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  1. Yes, I agree with you about the extremely special nature of the ground where West End Park stood. Hopefully, this print will serve as the recognized tribute to the ball park and the origins of sports in Houston, arguably one of the greatest sports cultures ever.
  2. The series of 4 games, 1908-1911, played in Houston during carnival (called "No-Tsu-Oh) between "Varsity", as UT 's football team was known as, and the "Farmers", as A&M was known as, was not the beginning of the football rivalry. They had played each other 14 times before with UT holding a significant 12-1-2 advantage. But the 20 photos included in the print are the best condensed representation of the origins of the football rivalry between the two. There are a few photos of the games, here and there, before the Houston series, but we do not see such a concentration of images as is seen
  3. Below is a link to a facebook page that concerns a recently released print concerning the UT vs. A&M football series played at West End Park, 1908-1911. The narrative information reveals that the 20 live-action photos of the games are the earliest known images of live-action football being played in Houston, and that the panoramic view of West End Park at the top of the poster is of the 1910 game which set a state record of 10,000 for attendance at a football game. The complete view of the ball park brings it to the public eye for the first time in a century. Here's the link: http://www.fa
  4. If you're downtown and/or attending an Astros game, drop by Home Plate Bar & Grill, across the street from the main entrance to Minute Maid Park, and you'll be able to see "Houston Baseball:1888-1931", on exhibit there now. Say hi to Nick Haran, the friendly proprietor of Home Plate Bar & Grill.
  5. An additional note: The "logo" for "Houston Baseball" at the top of the poster has a baseball, and on this baseball are logos of the schools and/or teams that have photos represented in the poster. Every effort was made to utilize original material in "creating" these individual logos. For instance, the San Jacinto HS Bear logo uses a bear that is taken from the sweater of a San Jacinto HS Pep Squad member from 1928. The Houston HS logo uses a tiger head from the scrapbook of a 1928 Houston HS student along with "HHS' taken directly from a baseball uniform. And the Buffs logo is displayed, usi
  6. Native Houstonian Randy Foltin has just published an epic art history poster ("Houston Baseball: 1888-1931") that brings the origins of Houston baseball from a century ago to the public eye for the first time ever. Over 35 images are displayed, each rare to extremely rare, making this the definitive collection on this topic. The photos are encased within a graphic frame that uses authentic material and baseball icons to capture the spirit of the age. This stands as Houston's most notable sports history creative contribution, and is a significant addition to the culutural heritage of the area.
  7. You and your family and friends are cordially invited to attend a viewing exhibit of "Houston Baseball: 1888-1931", an art history poster by Randy Foltin as described above. This is a free event for enjoyment only. It is not a sales function. No sales effort will be involved. The first two viewing events are listed here with additional dates and sites (Woodlands, Sugar Land, Katy, Pearland/Webster, and Pasadena and/or Humble) planned throughout the area; specifics will be related to you at a later date. There is no minimum amount of time that you are expected to be there. From 5 minutes to how
  8. This serves as advance notice to all HAIFers of a pending mid-August release event for "Houston Baseball: 1888-1931" by Randy Foltin. This epic 4x5 foot black and gold poster displays over 30 of the rarest images from a century ago that trace the origins of baseball in Houston. The images are encased within a magnificent graphic construct that reflects the spirit of the times with iconic and authentic baseball symbols. Among the images included are two stunning panoramic views of the first baseball stadiums/parks in Houston's history. One, East End Park, will make its' first viable public appe
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