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  1. For May http://system.gocampaign.com/files/file.asp?f=519561 1. New/rebuilt IAH Terminal A restrooms. 2. New HOU parking garage. 3. Move entrance at HOU due to parking garage. 4. New security technology at both IAH and HOU.
  2. From work I can see a tall mobile crane on this property. But south of West Alabama I can see two tower cranes. I can't tell if they are on Weslayan or it almost looks like they are in Afton Oaks. What are they for?
  3. You missed global warming, the Gulf war, the clubbing of baby seals and the heartbreak of psoriasis. And ows was a bunch of whiny kids who majored in “fun” stuff in college instead of boring practical majors where you could actually get a job. And they loaded up on debt to fund their little party then crapped bricks when they realized they had to pay them back and couldn’t get a decent job with their History degree. If you take out $100k in loans for a journalism degree, you just need to have your head examined. Instead of just evicting them, the police should have shipped every
  4. That pic does look cool. Of course there is always this option. http://www.businessinsider.com/the-tropical-islands-resort-in-germany-2013-3
  5. Thanks for digging that up. Sorry for the false alarm.
  6. Plano & Irving are both 2-3 times as big as the Woodlands. Actually per Wikipedia, The Woodlands is right behind San Angelo. So that could be their slogan. "We're the San Angelo of Houston!"
  7. Now Red, you know in a Woodlanders eyes, they are about equal in size to Fort Worth. Only about 93,000 of the people in Fort Worth would qualify for inclusion in any kind of a Woodlanders list. The rest of them just don't matter.
  8. I was wondering. The Terminal B phase I is pretty far along. I think its supposed to be finished sometime this year. I put several disclaimers in because I was very iffy about the source. And the link to the source. I figured it would be a big announcement by either Mayor Parker or United like the agreement on Phase I was - but I threw it out there to see if anybody knew anything more concrete.
  9. When I saw this yesterday on the news, I thought to myself - he lurked on HAIF (or is one of us). We will know for sure if he adds an oil derrick with Jeff Bagwell astride it.
  10. More completely idle, baseless speculation to add to the above. If there are plans for a fourth tower several years out - it makes sense on a couple of levels. IF the long-term plans are to move Chevron headquarters from San Ramon to Houston. ( I read somewhere that Houston has 7000 employees, San Ramon 3000 - before the transfer of the 800 that are being moved here). In the O&G business, there are two big age clumps of employees. A huge amount are older, nearing retirement - these are the survivors left over from the 70's-80's boom years before the bust. Then there ar
  11. I don't know for sure, but I read on an airplane forum a link to this blurb...... http://texasleftist.blogspot.com/2013/02/houstons-air-war-is-apparently-over.html It seems to indicate that an expansion of IAH Terminal B by United was approved by city council on Feb. 13. I have seen nothing else about this, but if anybody is good at searching council records. If so - looks like it was under the radar - like "I've thrown my big fit, now lets get back to work making money since the fit didn't work." My 3 1/2 year old does this all the time.
  12. So would this be a literal example of "pave Paradise and put up a parking lot." ??
  13. The problem with Astroworld wasn't Astroworld - it was a Six Flags problem. A small company amusement parks company (Premier Parks I think) from Oklahoma took over a much bigger one in the late 90's/early 2000's. (Six Flags). They did this by borrowing gobs of cheap debt. Then they bought a bunch more parks over seas - there was a Six Flags Holland, etc. and domestically - Jazzland etc. All financed by cheap debt. Problem with cheap debt is you have to pay it back eventually. Cash flow got tight. Oops. Stopped investing in parks and new rides (this is why Astroworld seemed
  14. Is that the old "Hotel 31" ? I've been waiting for the Hotel Impossible guy to come in and save the place. I mean if you can't make it in the Galleria area when Houston is booming.... The bones of the building seem to be in good shape for some sort of hotel. Just think it's been poorly run (down) for several years. Here are some fun reviews: http://www.expedia.com/Hotel.h5577.Hotel-Information?&rm1=a2&semcid=13172-1&kword=%20Hotel_%2031_%20Houston!m.ZzZz.3340000081098.0.21330667397.+hotel%20+31%20+houston.%20hotel_%2031_%20houston&gclid=CMqXnfTUmLYCFaGoPAodwAYAtQ#
  15. And it looks like the Exhaust Vent is not going to be built after all. http://www.statesman.com/news/business/can-a-failed-tower-plan-show-the-way-to-a-better-c/nWrKf/ Maybe now Houston can still keep it's Space City nickname without a great gnashing of teeth.......
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