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  1. We do know, skilled workers who have decent jobs don't risk their lives going through an unforgiving desert. The ones who come are desperate and poor. For the most part they go to slaughterhouses, farms, construction, janitorial services, and landscaping, not exactly skilled work. The farming lobby is 100% not wanting a sensible immigration to pass, because they can get cheap illegal labor. I've spoken to a Republican congressman in person about this (my uncle is a donor), and he told me blaming illegals is a smokescreen to protect farms and like businesses that hire illegal workers.
  2. The people who come illegally are only really competing with high school dropouts in the labor force. I do agree with you that the same lobby who screams and yells about illegal immigrants also wants them to come so they can pay lower wages and make more profit, it's utter hypocrisy. As for the last part, if people are living here and contributing, it makes more sense to do another amnesty so they are in the system and pay taxes, which will help reduce the deficit. Ronald Reagan the republican hero did it, and Bush Sr. supported it also. But again, business leaders don't want that.
  3. I don't agree with this last part. People who get an opportunity to succeed here are thankful regardless.
  4. The high cost is labor. Rail is built cheaper in other countries.
  5. Great news this will help metro’s referendum next year also.
  6. I got the seller disclosure it says house never flooded but garage got 10-12 inches of rain. This makes sense since garage isn’t elevated. Means it has to be elevated or rebuilt,
  7. Any thoughts on 6715 park? Seems awfully close to the bayou but listing says no flooding. https://www.har.com/u/1bB7dC3d
  8. Better question is how many ride the bus
  9. Interjet starting IAH-BJX June 22. There is huge demand here as United runs 4 flights a day.
  10. Nope. I support this project
  11. Single track is better than no track
  12. The reason the train stopped is because Lanier and his cronies turned union station into a baseball stadium instead of the train gateway is was planned to become
  13. This was my uncle's house, so many memories. The last time I stayed there was in 2009 and the power went out. I had fond memories of this place as I liked its modernist style and most importantly my uncle and aunt who lived there. My aunt just turned 80 actually
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