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  1. Personally, I'd rather see some properly built condos (hi rise or not), that are aimed for the $80-$200k market. these $800k-1.5mil places are all well and good, but those of a more modest means would also like to live in quality housing.

    Agreed, I would love to see some nice small condos or modestly priced hi-rises. There seem to be way too many of the three level sameness being thrown up for sure. Metal, faux stucco, brick, or clapboard sided, they all seem to be garage bed/bath first level, liv, dine, kitchen second level, followed with two more beds and bath on third and a nice rooftop deck with a view of...? It does add some density to the city core though, yet at a high price for some of us. haha

  2. You have links. Those links contain numerous houses around 500 SF. Those could be said to be indicative of the SF you think should be appropriate of a small house. They are your examples.

    Did you or did you not decide and then type what the poll choices would be? For the users, those would be our answers.

    Seriously, in the short time you've been here, your level of combativeness has been incredibly off putting.

    You knew damn well what I was referring too in both my points.

    My apologies, again. The links were FYI only, never meant to be construed as examples. I have poll questions but no answers as of yet, that is what I thought you meant, apologies for that also.

    If you feel I've been combative I apologize for that as well. I was called a lier and several names my Mr. Zappa and I may have carried them over into other threads.

    I found when texting, posting to blogs, etc. It is most difficult to get the nuances of the true meaning at times, without eye to eye contact so to speak. My bad.

    Glen Andresun


    1926 Hardy #3 77026

  3. We have 2 adults and a child in 1400 square feet, 2 bedrooms, one bathroom. For the most part, it's fine. However there are a few drawbacks, some due to the age of the house (built in 1952):

    One bath isn't enough

    There is nowhere near enough closet space, and we don't have that many clothes

    There's nowhere to store the vacuum cleaner, br0oms, etc.

    No coat closet

    The washer is in the kitchen and the dryer is on the back porch

    There's no really good spot for computers and paperwork

    I figure that we really need about 1800 sq feet to be truly comfortable. If we were to tear down and build new, it would be 2400 sq feet just to make resale a better proposition, if required. We had some frineds who built a 2400 sq foot house in Bellaire on a street full of 4,000 sq foot houses. It hurt them on resale when they retired.

    Thank you so much for taking your time to participate, and I truly understand your predicament with storage and an extra bathroom need. Sorry to hear about your friends resale. I'm surprised someone in that area didn't want to do a scrape-off even with a new home, the way things are progressing in that 'hot' area.

    Glen Andresun


    1926 Hardy #3 77026

  4. Here is a good example of a "small" home project. Looks to be 4 shotguns(?), 1 new, 2 rehabbed and one to be rehabbed. 299K.


    A million thanks for your time as well as this link. I really appreciate that. I'm just a poor soul in search of a single home in the 40 to 50,000 range. I found one here in Near North for 35,000 (lots of rehab needed) that was perfect, but its backyard is the train tracks. Yikes! hahaha

    Glen Andresun


    1926 Hardy #3 77026

  5. I think your poll answers should have been in 500 SF ranges up to 3000+

    5000 is a ridiculous choice that would be hard enough to find much less afford by your average Houstonian.

    With that, i think the most telling answers would have been for those that are married and intend to start a family (the status quo), who picks 1500-2000 (desire to try to live small but stay realistic with a growing family) vs 2000-2500 (typical suburban, 3/3 or 4/3 American dream.. the status quo).

    So I think your poll choices suck since you have 1000-2500 as one choice. Yup. That would be mine if I chose to participate, but i won't since it would also be meaningless.

    PS - Your family of 4 example ( or was that too not an example ) -- It's disingenuous to even bring it up considering we both know that no family of 4 is living in 500 SF because they want to. They aren't choosing to "live small". They aren't living in a silver RV from the 50s in order to be hip or save the earth. And since this is directed to Haifers and is a poll... it's about choice, not necessity.

    Guess now i understand your poll choices (user answers)... Is any family living in over 1000 SF wasteful to you ?


    I can give you many examples of families who have chosen to live in 500 sq' or less. New York city in of itself, is full of them. I understand that is there and Houston is a completely different animal. That was part of my reason for polling here.

    As I seem to have stepped on toes with this poll, I shall humbly retreat. Please accept my apologies for not making this poll clear enough. I had a method for this madness, trust me.I never meant for it to evolve into a he-said-she-said match.

    I ask the editor to please remove this thread. I suppose I best sit on the side lines and just observe and learn for awhile.

    Thanks so much for all your input truly I am sorry.

    Glen Andersun


    1926 Hardy #3 77026

  6. I have to agree, there has to be a bit more choices and questions.

    The SO and I are looking at a home/large apartment to rent, mostly because her two kids are going to be gone inside of 5 yrs and will need to get a smaller place.

    In the end, I'll be happy with a small 2/2 or even a 2/1.

    "I have to agree, there has to be a bit more choices and questions."

    I've a reason for this poll. You said small 2/2 or 2/1, that helps, but your idea of small may not be near mine. Lol This is why I set it as a square foot basis and not bedroom needs. One can have a 3,700 sq' one bedroom loft in New york and call it your weekend apt. for example. I only need to know the sq'. The choices are only to gain knowledge of a members home size. This helps to gage that persons response. If they want to elaborate, such as you have, I am most grateful for that info. Your one line of " her two kids will be gone inside of 5 years" was most helpful. Just be aware there are families of four such as yourself in 500 sq'. :-)

    Thanks so much,

    Glen Andresun


    1926 Hardy #3. 77026

  7. Are your examples coming from the perspective of a single and childless person ? A Home for 1 at present and for the future ?

    I have zero examples on here. This is my soul reason for this poll with a touch of curiosity @ HAIFA. Also to hopefully receive feedback on anyone's thoughts of the small/tiny house movement, positive, negative or just plain silly. As I stated in my post, please take into account your family ( single or children or parents or....) and other factors. If some members have the time and care to elaborate, all the better. Forgive me if there is a way of putting this info directly into the poll. I welcome an edit such as that.

    "I wish your poll answers were a little more realistic and with small enough ranges to be indicative of anything."

    I have zero poll answers. Please explain " more realistic." I am open for your sugestions. I chose this range for several reasons. I hate to disclose this now as I feel it may add bias to this poll. If you are corious please feel free to email or stop by le' casa for a chat.

    Thanks so much for your info, much appreciated,

    Glen Andresun


    1926 Hardy #3 77026

  8. I am in the process of finding an old shotgun or similar home in East or North Houston with a small lot to remodel with a modern bent. I feel we have slipped past what is important in our daily lives, family, friendships and togetherness without the need of "whose is bigger." I am curious about the members thoughts on the small/tiny house movement. What do you feel is an ideal home size and why? Family size and home business of course may be a factor.

    I've included a few FYI, only, links.

    Thanks to all thosee who participate, Glen Andersun :-)




    And one for "fun" lol


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  9. I'm quite serious with my criticism on this one. Defend yourself or abdicate your position.

    "I'm quite serious with my criticism on this one."

    Don't piss down MY neck then tell me it's raining!"

    "Defend yourself or abdicate your position"

    As I am a s well, our most esteemed member. When one makes bold judgment calls on fellow members credibility and character, turns around and calls it a " fact" only to be followed by running away from a lively debate, begun by your own I'll- informed statements with his Faux Zappa hair between his legs, us noobies are left wondering about your " serious criticism"....... "I'm just saying."

    Glen Andresun

  10. You make it sound as though density is a facet of the urban experience that need only apply to the few, not the many. Do you believe that policies promoting density are and should be designed to cater to niche constituencies on the margins of the political spectrum? That's what it sounds like.

    "My first 10,000 posts were dry and informative. Some people on here would disagree and I'd crush them intellectually with facts, raw data, and statisics...and with academic precision, sometimes going on for pages. It was my hobby. But there got to be a point where everything worth saying had been said. Newbies would come on and start up the same old arguments with me. Initially, I obliged. You might call the unfettered access to my brilliance a public service."

    "Those days are over.". Ah, but are they?!?

    "I've more recently concluded that being correct, intellectually honest, or brilliant doesn't mean that you win at an argument or at life in general. So I've stopped caring whether I win. Rather, my posts are more like a series of rhetorical bellyflops, brash masochistic verbiage laced with hints of intellectual substance. Those with the capacity to think will think; but everyone will pay attention."

    Good for you as well.

  11. As I stated with my first post....SELECTIVE CENSORSHIP! Not what one knows but Who? Oh well I surrender. :blink:

    Posted Yesterday at 04:17AM

    TheNiche, on Wednesday, August 24, 2011 at 9:15 PM, said:

    How many children have been displaced by your occupancy of a unit of affordable housing in an enclave within which families are evidently comfortable? You should have paid more for a unit of unaffordable housing in a neighborhood with fewer families, but which is also efficient so that others with lesser means and more children would have had the opportunity to exert a lesser impact by occupying your home.

    Since you're anticipating our rebuttal, I'm going to anticipate yours. You will say that I am insane to believe that families could occupy 400 square feet. You will claim that it is inhumane. You will attempt to morally validate all of your opinions and your way of life through a narrow prism defined by a narrow view of reality and you will then declare victory in your mind, have a beer, and fall asleep feeling smug about yourself. You won't think critically about a damned thing. Hey, I could be wrong about you, but...nah, never mind. You can't admit that possibility, so neither will I.

    feel I've just been "verbalized" by an "un-smug". As you know nothing about me I shall forgive your fearful, prejudiced rant towards me. Who I may add has a rather narrow view of MY reality. For ALL others on HAIF, my address is 1926 Hardy #3 77026. It is the $450.00 garage apt in the rear, you will see a 1989 Mitsubishi Eclipse, with a flat tire in the driveway. Forgive me the grass is in need of a mow, I need to walk to the gas station to purchase some petrol for the mower. I receive a $50 deduction in rent for mowing as well as minor maintenance on the other two units. Walk past the car, and please feel free to knock on my door (side door) and we can have a chat about my lifestyle choice. If you feel that my 384 square feet $500 - $50 deduction constitutes "affordable housing" please feel free to email me and I will give you Alicia's number. She may want to raise our rent a tad again. To be fair we do receive "free" cable and utilities here. The Landlady can not afford to separate-out the utilitities. You should have paid more for a unit of unaffordable housing" Before moving here I lived at 4420 Roseland #7 77006, in Montrose and paid $575.00 for 583 Sq feet. I and my 300.00 a pay check partner (sole bread-winner right now) receive zero subsidies, with the exception of Metro being our subsidized mode of transport at the moment. You may want to join me at le' Fiesta and I will be honored to show you how well we shop for food without food stamps. "so that others with lesser means and more children" I am a 400 to 500 a week unemployed courier driver. If you have a spare auto sitting around, I would be most grateful, or a cam , battery and spare tire would be most appreciated as well. Then perhaps you may have an unaffordable unit you might rent to us?

    "Since you're anticipating our rebuttal, I'm going to anticipate yours. You will say that I am insane to believe that families could occupy 400 square feet. You will claim that it is inhumane." Ah, my new found un-prejudiced friend, how little you know, I don't know you enough to call "insane" ill- informed is all. I am of the tiny/small house movement. Have you read any of my post or viewed my fb page closely? It would be the likes of you that I am trying to "get to" I feel I may be talking to deaf ears, but if you are interested I've collected vast info on small house living. My neighbors to the South are a family of 8 in a two bedroom bungalow cut into 3 apts. with an un air-con garage apt. in the rear. On some evenings we sit outdoors and share our daily stories. On Sunday several other "displaced" families around us have a bbq at one of the homes on this block. Any of you are most welcome to join in on our festivities. We always shut down at 9 or 10 though, that may be too early for my new elitist screaming, buddy above. Never judge a person solely on his fb fotos, for those also, you know nothing either. But you too Mr. Zappa are welcome at our casa at any time.

    Keep cool and have a great week, Glen Andresun

  12. After Pennzoil Place, it is my second favorite building in Houston. So, Love it. As a courier I have seen pretty much all of it. It is still the simplistic exterior that I love. Now that I have hear "the Cracker Building" It is even more endearing to me. As someone here said the Club on the top two floors are dated, but in a tacky, cool way I guess. That was a year ago, perhaps they've been updated now. It will be interesting what happens to this building now that Exxon is "moving on up" or should I say up North.lol

    Z Car


    Humble (ExxonMobil) Building

  13. If you think this is bad, go check out the Heights Walmart thread or the thread about building apartments in Katy. This thread looks like the UN on ecstasy by comparison.

    As a white dude and noob in here, I too am beginning to getting those vibes. I know at times there are some who will call it their thinly veiled attempt at sarcasm. Someone in here told me once, "we want you to understand the 'nuances' of our members first, before we ALLOW you to post in our delicate forum rooms". I am beginning to feel I may understand the why of that far too much. But like a bad meal in a restaurant I tend to give all a second or third stab at it.

    Also, I understand that a for-profit company needs this info for their advertisers. I would think with the humor I run across and most posters own "screams" at how slued polls are that this poll also will reflect nada.

  14. Genetic inclination to both alcoholism and obesity is pretty exciting...

    Anyhow, mate with someone whose family has been in this country for at least four generations. Unless they have an Ozark-styled family tree, at least your children will likely have American Indian blood in them. Then if someone asks them dots or feathers, they can say, "Both!"

    "American Indian".... as opposed to American African, American Brazilian or American German? Not to be too particular, but it would be Indian American, unless you are referring to Native Americans. Man It's a good thing Columbus didn't think he had landed in China instead of India then we could have "two Chinese's" :)

  15. <div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">

    </div><div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;"><a href="http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2804/4124103438_01373b1880.jpg" imageanchor="1" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;"><img border="0" height="255" src="http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2804/4124103438_01373b1880.jpg" width="400" /></a>


    Telwink gives us a great view of the renovation of the old Harris County courthouse.<div class="blogger-post-footer">

    This photo is part of the HAIF photo pool on Flickr.

    You are welcome to add your photos to the pool for the entire group to see.

    Visit the pool: <a href="http://www.flickr.com/groups/haif/pool/">HAIF Houston Photo Pool on Flickr</a><img width='1' height='1' src='https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/tracker/7480774850351202792-1082048995826724417?l=haif-potd.blogspot.com' alt='' /></div>


    Did any one go to the open house yesterday. Spectacular! Hope to see lots of pictures soon. My camera craped-out. :(

  16. It could be that slippery of a slope. We don't even need a contract with an arizona company.. The capability to use Transtar to fine speeders is in place now.. tweak to the software.. and bam, it's possible.

    Would it be safer.... Check.

    Would it be a massive revenue stream for the city... Check.

    Only the political will to propose and implement this is missing.

    But it's not just tickets for red-light running... That I can understand. It's also ticket for not coming to a 100% stop when making a right on red. That's ridiculous.

    I'm an adult, I'm an alert driver. When I'm approaching a red, I'm checking out the pedestrian signals and looking for pedestrians 50' out. Most of the time, I can easily ascertain before coming to a 100% stop if there are any pedestrians or other vehicular traffic that I should yield too. And if I can't ascertain, I stop till I'm sure. If i slightly roll through a red, and get caught by a cop.. that's my bad luck, but I can stomach it. But having a camera catch you every time !!! And not coming to a complete stop isn't that dangerous.. you're going 1 mph at that point. That's certainly not more dangerous than every driver on the freeway speeding.

    Could not agree more with you. I was on the back of my friends scooter when he was red-camera-caught 'racing' through a right on red at about 2 miles an hour. Yes I know we both could have been killed if not extra observant of other drivers and those pesky peds. Also, I know there are those who will say "we shouldn't have to pay tax dollars for your injuries if you are uninsured, that is one of the reason we support this." Agreed! As long as I am able to enter your home to see your coverage and if you are a smoker an unhealthy "meat" eater, you're watching "reality" television and not educating yourself towards a better tomorrow, rearing your children appropriately etc. Can "we" now tell you "our" tax dollars are not going to support your unhealthy lifestyle choices nor any towards your children, as you are not educating them to the degree "we' see fit? :huh:

  17. Indeed, it is censorship, but not on a nebulous government sort of way, but more, you've been invited into someone's house and they ask that you respect their rules kind of way.

    Like don't jump on the furniture, sure, your ability to express yourself by jumping on the couch is stifled, but it's a sign of respect for the person who let you in their house.

    This is rather simplistic, but I get your gist. I view it more as you invited me into your home (there are links, ads etc. inviting me to this site) you state your opinion, afterwards I give you my opinion. You dislike my opinion and ask me to leave your home. THAT is your right. I do get it. :wacko:

  18. I am quite aware of the need for censorship. If anyone were to take the time, you would see I've posted to several on topic forums. I unlike most, not all, have a real face, email, phone with my link to my facebook. I've nothing to hide. There are a lot of sites, corporations, etc. that take advertisement dollars who have every right to their own internal "censorship." I may disagree with this, but as a human I voice my concerns and move on. I just find it a bit odd that some of the on topic sites are/were much more heated than the Perry forum. I will only post my comments forward to the on topic sites. No one should have to hassle with a troll such as me and my silly comments. I wish all of you a great week and stay cool in this darn heat. :blush:

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