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  1. A car, horse, or dog (like Gulf) track? Or one of those RaceTrac/RaceWay gas stations?
  2. Yes, Levitz wasn't too far from that roller rink that I remember. There's a separate topic on that roller rink.
  3. I wonder if there could be a nudist colony somewhere around there?
  4. Anchor towers? Does that mean that ropes attached to the blimp were tied to those posts?
  5. I just looked at Ramada's website. The Ramada Limited in Fountain Valley, California costs $84 for one person, one night. Ramada Limited is supposed to be Ramada's budget inn with no frills. Well, I'm too scared to find out what a regular Ramada or a Ramada Hotel would cost.
  6. I didn't go to Pilgrim Elementary School. I attended kindergarten at Park Place Elementary School in 1963-64. Can you tell me anything about that school after I moved away during the summer of 1964?
  7. On Cheech & Chong's "Big Bambu" album, "Unamerican Bandstand" hosted by Laid-Back Lenny, introduced the winner of the "How Many Downers You Can Drop Contest."
  8. I think that I can safely say that the house was either the home of Charles H. Milby or it's a house that was named after him the same way that Milby High School was.
  9. You're almost as good as Subdude is in coming up with items on the spur of the moment.
  10. Now I just remembered something else when I was a kid. Over here there were gas stations that had no brand name. The neon sign in front of the stations was a hand with a finger pointing downward and the word "GAS" inside the hand. Some signs said Open 24 Hours under it. There were several over here, but they've been gone for many years. Were there any of those in Houston? There are still some convenience stores over here that sell gas that doesn't have a brand name, such as E-Z Mart.
  11. Yes, the photos are nice. Some historical sites are worth the time and money to try to protect and preserve. To me, Frost Town should be one of them.
  12. Back in 1987 there was a TV series called "Houston Knights." It starred Michael Beck and Michael Pare. I remember my dad saying that it wasn't true-to-life because, in his words, "It makes Houston look like a goat-roper town."
  13. Yes, sometimes when you have to make up your own recipes, they turn out better than the original product.
  14. I guess in the old Southwest Conference enrollment didn't matter. UT and Texas A&M have between 40,000 and 50,000 students. Rice University was at the bottom with 5,000. This is from the 2006 World Almanac, page 658.
  15. Nabisco does well. I'm looking on page 390 of the 2006 Edition of The World Almanac. Of all cookies, Nabiso Oreo sold $197,957,900 worth in 2004-05 and topped the industry with a 5.4% market share. Nabisco Chips Ahoy came in second. The Budweiser brewery there in Houston should be in good economic shape. Bud Light beer sold $1,341,192,448 worth in 2004-05 for a 15.6% market share. Regular Budweiser came in second with a 9.8 percent market share.
  16. I didn't know that Woolworth went bankrupt. Was it the entire chain? The last one that I ever went to was at a mall in Fayetteville, Arkansas during the two years (1984-86) that I attended the University of Arkansas.
  17. I guess that hurricane was so bad that too many people were afraid to move there. Maybe that's why the population never grew too much after that disaster. To the best of my knowledge, Galveston has one public high school (Ball) and one Catholic high school (O'Connell).
  18. I guess because more than one school has to use the same stadium, that explains why some of Milby's games will be on Thursday nights.
  19. I graduated from high school in Beaumont. I remember every year the football team would play about two games against schools in Houston and Pasadena. But Houston was 84 miles from Beaumont. Since Dallas is 245 miles from Houston, do high schools from Big "D" and The Bayou City play each other during the regular season?
  20. Houston means the good life. Having Class 5A high school football teams is so fine!
  21. I thoroughly enjoy HAIF. I think I've been on for about a year.
  22. That's a well-designed sign for way back then. I wonder if there has ever been any point in time when Houston was not the biggest city in Texas?
  23. Yes, back then there was no Caller ID/Answering Machines/Voice Mail/Call Waiting, etc. If your phone rang, you had no choice but to answer it and hope that it wasn't a bill collector. If you called someone and you heard a busy signal, you had to hang up and try calling them again later.
  24. You can see why the building was closed down. Look at the obsolete office machines. I think that the one on the left might be some kind of a primative computer (compared to what we have today). Only the homeless people would think about breaking into it, and only for a roof over their heads. What good would it do anyone to steal something that he couldn't sell?
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