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  1. Dallas leads the state with over 4,600 downtown area apartments being built | | Dallas Morning News
  2. Victory Park is on Fire!!!! -A proposed 600 ft building is on the FAA's website https://oeaaa.faa.gov/oeaaa/external...39855142&row=5 Height: 600ft Name: Victory Tower Location: Victory Park, Block R -A proposed 310 ft building is on the FAA's website https://oeaaa.faa.gov/oeaaa/external...8269415&row=46 Height: 310ft Name: Katy Station Location: Victory Park, Block H -Block M will be Hines Victory Park Tower Hines, Cousins team up on new Victory Park office tower | Dallas Morning News -Skyhouse Victory Park #2 https://oeaaa.faa.gov/oeaaa/external...632162&row=408 Height: 248ft Location: Victory Park, Block G -Block D is planned to have have retail topped with 3 levels of office -Block G is planned to have retail and a movie theater
  3. High-speed rail station will be 'iconic' part of Dallas skyline, CEO says http://m.bizjournals.com/dallas/blog/2014/11/high-speed-rail-station-will-be-iconic-part-of.html
  4. Here's the article translated Turkey's tallest skyscraper signature to Dallas Turkish entrepreneurs Excellent (Mike) Sarımsakcı, four skyscrapers will be perpendicular to the center of Dallas The US mortgage crisis in 2008 after taking a cheap price, high values ​​after refreshMarkets talked with Turkish entrepreneurs building Excellent (Mike) Sarımsakcı, nowthe center of the Dallas 4 to erect skyscrapers. $ 1.2 billion purchase of 20 thousand square meters of land area in the center of the city for the project Sarımsakcı, the highest skyscraper in the signing said they are prepared to the region. In recent years, taking the historic buildings in the US, who restored and re-evaluating Sarımsakcı Turkish businessman, Dallas, will build four skyscrapers in thecity hall right next to the project will begin. The size of the land area of ​​over 20thousand square meters of Chavez Properties Sarımsakcı, they will give one of theskyscrapers in the luxury hotel chain, office blocks others, gave the information that they plan to evaluate the home and the mall. 2 of the planned 80-storey skyscraperwill have 60 floors and the other 2 were. Chavez's agreement with Properties project should be made of the land purchase price was not disclosed. On the other hand, the founder and director of Sarımsakcıthat Alterra International, prior to this, again in Dallas, began the construction ofanother 60-storey building. CONSTRUCTION BEGINS 2016 Chavez Properties of land that take a long time ago, after the investment moves in central city starting in the late 1980s meant the beginning of the remaining large landparcels, and this was one of the city's most valuable regions. Michael ChavezProperties Hal Anderson, said in a statement that after the sale, land prepared a very ambitious project, said it was the best decision for Dallas to give Sarımsakcı. After obtaining the necessary approval of the purchase and sale agreement isexpected to be completed in January 2015. The planned start date of the project is estimated month of january 2016. WORKS HAVE THE FIELD OF ENERGY After graduating from Galatasaray High School in Istanbul in the United States in the field of engineering education Sarımsakcı Colorado State University, then began to take part in the construction project. Sarımsakcı professionally involved in manygroup in 2009, has signed with 2009'l many projects, especially in America and established his own company. Sarımsakcı Dallas finally built in the 1960s, from 1990 renewing take an unused 18-storey building here since, culture, business and shopping center had made.Sarımsakcı is known for its building renovation project in the US, there are a variety of projects in Dallas. Turkish businessmen also doing work in tourism and energy.Aeolus undertaking the work in the energy field of the Group Apollo Alto company isundertaking projects outside the United States. BE THE LONGEST! In a statement to the Dallas Business Journal "states west of the Mississippi will takethe longest two twin signature skyscraper," said Perfect Sarımsakcı, "We'll do it.Dallas needs such a work light hair, "he said. Beginning of the project, the completion of the information that they will act immediately on behalf of Sarımsakcı, underlines the readiness of the money required for this draw, also briefed of the many investors take part in this international project. The project is based in Dallas will draw the architectural firm HOK. The planned hotelwill have 200 rooms and is aiming to be the most luxurious in the city. Sarımsakcı,first announced to attract dozens of brand Prada with Dallas in the top categories, including Four Seasons.
  5. To say it's not needed is a stretch. Is it a little excessive? Maybe. Can it be done? who knows. But time will tell if this is legit or not.
  6. To be honest, none of us are real estate experts. So no one can say it cannot happen with 100% accuracy.
  7. The project is making international news http://m.haberturk.com/emlak/haber/1003398-dallasin-en-uzun-gokdelenine-turk-imzasi
  8. The two 60 story buildings will have 1,200 condo units.
  9. This is the same guy who proposed the two 60 story towers at Pacific Plaza. Those two towers are included in this project......
  10. New skyscraper project will include residential and office towers overlooking Klyde Warren Park http://bizbeatblog.dallasnews.com/2014/10/new-skyscraper-project-will-include-residential-and-office-towers-overlooking-klyde-warren-park.html/ "Architect HKS Inc. is designing the 3-building project, which will have 513,000 square feet of office space, 275 luxury residential units and 20,900 square feet of restaurant space, Crow and MetLife said in the filings with the city."
  11. http://www.bizjournals.com/dallas/news/2014/10/24/exclusive-turkish-developer-to-buy-land-near.html?full=true "These towers would be the tallest west of the Mississippi," Sarimsakci told the Dallas Business Journal in an exclusive interview. "We are going to do it. We have the land under contract and Dallas needs to shine.
  12. Exclusive: Turkish developer to buy land near Dallas City Hall for $1.2B multitower project http://www.bizjournals.com/dallas/news/2014/10/24/exclusive-turkish-developer-to-buy-land-near.html?full=true "These towers would be the tallest west of the Mississippi," Sarimsakci told the Dallas Business Journal in an exclusive interview. "We are going to do it. We have the land under contract and Dallas needs to shine.
  13. Dallas doesn't use neon....it's called LEDs Before that it was argon....
  14. The Farmer's Market is totally being redeveloped, so how does that not equal a boom?
  15. Look at this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TVKl4Q_JBU#t=16
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