometimes we'd drive down S. Main to Franklin St. and hang out at Love Steet Light Circus Feel Good Machine then rome threw the combs (not to be confused with the club Catacolmbs) across the street from Love Street. The combs was a vacont building that was a big hippy crash pad. Mostly there for people on bad trips to come down, there were old matresses all over the floors to crash on. I didn't do to much hell raising or crusing because I was working a 7-11 after school most nights till after 1am. I needed to work to pay for my 56 Chevy, gas & my speeding tickets. I remember once going to the teen court that was down town in the old police station or somewhere close to it. There was one kid that after his trial was finished the judge asked him if he had learned his lesson and would not speed anymore & the kid said, "hell I'll probably speed on the way home".
  13. I remember the Lewis & Coker located at Holcombe & Greenbriar in the 60s my mom worked for a dress shop in that center I think the name was Scheps. My family left Houston in 68, I moved back in 75 to open my own watch repair service and did work for a jewelry store in that same center named Klor's and witnessed the Lewis and Coker there change into a Rice store that catered to upscale and Kosher foods.
  14. Listen to this.....................plunk.
  15. I don't remember Teen Hall what I do remember is Teen Court. Am I the only one to remember Teen Court?
  16. How about the Formost Dairy east off Shepard on maybe West Alabama? Is it still around?
  17. I believe that was the old bicycle race track. Between heat races me and my dad would walk over and catch the bike racing. The track was a high banked wooden track.
  18. Back in 1960 or 61 I watched A.J.Foyt run another driver threw the southern fence one Sat. night. To this day I don't care much for the guy.
  19. That night marked the end to Playland Park one of the people that was killed that night was the owner of Playland. It closed not to long after his death. I too used to go there with my dad to watch the car racing, A.J. Foyt raced there then moved on to race at Meyer's Speedway.
  20. Could have been an old Western Auto store?
  21. I was just looking at the street course layout for the Indycar race there this Oct. it got me thinking where all the course was going so I google mapped it. Now to my question in the google satelite view I see what looks like a round domed stadium right next to Reliant Stadium, is that the Astro Dome or have they tore down the Astro Dome?
  22. Oh well guess I've slept since then. I worked for 7-11 for 2 years and started when I was 17 years old and that was like 44 years ago. I was what they called an off-man, which ment when a store manager had a day off I ran the store like a manager. I worked in lots of stores all over the southwest part of Houston. Good part about being the off-man was I had the weekends off.
  23. 7-11 was born in Houston, Southland Corp. was Houston based. 7-11 started as an ice company that started selling bread and milk then went on to selling cigarettes. I worked for 7-11 my jr. year of high school back in 1968. 7-11 was the 1st convenance store chain in Houston.
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