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  1. I read that the casket they got for JFK costs $3950, quite a bit of money back in 1963 for a box to be buried in. I'm so glad that I've donated my body to science when I kick the bucket.
  2. Because of that, they were called "passion pits" back in the 1940s/1950s.
  3. I'll be 50 next year. Just like you, I have an appreciation of the past that I didn't have when I was younger. For example, the understanding the telephone was at one time fairly simple. When it would ring, you would simply answer it. There was no Caller ID. If you called someone and the line was busy, you simply had to hang up and call them back later. There was no Call Waiting. You dialedthe number you wanted to call. Now we push buttons, but we still call it dial. Yes, a long distance call cost a lot more back then. But you simply knew not to call a city that was long distance from where you live. Yes, I have a cell phone, but I hardly use it. Mostly for emergencies. It's prepaid. I don't have to open up and be shocked by a bill where my daughter sent 161 text messages (that happened to a former co-worker of mine). It doesn't rule and control my life the way I've seen it do many other people who talk while driving, in stores, etc. I bought a pre-paid long distance calling card to use on my home phone so that I won't have an unpleasant surprise whenever I open that bill. People could simplify their lives if they really wanted to. Go to bed earlier, so that you can get up earlier, so that you can leave earlier, so that you can drive slower and get to work on time (maybe even earlier). But who am I?
  4. Do you think that any amusement park will ever be built in Houston?
  5. I looked at the Hyatt Regency on Orbitz.com. Have you ever stayed there?
  6. Did KTRH ever play music? I've only known it as a talk radio station.
  7. It's a shame that these kind of places get demolished.
  8. Sometime it's a blessing in disguise.
  9. You're speaking in the past tense. So I'll assume that the Frito's sign and/or plant is no longer there.
  10. I didn't understand the article in today's Chronicle about the plans for the Astrodome.
  11. Yes, the Shamrock did look good. I guess places like the Four Season and Radisson took its place.
  12. It's amazing that you stumbled across this. You never know what anyone else may possess.
  13. I personally believe that hamburgers themselves are simply not as popular today as they were 40-50 years ago.
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