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  1. Wow... this is all I could have hoped for downtown... and more!! I am a loyal Phoenicia customer. Only problem is I live so far away that I only get out there about twice a month. Now, I'll be able to take my bike there!!!!!!

    I agree that eventually we want downtown to have a "mainstream" grocer, but this is and Byrd's market are a great start. The crowds that come for Phoenicia are the type of crowds that downtown wants to be "discovered" by. They are young and/or independent with fewer suburban ties (generally) and more disposable income. This IMO is the perfect fit.

    And we can still meet the "mainstream needs" via the rail line... Randall's and two Fiestas are there. I will guiltily admit that I'd rather sit on the train a few mins more and hike across the road to the Fiesta by Reliant than the one at Wheeler station... selection-wise, there's just no comparison between the two.

    I have a rather sad Fiesta in my hood, good enough for staples, so I take the train to Wheeler Fiesta sometimes. I've not been to the one farther South. Is the selection that much better? The international selection is what I am most interested in.

  2. I don't consider far North Houston close to far South Houston or far East Houston close to far West Houston. But we are all part of one big happy metropolitan area. If you are waiting for a major park to open anywhere within 20 miles of downtown Houston, you will be waiting for a very long time. Check out where all the amusement parks in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Dallas, St. Louis, and Cincinnati are. The closest one to the downtown area in any of those cities is about 15 miles - and in most cases about 30 miles.

    Land is too expensive to build theme parks anywhere except the outskirts. Galveston, Kemah and New Caney are all on the outskirts of Houston. Those cities may have the actual parks, but Houston gets all the credit! Woo-Hoo! Take that suckers!

    I am a tad too old to be waiting on an amusement park anywhere. I just had an opinion to state. As I stated none of those cities have basically zero zoning. Also, as I clearly stated, if it were going to be a mega Disney, a le' Orlando and Orange County then THAT will be the destination, period. Not one of your "far N,E,S,W Houston's" are even in Harris county. Yes they may be part of our metro, it is not Houston. I agree whole heartily that The Galleria, selling un-needed trinkets galore, justifies the land cost. I am not educated enough to understand where tax dollars from any of those three projects directly benefits Houston, so perhaps I can be enlightened. There is way too much land within the Belt (East side comes to mind) sitting 'wasting away' IMO

  3. Very few large cities have major amusement parks within the city limits. Almost all large theme parks are built somewhere on the outskirts of a large city. In Houston we already have 1 amusement park in Kemah. There is a 2nd one under construction in Galveston. And the BIG one being planned in New Caney (EarthQuest) is still moving forward (at a snail's pace) according to the latest statements from the East Montgomery County Improvement District.

    If EarthQuest is ever built, the Houston area will finally have a respectable number of venues for pukarama and family entertainment.

    Very few (perhaps like zero) have the zoning laws nor the amount of empty land that Houston has within her core. I really don't consider any of these options 'close' to Houston, nor of the the scale that a city of our size should be able to support. Denver may not be as large, but she is way more dense and she built one DOWNTOWN on reclaimed land. If we were to build a Walt Disney World type park, then the proximity to Houston would be mute. The park itself would be the destination point. Downtown to Kemah (tiny park) 35 miles. Downtown to Galveston (small park) 51 miles Downtown to New Caney (different theme entirely) 31 miles. And again, none of these would be a draw TO Houston. With the Astrodome incorporated into the old Astroworld turf and acquiring a bit more land (though apts have taken most), that could help Houston proper. IMO

  4. The fourth largest city in the nation can't build an amusement park, Galveston is building one, and I wonder why. Parking? There are several empty areas, that could become parking lots, in close proximity to the seawall. This doesn't count how much street parking from end to end there that is available. I know it is across that looooong Seawall Blvd but there are plenty of stop lights also from end to end.. Walk people (non-handicapped) it really isn't as terrible as you may be inclined to believe. If you feel it is, stay home or go to the mall. This is a fantastic idea and one more reason people are going to drive through our great city only on their way to Galveston.

  5. I released a Houston mosquito in Dallas tonight. (What's the symbol for grimacing smile?)

    Damn, what type of monster skeeter are you trying to spawn? The outcome of a Houstonian skeeter mated with a Dallasville skeeter could bring Texas to her knees! ;)

  6. Really bad in Northside Village as well. We can't seem to open and close the door quickly enough. Wish our kitty was into the little buggers, she plays as well as a wet towel. :lol:

  7. I think it was a remodel, the 1910 picture has the same type floor seat boxes as the 1928 one does.

    Although, I agree, much had changed by the later years.

    You know Houston, always wanting to upstage itself. haha.

    Agree. But I still can't see enough similar. I've no idea though.

  8. Really? That's the only thing you got out of this post? You're not in the least bit offended by the fact that the Government was equal in stature as a terrorist

    My appolligies, would you rather I write how people in general are greedy, self-centered and no amount of our writings here will change that fact. I could blather on for paragraphs full of verbal masturbation on this post and we will both wake tomorrow to the sameness of it all :doh:

    Now, should I not be the lazy white trash dude that I am, I'd be doing something besides wringing my hands here or holding a sign there. They are young and full of grandiose ideas, let them protest.

  9. That's interesting! You'd think that they'd have the gates shut 24/7.

    Some residents really try to, but like so many gated HHA communities throughout Houston the residents first need to 'take pride'. I feel when we warehouse the underprivileged in such large complexes that just ain't gonna' happen'. It would be sweet if there were somehow a program where the residents could put a small amount towards purchasing their units, down the line perhaps. Even if it were a work program within. In these mega complexes that would be next to impossible though. I must add though, Parkway does still have a nice 'facade' for all to view.

    Suppose HHA decides to erect new housing complexes in the Madison HS, Sterling HS, Worthing HS, and/or North Forest HS zones. Do you think they should be gated? How do you think they should be designed?

    Smaller brownstone type units and shotgun homes would be ideal in my humble opinion. The 99K home (http://www.the99khouse.com/) could possibly work out nicely on quite a few of the lots in that area. Two and even up to four per. Some of them could even be built as up and down duplexes. All facing a public street. Even if that means cutting smaller type streets throughout these areas. Fourth ward is a small example of shotguns rebuilt like I wish. I almost bought one on Robin St for 79,000 (a tad expensive for size, but look how close to town) There are still too many crack homes in there for it to 'clean-up'. So this white trash dude would have had a heck of a time living there. lol Again with the caveat they could be purchased in the future. Non-gated would be best for all housing stock in America also. But as long as we have the class warfare we have (I mean this with tongue in cheek) that to ain't gonna'happen'. Sad but true, utopia is an impossible dream, no? Don't you feel that if you lived in an area where the majority of your neighbors took pride in their homes, owned or rented, the overall look would improve? We will always have the River Oaks of the world shutting out the rest of us though. Even in the suburbs there are blocks within areas that are not well maintained. Too many rentals I suppose. A home needn't be large for someone to care about keeping it clean and maintained. But if very few of their neighbors do, then they too fall in to that same pattern, and down the family line it follows. :huh:

    As an FYI, here are the boundaries of three of them:




    There are undeveloped parcels in those areas

  10. "I support free speech and their right to protest, but that is the extent of my support for these fools, because that is what they are. Fools."

    Ah, so if I protest your opinion of these fools, am I then also a fool? History is rife with fools changing the course of other fools. It's a silly cliché, but "It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees. ..." In all disagreements there shall always be "fools", hopefully one of those fools will make our next great social change for the better. This fool can dream.

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  11. The way to share Google street views is to, after getting the view you want, clicking the "link" button (it looks like a chain link - it's next to the letter icon) and it will give you the URL for sharing.

    * Front entrance of APV: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Allen+Parkway+Village,+Houston,+TX&hl=en&ll=29.761061,-95.379716&spn=0.010897,0.01929&sll=29.760193,-95.36939&sspn=1.394805,2.469177&vpsrc=6&gl=us&hnear=Allen+Pkwy,+Houston,+Texas&t=m&z=16&layer=c&cbll=29.761061,-95.379716&panoid=I8qRPQ5ZIKd0dLl37yA7Mg&cbp=12,162.18,,1,-0.5

    * Back entrance: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Allen+Parkway+Village,+Houston,+TX&hl=en&ll=29.758491,-95.376284&spn=0.004955,0.01929&sll=29.760193,-95.36939&sspn=1.394805,2.469177&vpsrc=6&gl=us&hnear=Allen+Pkwy,+Houston,+Texas&t=m&layer=c&cbll=29.758487,-95.376293&panoid=YT9ghU4rLjOiQHc2lfh9uQ&cbp=11,299.03,,0,2.9&z=16 -- Nice cop car :)

    Ah, Thank you for the info. I've done it before, but I believe it was due to the fact I was using the stupid iPad it went all haywire. :blink:

    But, more importantly you can see how people come and go through this "gated" community. The police car in the rear view had to put a smile on your face, no? Also the walk-through "gates" in the rear facing Dallas are almost alway open too. :ph34r:

    "Just Say No!" You go Nancy, right next to "War On Poverty" Mr. LBJ

  12. Houston is a city built on commerce and business. Improving the environment around the universities (to help convince grads to stay behind) and changing the economic demographics of the upper Third Ward (from low income to a mix of high income and students, with some low income remaining), while at the same time retaining the historic African American character (keeping the churches, schools, and other historic buildings intact) and architecture (keeping a number of the best shotgun shacks) would help the city overall.

    BTW, aren't most of the houses in the Northside (where you are) owned by the owners? It probably helps with increased pride in the neighborhood, and other ways (resident are not as transient).

    Sad to say, nope. Far too may absentee slumlords over here as well.I'm doing my best to contribute to "renter" pride at least. Wish that could be a city wide effort. haha


  13. "Well, verbal masturbation is the best thing since sliced bread, right?"

    Used in the 'right' hand yes! :rolleyes:

    "shotgun shack" is actually a pretty common name for that type of house"

    There are lots of names that are 'common' let us not be "common" in our usage of antiquated terms though. A home is not a shack. IMO

    "which could be instead university housing/businesses/upper class housing, is not an efficient use of the land."

    No more verbish needed by me!

    "they don't own the homes."

    True.That is the correct problem we should address.

    It's not fair to use that as a rationale to hold back on development that would benefit UH, TSU, and the entire city."

    Life is an unfair game, I'm well aware of that. It doesn't justify our greed nor hamper ones ability to help our fellow man/woman.

    "Erm, considering that it appears to be gated, there must be some schemes used to let visitors in. I am curious on how that would work."

    Appearances can be deceiving, my friend. Should you need to "shop" I would be happy to show you how it "works." :ph34r:

  14. Interesting, the various type of verbal masturbation that is used in some of the more poignant descriptions by us Haifers. Understanding my home may be on the small side, I've never really considered it to be a "shack" though. Cidade de Deus remixed for Houston, ah joy. We certainly wouldn't want our "maids" living any where near us. Destroy the only homes they know, so our eyes are no longer offended!

    Allen Parkway Village may have an approachable facade now versus the old hood it was, it is still one of le'Trose's better crack stores in the hood. :wacko:


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