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  1. Sounds like the plans have misfired. On tv right now it does not sound very good.
  2. Who is going attend the Chase building tour tomorrow?
  3. So, for a final tally, who's going to the Chase building tomorrow?
  4. Does not matter where, just the when is what we need now!
  5. Yea, my days off are Tue and Wed. But I can take off if I know in advance.
  6. Weekday if all possible, but anytime would be ok with a little advance notice.
  7. Great Idea! Let's set this plan into motion, everyone who wants to do this ASAP should post and say when we should grt together.
  8. So true, let's get this together and get our group thing started. Name a time and place and i'm there!
  9. This would be fun if we could get this thing together, I work downtown so I get to see it all the time. We could walk around and look at the buildings and stop along the way and eat while we are out looking around.
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