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  1. Yep, it was truly sad to see that ranch developed.
  2. My Grandfather was stationed at Ft. Crocket during WWI. Seeing as how he was first generation US citizen of German descent, he wasn't trusted to fight against Germans in Europe.
  3. What did they do with the beautiful tiles and cool fountains? All the mounted patrols watered their horses there.
  4. Well, having them lying all over the sidewalks effects my pedestrian-friendly experience. Pick them up 2-3 times a day, or keep them on FIESTA property.
  5. As long as Fiesta goes under and takes those frigging shopping carts out of my neighborhood, I don't care what HEB does.
  6. "Who knows, maybe the Foteh family will finally start to sell off some stuff" Isn't that the truth. The Foteh family is the definition of slumlords. I wish they would all be forced to live in their properties.
  7. The Taylors should be ashamed to tear down that lovely house. It will probably be replaced with a Tuscan Fauxdobe.
  8. The area marked Dearborn is actually Dearborn and Montlew, two neighborhoods.
  9. No offense, but a slapped together fire-trap isn't unique in Montrose,
  10. Catherine (the previous owner) would cry if she could see this. I know I did. Generic McMansion interior. What happened to the once sunny and light kitchen?
  11. He's my congressman, I live right off Richmond and he was hell-bent against funding Richmond rail. What changed?
  12. I thought McMansions were passe. My husband and I just built a 800 sq. foot house and just love it. Of course, if we had 3 kids it might be a bit tight but still livable. Nobody needs a 4-5,000 sq. foot house.
  13. If you want to buy inside the loop, look south of Buffalo Bayou and west of Montrose. Better schools. But if you anticipate a transfer, keep renting.
  14. As a former Chronista and a Post Toastie, I'd have to agree with you. My condolences to all the fine people and many friends that got shafted by Hearst today. Does anyone have a list of the recently departed?
  15. I think the second boom was after WWII when Garden Oaks and Oak Forest were built, Bellaire was probably before that. The house I live in now was built in the late 20s or 30s. So it might have been built right before or after the Depression. But definitley after WWI, Walter Cronkite lived in the neighborhood and attended Jr. High at Madison. And Niche, are you the same person who comments on Curbed L.A..?
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