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  1. There was also on on Shepard Dr. just south of I believe Alabama.
  2. Growing up in Southwest Houston (close to the intersection of South Main & OST) the best burger joint was Prince's Hamburgers. Chuck wagon had the best onion rings I ever eaten period. Man I miss those onion rings.
  3. Could it have been a Casa Cabana? I know about that time they moved into the DFW area that by the late 2000s closed down many of their locations and their buildings were pink. Casa Cabana is out of SA.
  4. Could it have been a Casa Cabana? I know about that time they moved into the DFW area that by the late 2000s closed down many of their locations and their buildings were pink. Casa Cabana is out of SA.
  5. In 1940 Playland Park was opened on South Main south of OST & South Main intersection. Playland Park had a race track. When I was 9 yo I watched AJ Foyt race there in the late 50s. Could be the race track your talking about.
  6. I lived behind that store in that neighborhood in 1978 and at that time it was a Gerland's but now that I look back at it it does look like a Weigarten's of the 50s. In 1978 I worked for Houston Watch Co. in downtown Houston on Franklin St. when they closed their downtown location in the late1990s they moved into a strip center also in that parking lot that faced south they were in that location until the owned had a stoke and was put into a nursing home in the mid 2000s.
  7. For some reason I'm thinking it looks like an old Texaco.
  8. When I was a kid growing in Houston (1950-60s) there was a a hamburger joint on the corner of Bellaire Blvd. and Sella Link by the name of Price's Hamburgers that sold 19cent hamburgers does anyone on here know it's history. They were made with there own special sauce (which tasted like thousand island dressing). My family would load up like once a month and go there and buy a bag full of them.
  9. Gaido's was in Galveston before it was in Houston. The Houston restaurant was their 2nd restaurant. I think Playland Park had something to do with Gaido's deciding to open it's Houston location were it did just across the street from the park.
  10. Is the Alley theater a big deal in Houston any more? And what's it's History?
  11. Sorry to bust your bubble but it wasn't a Luby's until 1979. I had a watch service in Houston from 1975 thu 1979 and I and my family ate there often.
  12. Yea 34th is right there used to be a bunch of car dealerships on that street. I bought a 76 Fiat 131 at a Fiat/import car dealership on that street, was one of my favorite cars I ever owned.
  13. Back in the mid to late 70s there was a cafeteria out off 43rd street and 290 by the name of Romano's that later became Luby's in the early 80s, they served 5 star restaurant quality food for just above cafeteria prices people used to come from all over Houston to eat there on Sundays after church. Many Sundays there was a line almost completely around the building and the parking lot was always packed.
  14. Where are these towers located in Texas?
  15. From 1975 thu to 1979 I had my own wholesale watch repair business in Houston. I'm writing a personal blog of all the Jewelry stores & watch repair shops I did business with while I lived in Houston during that time. I need the a copy of the yellow page listings of those years. I know most libraries used to keep yellow page listings on micro-fish. Does anyone on here know of a way I could get those listings? All I need are the Jewelry store and watch repair listings, not the entire books listings. TIA.
  16. Those are air-conditioning heating vents. Lots of stores had those kind of vents.
  17. Houston used to have light towers like those that were over 610W and 59. Maybe there were more but I only remember the ones there.
  18. I lived in Houston from April 1999 thru Oct. 2001, in the Cooperfield part of NW Houston off 290 & 6. There used to be a Japanese buffet right in front of the Willowbrook Mall. Is it still there, what's the name of the place? They had the best Sushi I've ever eaten. It was 21 bucks a person for all you could eat. Also there was fish place that was built in a boat on 1960 Capt. somethin anyone know the name of it and is it still in business? They served fried catfish.
  19. Wasn't it Del Taco that had the Encurito (sp) (a large beef burrito like thing that was smothered in nacho cheese and chilly covered with diced tomatoes)? It was big enough for a small family to eat just one. Del Taco was taken over in the DFW area by Taco Bueno which for a while didn't even change the outside signs for over a year in some locations just the menu.
  20. Not sure where it was but it isn't Kiddie Wonderland. Looks like a private owned property. Kiddie Wonderland had 3 rings that they led the horses\ponies to that the animals were trained to go around the ring then come back to the stables and to their stalls. The rings were slow\beginner, medium, quick\experienced riders. I worked there for 2 summers as a young teenager.
  21. Sept. 1973 I started my 1st job in my chosen profession as watchmaker, that for the next 31 years I did. I went to work for Laufman Jewelers on the corner of Long Point & Wirt Rd. The strip center was on the northwest corner of that intersection. On the Wirt Rd. side of the center there was A Western Auto store that even sold furniture. On the far west end of the parking lot was a Wolco store. Also in that strip center was a Pier One outlet store. and a country western dance club. Further west on Long Point. across the street from K-Mart (north side of the street) was another Laufman Jeweler that was opened 24 hours a day and their most selling shift was graveyard. I worked there for a year and left to go to work for Bulova Watch co. in Dallas, Tx. warranty center after Laufmans filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. At Bulova I became an advanced Accutron Tech and after working there for couple years left to come back to Houston to start my own Accutron service where I serviced 57 different jewelry stores all over Houston for the next 5 years. My shop was in a converted motel to business park that was just east of Memorial City shopping center on the service road.
  22. Terry was inducted into the NA$CAR Hall of Fame today. Terry got his start at Corpus Christi Speedway and at Meyer's Speedway here in Houston in the 1970s. Congrats Terry.
  23. Anyone recall the old ice house/bar called Glass Hat Beer Garden located close to Meyer's Speedway near the intersection of South Post Oak and South Main Street? I have spent countless days and night's at Meyer's Speedway and just recalled this local beer garden. Share your memories! Post your pictures!
  24. From the mid 50s thru the 70s the University Bicycle Shop on the 2400 block of Times Blvd.they sold new/used and fixed bicycles and lawn mowers. I bought lots of bicycle parts from those guys back in the day.
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