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  1. LOL. I know that. I meant the website itself. Are they replaying the old station broadcasts, or are they just playing a mix of different eras of rock and calling it "Rock 101 KLOL"?
  2. Came across this site today : http://www.rock101klol.com/ Are they just playing a mix of classic rock and rock from the 90s to today? Not much info on their website. Just wondering if anybody else had seen this.
  3. There's been construction on the lot next to the HEB (over by where the vet's office is). Anybody know what is going up over there?
  4. This sounds like it could be cool, as long as I'm not shelling out my hard earned money to have my family and myself beaten over the head with a bunch of eco-propaganda crap. I'm sick and tired of hearing about "green this and green that". If that's what it will be, count me out. I want to be able to just go somewhere and forget about everything for a while, not be constantly told that I'm "destroying the planet".
  5. Old thread, I know. Crust Pizza in The Woodlands is very good. My wife likes Gozzetti's. Don't really like Brothers too much. The pizza is limp and greasy.
  6. Is there really any room for one these days? As for the OP, if the economy ever really gets going again, perhaps we'll see another one pop up.
  7. I avoid the Fifth Ward as much as possible. When I think of that area I think of crime and decay, and they have earned that reputation. In the minds of many (if not most) people from Houston and the surrounding areas this is how it will stay for a long time. Sorry, but I don't think that image will ever be pushed out of my mind, no matter how much renovation they might do down there.
  8. I've lived in this area my entire life and I didn't start hearing the terms "Midtown" and "Uptown" until about 10 or so years ago. And I still refer to them as the "_ Ward".
  9. Sam Malone just plain gets on my nerves. I listen to him on KSEV sometimes and barely a second goes by where he isn't playing some annoying background music. I don't think he realizes that he's no longer on FM.
  10. It sucks that they've put in such long careers only to be shown the door like this, but I won't miss them as I never listened. That's just today's radio business. Just ask the folks who worked at KLOL.
  11. Agreed. Dean and Rog are annoying, and honestly classic rock radio sucks. The same old Another Brick in the Stairway to Hotel California lineup. It's funny how The Eagle tries to pass themselves off as a "Classic Hits" station that plays better and more music than The Arrow. When listening to both stations, I don't notice a difference between them.
  12. I avoid Willowbrook now. Too much traffic and I always feel like my car will get broken into. I remember a few years back there were gang shootings in the AMC Theater across 249 from the mall area.
  13. Ugh. Thank God we defeated annexation. I love Houston, but I don't want to live within the city limits.
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