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  1. Reading does things — to the brain, heart and spirit — that movies, television, video games and the rest of it cannot.

  2. From this weeks Time magazine: Gus, Alex, Alexandre, Daniel, Roberto, Bruna, Edwilson, Time:..Brazil has been criticized for building facilities for the World Cup while ignoring the needs of the people who live nearby. Do you agree?Pelé:...There are reasons for the protests and the criticism. People are also complaining about corruption. I think this is correct. But we have two excellent moments for Brazil to grow income and tourism–the World Cup and the Olympics. The players and the athl...

  3. I see on google map, what I thought may be 'green' areas on their plot map, are now homes.
  4. We need to examine why we feel the need to hate our political opponents instead of disagreeing with them.

  5. Boa noite Brasil......................

  6. Any time a BOX needs to convince you the contents are healthful, they're probably not.

  7. "She was never bored because she was never boring.............................

  8. May I introduce you to a friend?She’s been waiting patiently to meet youA friend on whom you can dependHer love will comfort and complete you.....The regal Miss M and her daughter M n M.

  9. Trust is earned.

  10. Ass!!!!.........................Class! Understand now?

  11. “Howard, you know me to be a very smart man. Don’t you think that if I were wrong, I'd know it?”

  12. "Modern pop music should just write Vince a check for like a billion dollars for ripping him off all day long. Every synth sound, all the low end, that’s all stuff Vince created with Yaz, Depeche Mode, and Erasure. It all sounded so much better when he did it.".............. Jack Antonoff

  13. Trata-se de US $ 1 ou 2,34 BRL. É por isso que estamos gordura e no Brasil não é rico? Além disso, a Coca-Cola aqui é 887 ml e não 300ml. O salário médio de um trabalhador por hora McDonald é $ 7,73. Quanto custa um trabalhador brasileiro? Triste!!!!! :(

  14. Shutdown H-town again! Ice and sleet on the way for tonight. haha

  15. Living in small spaces is liberating in a way that is difficult to explain.

  16. One day you'll feel eighteen, look sixty, and wonder what happened.

  17. Being a skeptical person and debunking nonsense may seem unnecessary or even mean or self-righteous to some...until it's a friend or relative being scammed, or joining a cult, or putting their faith into dangerous nonsense or quack medicine.

  18. Slavery will exist as long as predatory capitalism exists. Those too weak to address this relationship, are hypocrites.

  19. "Music’s for grooving man, and music’s not for putting yourself through bad changes, y’know? I mean, you don’t have to take anybody’s shit, man, just to like music, y’know what I mean? You don’t. So…so if you’re getting more shit than you deserve, you know, what to do about it man. Y’know, it’s just music. Music’s…music’s posed to be different than that.” - Janis Joplin

  20. Pink... Class!

  21. Only 30 years huh?...............Yikes! "Cyndi Lauper Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of Her Debut Album with New Release"

  22. Need I say any more?!?!...............................World's Richest 85 People Now Worth Same Amount as Poorest 3.5 Billion.

  23. We're reverting to a pre-Depression economy in which business holds all the cards. It will take some time, but US wages will fall to the level of a nominal world wage. There will always be someone somewhere willing to do our job for less. And business will seek them out in their quest for higher margins. We're still deeply devoted to "free market capitalism", so we'll be living with the side effects a while.

  24. To all, I wish: Have yourself a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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