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  1. I second, third and forth that. I've yet to find a burger I enjoy as well as Good Times in Denver,Co (local chain) I for the life of me I will never understand the fascination with Lucky's burgers. When I first moved back to Houston, I lived on Roseland off Richmond and was told I must go there. Sorry, a frozen flat as a pancake, a burger does not make. Ditto, my new hood and Papas, sorry, IMO From what I've read I now have a mutitude of new burger joints to try out. As much as Niche may dislike me I shall give his recommendations a go.
  2. Você não tem 891 amigos? São apenas 4 .

  3. Yes, for sure. I actually ran acros a very similar high-rise 2727 Kirby minus the balconies, believe it was in Europe somewhere. It was on an architectural site I was cruising. I meant to post the foto here, but got side tracked and now can't remember which site it was.
  4. Something similar to this style, could possibly kick-start a new look for our fair city. http://www.worldarchitecturenews.com/index.php?fuseaction=wanappln.projectview&upload_id=17554
  5. Touché. I can dream. They needn't even be anywhere near as inspiring as those you're talking about either. I understand for cost efficiency, etc the huge mega Corp developers use the same garbage over and over in all metroplexes. But..... Please? Am I in Denver, Saint Louis, Atlanta, Houston or.....? lol
  6. It sound as if someone best stay at his private home, workplace or the forrest. jk I am in agreement with you on misbehaving children or pets though. I just know that some dogs can become extremely territorial, especially if confined to a smallish patio where there is food. I personally have no problem with dogs on a patio. It would be my choice not to go to that establishment, same for if someone allowed smoking. It would be my and of the employees choice if we went there. In my nieghborhood there is way too many uncared for, use as security only, poor dogs that bark incessantly for sure. I guess next,we may have dog-free, screaming children-free, obnoxious adult-free, drunk-free etc zones. Damn, I best stay home too. hahaha
  7. It will be interesting to see what happens, when a toddler that isn't watched as closely as some dog owners watch their animals, is bitten for being a tad overzealous with a large dog.
  8. I’ve learned that maturity had more to do with what types of experiences you’ve had and what you’ve learned from them and less to do with how many birthdays you’ve celebrated.

  9. Just found this site. He had won a national tiny home award from apt therapy. Lots more fotos. He was one of the designers for the revamped Houston House. http://www.analogdialog.com/?p=120.
  10. OK, I feel like an idiot. I just looked and saw the date of your original post.
  11. I've tried three days running now and all I get is server is down from this link as well as directly from their main page. Is it me, my iPad or? Thanks.
  12. This is a great idea, thanks for the shout- out. At present, 0:07 the server is down, shall check back later.
  13. Utinga


    I think most of us Haifers are lurkers for info, but post when we've something meaningful to add to a post. It's great the info, photos and stories everyone here is able to add. Think some of us are guilty have going off on different tangents at times, myself included.
  14. Interesting. I never made it out that "far." here is a cool link I found. http://books.google.com/books?id=YSwEAAAAMBAJ&pg=PA118&lpg=PA118&dq=la+hacienda+de+los+morales+houston&source=bl&ots=OMpQU6yPhs&sig=cDLHp0X6Am37n3N3vN6il62hPU8&hl=en&ei=lll0TvvqJJPXiAKKwviyAg&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=11&ved=0CGgQ6AEwCg#v=onepage&q=la%20hacienda%20de%20los%20morales%20houston&f=false
  15. "If you want to know what a man's like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals. - Sirius Black

    1. TheNiche


      Seems like the way he treats his superiors would be another useful datapoint. But at that point, we're just examining him holistically. The quote loses its rhetorical properties.

  16. I would welcome you in Northside Village. You can hoof-it or "soon" train yourself downtown. Lots of scrapes (sad, but factual) as well as empties over here.
  17. I won't speak for slickvic, but to me "bad smell" in referencing pizza would be they've allowed one or more items to sour. The ingredients at some za houses are left in too warm for too long prep areas. Me loves a good smelly cheese n lots-o-garlic please. Lol I do hate though, when I want just a slice and it may look fine sitting there but once I take that first bite I can tell it sat there just long enough to "grow rancid" yuk-yuk. Franks is still my fav, especially as I live so close. I've just learned to speak up and have them make a do-over.
  18. One more FYI only. http://faircompanies.com/videos/view/shotgun-shack-redux-mortgage-free-in-320-square-feet/
  19. Yea, this seems to be a major problem of mine also. Luigi's is great or it's awful. Franks, downtown also. How hard can it be to do a thin crust plain cheese pizza with consistency? That's all I ask. Will try Brthers when out that way. Denver had Famous Pizza, no matter the time of day you could walk in order a slice and it was always good, maybe not super fresh but consistently good!
  20. Thanks for your favs, need to try a few. Pink's are good. What about your fav thin crust New York style?
  21. I’ve learned that it’s not what you have in your life but who you have in your life that counts.

    1. TheNiche


      I've learned (from observation, not practice) that it's more important to be able to manipulate people. That's how you can entice special people to share your misery against their better judgement.

    2. LTAWACS
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