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  1. Would you have any more information regarding the Parkway drive in?
  2. Does anyone remember or have any information on the Cedars drive in located in Baytown or the Parkway drive in located in Houston?
  3. Would then the Hughes Club been off of Sheldon Road and Lyyondell at the end where it runs into the river?
  4. If I remember right, didn't Hughes Tool have their own park area for their employees? Just can't remember where it was at.
  5. There was also a bakery about two streets over from University Blvd in the Village. At the moment, I cannot recall the name. I believe it stayed in business until the 90's? They made really good cakes.
  6. What was the name of the school that was at the corner of Little York and Homestead Road? It has been torn down.
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