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  1. Maybe the Sheraton-Lincoln's management heard about what happened to your oldest sister and they thought that the building might have had some kind of a curse. So rather than risk having one of your other sisters or other women experience what your older sister did, a decision was made to close down the Sheraton-Lincoln so that no more wedding receptions could be held there.
  2. Yes, "Dallas" did start just after the Cowboys won Super Bowl XII. Bum Phillips didn't suceed in taking the Oilers to the playoffs until the next season.
  3. Yes, Stuckey's had racks full of postcards. Subdude needs to try to find out if he's in possession of some "treasures." Who knows? There might be some postcard collectors out there who would pay a good price for some of them.
  4. You can say the same thing about old houses that you do about old cars: "They sure don't build them the way that they used to."
  5. "BERTHA'S" sounds like a name that would attract people. A current restaurant that I see ad of in the Chronicle called "DONARAKI'S" should do the same thing.
  6. This photo topic comes in second right behind "Tour de Telephone."
  7. Sakowitz and Levitz show how sucessful Jewish people are. I wonder if they were related? Are any of their decendants still living?
  8. Subdude, Out of all of the photo topics that you've started, this one is the best one.
  9. These are excellent photos. But it's difficult looking at pictures of restaurants when you're hungry. The Shamrock looks like it was quite an upscale, ritzy place in its day.
  10. That sounds similar to the Saratoga Light.
  11. During its heyday, was the JDH well-renowned like M.D. Anderson? Or was it a charity hospital like L.B.J. and Ben Taub?
  12. Texas gubernatorial candidate Kinky Friedman has written many books about Texas. Did he write one about the city of Houston?
  13. I don't have a TV. I have my XM Satellite Radio. On of the stations had 24/7 weather and traffic for Houston. It's very informative.
  14. So, does that mean that the Houston area had two blimp bases? Other people on this forum said that there was one in the northern part of Houston near that city called Spring.
  15. OK. Yes, the Sun was in Beaumont, not in Houston.
  16. See? I told all of you that that area was probably inhabited by either a religious cult or a nudist colony! Both groups of those kind of people want to find a secluded place to practice their chosen religion/lifestyle. Maybe they were "two in one": A religious cult that endorsed a clothing optional lifestyle.
  17. Back in the 1970s there was a porn theatre in Beaumont called the Sun. It was inside a converted service station and it had a tall wooden fence around it. It was renowned for showing "Deep Throat" and "The Devil in Miss Jones." The police raided it many times. It eventually closed down. Then later there was a porn theatre in downtown Beaumont. It was simply called "Adult Movies." I was just a teenager in high school when I called and asked them what kind of movies that they showed. The man said "soft core." I asked him when he was going to show "hard core" movies. He said: "The next
  18. Yes, girls do cost parents more money than boys do. Did your other two sisters have their wedding receptions at the Sheraton?
  19. That Impala looks like it would be comfortable to ride in.
  20. I see your point. I remember seeing those iron bars. It would have taken a very skinny person to be able to slip through them.
  21. Yes, both Sevfiv and Subdude! Yes, Markus is the one whom I was referring to when I said that someone on this forum said that you could still the the X-rated movie that was playing at the Red Bluff Drive-In Theatre even though it had a tall fence around it.
  22. Dinah Shore sang: "See the U.S.A. in your Chevrolet."
  23. Back in 1996, my ex-Significant Other's mother was arrested for credit card abuse in a Sheraton near the Astrodome. She spent three months in the Harris County Jail. She ran up an $1800 bill in the hotel. Those three months in the HCJ "paid it off."
  24. I looked up Dallas in World Book Encyclopedia. The photo made it look like downtown Dallas was real big. On that TV series "Dallas," the helicopter shot tried to do the same. I wonder why "Houston" wasn't chosen for that show? Why was "Dallas" selected? Because of that, a lot of people thought that Dallas was bigger than Houston.
  25. I remember "Divorce American Style" starring Dick Van Dyke.
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