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  1. http://www.chron.com/business/article/Books-A-Million-closes-in-downtown-Pavilions-4147442.php Here is a article from the chronicle which Midway states that they are in a state of renovations. I hope this is true I trust Midway and hope they can fix this center
  2. Yeah I saw the same thing I see that the client for this project is Hilcorp which is a an energy company which might be the offices in the macys building This project looks amazing I hope this happen!!
  3. http://www.munozalbin.com/21-macy-s-downtown.html I just saw this about a Macys redevelopment do anyone know if this is going to happen?
  4. Thanks for the map Do you think they might buy the land on 59 where the hotel is so there will be highway connection and the business on Richmond? I am really excited for this development.
  5. http://www.chron.com/business/real-estate/article/A-reboot-for-River-Oaks-project-4087949.php Nancy wrote a great article about River Oak DIstrict and she announced that there will be a movie theater in the property call iPic Theater.
  6. I love the concept art!! I hope we have more apartments in Downtown because the more people living in downtown the more retail will come I am excited!!
  7. University of Houston should buy the property it right across the street. U of H is building so many building they can build a nice mixed used area in that property
  8. Happy to see Fudruckers coming. Any more updates I hope they are doing more to this shopping center
  9. http://www.downtownhouston.org/site_media/uploads/attachments/2012-07-06/2012-06-20_-_HR_Presentation_Part_1.pdf It say the hotel will be a JW Marriott brand
  10. This looks awesome I am so excited for this develoment. I found this on the web about ULI convention where Ed Wulfe is talking about BLVD place on June 6 I really want to go but cant Here is the link I hope someone here can go so we can hear more about this develoment. http://houston.uli.org/events/detail/ylg-blvd-place
  11. i just read this article which was dated on march 29 which ed wulfe stated that the pavilion will be demolished this mouth and whole food will start this summer hope it true http://www.rednews.com/index.php/2012/03/great-recap-by-ray-hankamer-on-ed-wulfes-retail-forecast/
  12. http://houston.culturemap.com/newsdetail/04-19-12-13-57-sky-high-in-the-galleria-an-exclusive-sneak-peek-tour-of-the-much-anticipated-bbva-compass-plaza/ Here is an article which say that the new bbva tower will have 2 restaurants
  13. http://swamplot.com/whats-brewing-at-astroworld-chunk-of-former-amusement-park-site-sold-to-unidentified-developer/2012-04-20/
  14. There were rumors that Hines was going to build a office building for blvd place http://www.chron.com/business/real-estate/article/New-skyscraper-could-rise-in-Galleria-area-1555680.php
  15. I would be so happy if this project happen I guess I just wait and see
  16. http://www.chron.com/default/article/Historic-Galveston-amusement-pier-to-rise-again-2792498.php#photo-2205972 Here is the chronicle article which announce there will be bubba gump!!
  17. I love the building design but i am sad if they put this tower on the site in the center of the blvd place construction site. I just don't get that yesterday I receive a email about pre leasing offices and now this i just want more information from wulfe and company i wish this tower would be where the other apartment building was going to be.
  18. http://www.blvdplace.com/Downloads/BLVD_retail_Plans.pdf The blvd place website put a new site plan. The site plan still does not have the stores listed but it does look a little different which also include a 3 story anchor store I just hope they start this project soon
  19. I though the second building was going to be build after the compass bank building?? is the 2nd building the hotel?
  20. http://www.bisnow.com/houston_commercial_real_estate_news_story.php?p=19324 In the article it say that the old Macy is planning a redevelopment so what do u want in the new Redeveloped part of the mall??
  21. http://www.blvdplace.com/Downloads/BLVD_Place_Plans.pdf I look at this site plan for offices and it say Bloomingdale on it?? do you think blvd place is getting a Bloomingdale??
  22. The lubys just open and it look very nice. I hope they will announce more dinning concept and stores to come to this shopping center here is some pictures from there facebook
  23. Thanks I am so excited for this project and ED Wulfe already have some amazing stores comming
  24. Yeah i do agree the site plan is great. Ocean Prime looks great and is a nice dinning concept I hope this plan is accurate. And when you go over there please ask if there is more information about the stores on the 2nd level? Thanks so ready to knock down the old pavilions so we can finally start on this project!!
  25. Hello I am new here but I am so excited for this project this weekend I went to the Blvd Place webside and looked at the offices leasing are where they show a site plan for Blvd Place and let me say the stores are going to be AMAZING!! The listing of stores includes Whole Foods, H&M, a nike store, Ralph Lauren and so much more I am really excited for this project what do you think of the listings?? here is the website just click on it and click on site plan and it show it http://www.colvilloffice.com/properties/blvd/availabilities.shtml
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