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  1. At one time many years ago, didn't Gulf have a slogan that went something like: "Look for the orange disc"?
  2. Going by the zip code, this school appears to be near the Williams Tower building.
  3. I remember going to Globe on Woodridge next to Gulfgate. I also remember going to a U-Totem. In my mind, I'm thinking that it was south of where I lived on Galveston Road just before you get to South Houston. If I'm right, it's probably not there anymore. Or if the building is still there, then some other business is most likely occupying it.
  4. I found a good old photo on TexasFreeway.Com. On the home page, click on "Houston." Then on the next page, look under "Historic Documents." Then click on "Historic Photos." Then click on "Just North Of IH-610 Interchange." It's a black and white photo taken back in October of 1958 which shows the northbound split of Texas Highway 35 and U.S. Highway 75. Look to the left, you'll see Joske's and Sakowitz in Gulfgate Shopping City. And if you'll look close enough to the extreme right, you'll see an Old Charter whiskey billboard. Booze must have been popular even back in the 1950s.
  5. Ah, yes! The good old days of Woolworth, Walgreens and the other five-and-dime stores that had a soda fountain. Root beer floats and patty melts!
  6. Gnu, If you respond to that last message of mine, it might be more appropriate to post yours and my response and that photo (if it can be posted) on this topic.
  7. Thanks. I did the math. I was in her class back in 1964. That would have made her 43 back then. She sure looked a lot older than that. I have that class photo with her in it in my e-mail folder. If you could give me an e-mail address to forward it to and if you or someone else on this forum could post it, then all of you could look at it. I think you'd agree that she looked much older than 43.
  8. I attended Kindergarten at Park Place Elementary School in 1963-64. I recently found my class photos and my report card. My teacher's name was Ms. Hurlburt. Have any of you heard of her? I doubt very seriously that she's still living.
  9. There's a Chevron full service station down the street from me. They perform state vehicle inspections and they sell new tires (a brand that I've never heard of). I don't know if in due time it will become a Shell like most of the Chevrons and Texacos in this area.
  10. Yes, it's simply that the price of everything will always go up, not down. If Motel 6 is now charging $40-$50 and they still say that they're the lowest priced national chain, then the only motels left that would charge less would be privately-owned ones, and most (but not all) of them are roach-infested rat traps. Those are the only kind that offer weekly rates. But those that are part of Motel 6 called Studio 6 offer them, but they charge somewhere between $250 and $300 a week. That's more than a nice apartment. I have their directory. It shows a few in Houston.
  11. Back in 1990, I was employed by a company in Memphis, Tennessee. They paid for a week for me a room at a Red Roof Inn. I didn't think that the room was bad at all. But according to your experience, maybe I'm wrong in assuming that national motel/hotel chains had uniform housekeeping standards.
  12. I thought that Costco was a pharmacy. Maybe I have the name confused with some other company. Yes, I personally believe that brand-name gasolines (Shell, Exxon, etc.) are OK. It's the ones that have no brand-name (RaceTrac/RaceWay, and some convenience stores that have no names on the pumps) that I've heard can cause a vehicle problems. The last gas that I put gas in my car was Valero, the time before that was Conoco. Since my car needs a fuel filter, I can't tell any difference if different brands affect my car's performance. When I get the money to have a new fuel filter installed, may
  13. I thought that someone on this forum said that when Gulfgate Shopping City was demolished that it was rebuilt into Gulfgate Mall. For it to be called a mall, wouldn't it have to be fully enclosed?
  14. Yes, not only not, but it was confusing back in the 1960s. In Texas, the sign in front of the station said ENCO. In Louisiana, the sign in front of the station said ESSO. But at both of the, the word HUMBLE was on the front of the building. But there's something else I've always wondered: Is there any real difference in the brands of gasoline? Do any of us really care if we pull into an EXXON, SHELL, VALERO, etc. All we know is is that our vehicle needs gas, and when the needle on the gas gauge points to "E," that that doesn't mean "ENOUGH."
  15. Now you've made me remember something else. Back in the 1960s while riding around with my parents, I would see ENCO gas stations here in Texas. On some weekends when we would go over to Lake Charles or Lafayette, Louisiana, those stations were called ESSO. Was there some reason for their having different names in different states? But when that company became EXXON, they were all the same no matter what state they were in.
  16. You certainly have extensive knowledge. Yes, I remember the "open" part of Gulfgate. There was Newberry's, W.T. Grant, etc. I'll never forget the underground bowling alley. No, I don't remember Mike Temple or Sam Montgomery. What remains in my head are the radio commercial jingles for Tommie Vaughn Ford, Chuck Davis Chevrolet, and Uncle John's Pancakes.
  17. Yes, everything was cheaper. I also remember on that same vacation back in 1970 when we got to New Mexico, Arizona, & California that the average price of gasoline was about 48 cents a gallon. At the time, my dad thought that was high! The prices in the Houston area were lower. In 1971 we took another vacation. As we approached San Antonio, there was a billboard saying that a Ramada Inn was coming up (we usually stayed at Motel 6). I talked my dad into staying there. I went into the lobby with him to check in. When we got back into the car, he handed my mother the receipt. She hit
  18. Like I said in another topic, my belief that Dollar General/Family Dollar stores are the replacements for the five-and-dime stores that I remember when I was a little kid (Ben Franklin, TG&Y, F.W. Woolworth, etc.) That is also my belief that I stated about the decline in roadside restaurants like Stuckey's, that other chains like Cracker Barrel are replacing them.
  19. Car salesmen and politicans top the list of the kind of people that people trust the least.
  20. Now there's something else I'm starting to wonder. The old Houston International Airport was located not far from downtown. Was the reason why it was relocated on the far north side of town because of the downtown skyscrapers? I mean, say, a plane coming south from Chicago or New York during fog might crash into one of the buildings. Now downtown is a good ways south of Houston Intercontinental Airport. Not too many airlines have flights coming from directly south. Just a thought.
  21. I guess you could say that Nabisco is "All-American." Oreo cookies and Ritz crackers are regarded as American snacks. When I was a little kid, I remember one of their competitors was a company called Sunshine. Its logo was the robust baker.
  22. I'd be too afraid to take a job as the window washer for this building.
  23. I completely forgot about the merger between Exxon and Mobil. Why didn't they become one name like Shell, Valero, etc.? On the same street in the town that I live in, there a convenience store that sell Mobil and another one that sells Exxon.
  24. Excellent research, Gnu! It's simply too difficult for non-business people like me to understand and keep up with all of these mergers which result in name changes. I've recently noticed over here that what used to be Bank Ones are now Chase. Getting back to gasoline. Previously on the Howard Johnson's topic I wrote about what I heard was the reason for motel/hotel chains changing their logos to ones that are plain, less aesthetically-appealing, and less eye-catching. It seems that's what now happening to places where you buy gasoline. You no longer see the Union 76 orange ball, the Texac
  25. Well, you and I know for certain that the rate won't go down, only up.
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