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  1. There were 3 up scale ladies wear stores in the 60s Schep's on the south east corner of Kirby & University. Also on University was Craig's. & Palais Royal. Back in the 50s and 60s these stores were considered upscale stores. There also was a huge Oshman's sporting goods store. There was a Le Que pool hall on the north east corner of Times Blvd. & Kelvin Dr. in the 60s & 70s that I played at all the time, it was open 24 hours so me & my friends would go there after midnight and play till early in the morning.
  2. You mean this old race track seen on Google Earth 1944 historical view?
  3. Hey that's me & my dad in that T-bird. Probably not but my dad did own a white T-bird just like that one. I remember a Majestic and a Texas theater in downtown Houston, I think the Texas theater became a adult (Art house) movie house in the mid 60s. And the Texas location would be right in conjecture to the Majestic so it could be downtown Houston. I know when Meyerland Plaza 1st opened the big anchor store was Grants. So Grants did exist in Houston in those days.
  4. Sure that's on San Felipe, I know that's what's typed on the pic, but that looks like the U-Tot-em that was on the northwest corner of Beachnut & Post Oak before Post Oak became 610 across the street from Meyerland Plaza. In the 50s my older sister went to Bellaire HS and when we drove her to school each morning we passed by the U-tot-em on Beachnut.
  5. Q ship? Are you talking about my avatar? If so that's one of my pieces of light art. That's a pic of it at night with the lights on. It hangs on the wall like a painting and it's 58in x 58in x 2in.
  6. Wow I and my then roommate partied one night in one those apartments back in the summer of 1970. The guy had a Christmas tree set up in his living room because he wanted everyone to be in the Christmas spirit all year long when ever they were in his place. I was turned on to the band It's A Beautiful Day that night. I always thought that was a cool apartment building.
  7. Do you have bring your own bags at TJs?
  8. The Youngbloods I'm talking about we went to didn't have a restaurant in it, it was takeout only.
  9. I think I may have remembered the name of the place. I'm thinking it was Youngbloods. It was in a huge tin building. Where you bought the fried chicken was a little area within the building kind a like the fried chicken place on the corner of the HEB on 529 and Baker-Cypress (that is if it's still there).
  10. I remember in the late 60s driving down OST at night it looked like the strip in Vegas with all the neon lights lit up.
  11. Back in the 1950s my dad would take me with him to go get a big box of fried chicken from this chicken farm it was either somewhere on South Main or OST does anyone on here remember this place and it's location, name?
  12. I grew up in Knollwood Village from 1953 till 1969 when ever we wanted pizza we went to Valiant's on South Main. http://bill37mccurdy.wordpress.com/2010/07/23/valians-houstons-first-pizza-pie/
  13. Off topic, but this vid reminded of the railroad my grandfather worked for so does anyone know anything about the Texas Pacific Railroad? It's history it's demise?
  14. How much money did the UofH spend on this vid? And the music Stayin Alive metal instrumental?
  15. I remember a lot of the news stands sold books back in the 60s. There used to be huge news stand in downtown Houston that in the 60s looked like a huge Barns & Nobles on the inside with people sitting around reading mags & books.
  16. Must of been from global warming/climate change.
  17. If it's the building I'm thinking of I used to have a watch account on the 8th floor of that building. I'm trying to find a 1978 Jewelers Board of Trade book that list all the jewelry stores and their credit ratings each year so I can remember the name of that store for a list I'm making of all the stores I did work for when I lived in Houston from 73 thur 79.
  18. Yea I think that's it. I looked on Google Earth back to 1978 and saw that corner did have a round building on it. For some reason I remember it being a Southwest Bank. Was that Humble Oil building a 12 story building?
  19. I once upon a time played golf but decided it was time to quit because when I finished play a few holes all my golf balls smiled back at me, also I'm sure all the folks that lived around the golf course appreciated who ever was yelling the obscene language wasn't around any longer.
  20. Somewhere between the 600 block and the I-45 spur that runs thru the south edge of downtown. Which wasn't built at the time yet.
  21. Downtown Houston. It was still there when I left Houston in 1979, it was a bank then. I used to park near it to go pick up watch material from a watch supply house by the name of Kurtz. I also had watch repair accounts close by that I would deliver and pick up the watches to take to my shop that was just east of Memorial Shopping Mall.
  22. Does anyone remember the round bank building in downtown Houston? It was on the west side of Main St. I went to Google Earth and looked for it but couldn't find it and noticed downtown Houston has a lot of vacant lots from torn down buildings, looks kinda sad from the satellite view.
  23. 1st thing I noticed was the film was totally minus any art. Thought it was an art festival.
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