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  1. I still get Playland and Peppermint Park confused.
  2. No, why blame the place where the reception was held? When did that happen? The more recent photos show the building without the letters on the top. That indicates that the hotel closed down. Wait! Are you saying that he beat her in the Sheraton? Also, did that reception cost your parents some big bucks?
  3. Yes, that is a nice looking car. As I've heard many people say, "They don't make 'em like they used to."
  4. I don't know anything about Mervyn's. I heard that they are affiliated someway with Target. Are there still any Mervyn's around Houston? There aren't any over here.
  5. In the news they mentioned that the Interstate Highway System began 50 years ago. I wonder what kind of roads we would have today if President Eisenhower hadn't signed that act?
  6. I'm interpreting this old map to mean that Highway 73 on it was what later became IH-10. I know that the current state highway 73 doesn't begin until Winnie, which is about 60 miles east of Houston.
  7. If you did manage to get them recorded onto DVD you could sell them. I'd probably buy some.
  8. A Chinese restaurant with Old English calligraphy.
  9. Are you talking about films with subtitles?
  10. I'm surprised that Subdude didn't post a photo of it.
  11. Bank of the Southwest? I remember back in the 1970s I had a credit card from that bank. With all of the mergers and name changes, I would be surprised if it still has that name. If it's still a bank, what's the name of it now?
  12. Someone asked about a store called Grant's about a week or two ago. You can see one on the right hand part of this photo.
  13. Did your sister's marriage last or did it end in divorce? I've always thought it to be a shame to see a lot of money spent on a wedding and reception and the couple later gets divorced.
  14. Now I've just remember at Boyd Mullen and other dealers the "OK Used Cars" sign. That was a national logo. I see it in back issues of Life and Look magazines.
  15. That top photo is excellent color for the late 1950s/early 1960s, judging by the body styles of the cars in it.
  16. During its seven decades, I wonder if anyone tried to commit suicide from atop the San Jacinto Monument?
  17. I always have to tell myself that even though these businesses are designed and built to appeal to one or more of the human senses, that they are man-made.
  18. I think I can safely say that there is at least one IHOP restaurant in Houston. IHOP is full of calories.
  19. In the Chronicle is a full page ad for another dollar store that says that nothing they sell is over $1. I don't see how such a store can make any money. In addition to their overhead, I know that the Chronicle charged them a pretty penny for that full page ad. But who am I? What do I know? My Bachelor's was in History & Political Science, not in Business/Marketing/Economics/Finance, etc.
  20. Since Astroworld is gone and it sounds like there are no more amusement park in Houston, does that leave Kemah with the only one?
  21. Are you saying that Mervyn's is now gone and that only Lowe's is there?
  22. You can look on CinemaTour.Com or CinemaTreasures.Org. I thought that Texas Highway 225 ended into IH-610. I didn't know that it intersected with Broadway.
  23. Nudists usually practice their lifestyle in secluded places. The photos show a secluded place.
  24. There was a rock group back in the 1960s called The Electric Prunes.
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