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  1. And they are both by you . But I still say there should be some setup where a group of editors can take care of the database of buildings. Something like SSP. It usually works well (though some areas aren't represented well, but that wouldn't be a problem here).
  2. Well I guess this started today, because the cities have gone from having 1400-1700 this morning to 35,000-40,000. Perhaps ProHouston should edit his post to just say vote for the JSC. Actually even without that it holds the clear majority in Houston (85%). In fact only two other landmarks surpass it in percentage of votes (STL Arch & Disneyland).
  3. semipro... Macuso closed the thread a while ago anyway.
  4. EDIT: Oh yeah, if you were wondering these were taken on 4/9/06 Ok, this first one has Rice Hotel, then the building with the red columns is the other building I spoke of, then you can see the annex, and finally the Gulf building. This one is just the annex on the right, and obviously the Gulf building in the center.
  5. Well since there is not a very direct route, I would just drive. Though I really despise driving, well unless it is driving between cities and towns, then I don't mind it as much. But enough about that. My point was that you should not judge an area based on this one visit. Also in Downtown's case you should also realize there are dozens of restaurants and shops under your feet. As for Midtown, compared to a few years ago, I would say it is much better.
  6. Is this the block next to 5 Houston Center? Isn't that part of the Houston center gardens?
  7. Oh yeah, while looking through my pictures I realized I had one of the 20's JP Morgan Chase (Gulf), the Annex, and the other building I mentioned. So if you want to see it, say so, and I will shrink/rotate it and post it.
  8. Well he paid for the bus, so technically he was allowed to ride the rail. But gavoodi I already told you that they do random checks, and unless you only get caught once every year and a half (if you ride every day) it is not very economical to not purchase a ticket. Also I have been down Richmond before when not many people were going to the stores. So can I assume that building the road was bad for the area? Perhaps you should base your assumptions off of more than one experience. Also I guess most of the for lease signs you are talking about are in the Midtown area. Because I am sure you aren't talking about the TMC/Museum district. As for Downtown, I know the building next to Clarks is for lease, and the one next to Jefe Bar is for sale. Perhaps you confused some of the advertisements for St. Germain, Franklin Lofts, and Commerce Towers for abandoned retail?
  9. Good news, but isn't that block part of the park? Perhaps they meant Lamar and Dallas, not McKinney.
  10. Well there is one where the founder of the site I believe spammed HAIF
  11. The annex I believe is right next to the (previously) Gulf building (same block). It is at the corner you would see if you looked at the JP Morgan Chase building from the McDonalds/Shamrock Tower lot. Or to put it more simply Capitol and Main. Also with the same 712 Main address. It was built in the 40's or early 50's I think. (EDIT: I see you put the year in your post, but I was still pretty close) Oh yeah, edit again, they have another building on Travis. It is across the street from the Rice Hotel (over Texas Ave.)
  12. Just curious, when was the last time you were Downtown before this? Also as for paying for the rail the machines are pretty self explanatory. I pay every time I ride it, but maybe that is just me. I have had a couple experiences where they have people check for tickets. I believe the fine is $500.
  13. I think I have seen these before, but aren't there more? I remember there being at least 10 or 15 (I think). Well I replaced the last word with mormon, methodist, and jewish, and all of those resulted in another map. So I guess my suspicions were true. Either way, they are still very interesting.
  14. http://www.khou.com/forums/ Never used them, so I couldn't comment on the quality of the posters.
  15. I realize that (for the first thing you said), I was merely stating it as a somewhat ridiculous number. As for your second point I find that much more likely. But back to the supposed population shifts in New York City. From 2000-2004 it seems that 3,683,684 people came to the United States. I would be hard pressed to believe that 33% of them settled in new York City. Especially when over the last 4 years about 15-20% of those have come from Mexico. I of course am not saying Mexicans don't go to NYC, but it is less likely that they (New York) could experience such a percentage settling there when most immigrants do not come in through New York as they once did. Ahh, I finally found a better spreadsheet. Over the 4 or so years in question, New York State was the place of intended residence for approximately 325,000 immigrants. Not even close to the 1,226,800 for NYC alone. Granted others could have moved there later, but they could move out also.
  16. The article still seems somewhat alarmist, bending the facts to suit their needs. They don't even mention "Domestic migration" until the fourth paragraph. This quote below is a perfect example. They make no mention that it only pertains to "domestic migration". I am still looking for figures, all I can find are by race and very general (i.e northeast, south, etc.). Also, are they saying that NYC got 1,226,800 foreign immigrants to move there in the last four years?
  17. I have seen this name thrown around a few times lately. My guess is that it is in reference to the current incarnation of haif2 considering the original was attacked, and thus ceases to exist. Unless there was another haif2 before that, then my theory goes out the window. EDIT: Oh, when you type in "H A I F" (no spaces), it is changed to "haif2".
  18. Are they using CMSA's? Because I think some were altered after the 2000 census which resulted in differing populations. As for the numbers I have found... .................................2000..............2004............Change New York (metro).....18,323,002.....18,709,802.... (+386,800) New York (city)..........8,008,278.......8,104,079.... (+95,801) Los Angeles (metro).12,365,627......12,925,330.... (+559,703) Los Angeles (city).....3,694,820.........3,845,541.... (+150,721) Chicago (metro).......9,098,316.........9,391,515.... (+293,199) Chicago (city)..........2,896,016.........2,862,244.... (-33,772) Houston (metro).......4,715,407.........5,180,443.... (+465,036) Houston (city)..........1,953,631.........2,012,626.... (+58,995) Philadelphia (metro).5,687,147.........5,800,614.... (+113,467) Philadelphia (city)....1,517,550.........1,470,151.... (-47,399) DFW (metro)...........5,161,544.........5,700,256.... (+538,712) Dallas (city)............1,188,580.........1,210,393.... (+21,813) Miami (metro).........5,007,564.........5,361,723.... (+354,159) Miami (city)...............362,470............379,724.... (+17,254) Washington (metro).4,796,183.........5,139,549.... (+343,366) Washington (city).......572,059............553,523.... (-18,536) Also just because I am confused by their map... Harris.....................3,400,578.........3,693,050 (2005)....(+292,472) San Bernardino.......1,709,434.........1,963,535 (2005)....(+254,101) As you can see both had similar growths. Yet on the map San Bernardino is labeled as dark red (10,000 and above) while Harris is listed as dark blue (-10,000 and above). So are they only talking about people leaving, and disregarding those who move in? Also if they are moving to the exurbs as the article states, won't they probably still count in the metro population. I am guessing that it is saying 10,000+ moved from Harris to somewhere like Fort Bend. As you can see, theses stats vary wildly from what this article says. I only did eight metros (just because I don't have all night for this), but none of the top 8 MSA's lost population. Not to mention as you go down the list, Atlanta, Detroit, Boston, San Fransisco, Riverside/San Bernardino, Phoenix, and Seattle all rose in population. That rounds out the top 15 by the way. Thus going by MSA's the top 15 metros all gained population. I have to wonder how the census was able to overlook the 840,000 people the article claims NYC lost. EDIT: When I started writing this there was only one reply , I wasted too much time on this.
  19. Well that is probably going to kill B. Dalton's (I think that is the name). Better location, and probably a larger store.
  20. I am pretty sure those things jutting out of the side of the highway will be used for signs when construction is completely finished.
  21. While that is true, a bomb (at least one meant to take out the entire building) would be much more devastating in a lobby than in a skydeck. Just as an example, one of the reasons that the North tower was able to stand for almost 50 minutes longer than the South tower is because the South tower was hit much lower. Thus a greater load was put on the weakened supports. Not to mention the size of any device would be quite limited due to the fact you would have to get it all the way up. There is not much of a chance to stop someone willing to kill themselves if they just burst into the building. Also you could drive a truck or something of the sort into the bottom of the building or garage beneath it (1993 WTC bombing). You couldn't bring that up to an observation deck. Worst case scenario (besides a bomb) for an observation deck is if all the people there are taken hostage, or someone with a sniper rifle is able to secure it and then target people on the street. Even then the person would be easily picked off once they come to a window to start shooting. The one advantage I see of closing observation decks is that you could restrict the number of random unknown people coming into the building.
  22. Well in a way they still are (in reference to the Burj Dubai). It will have the bottom part as a hotel, the middle is residential up to about the 120th floor, then the rest is offices. All I have to say about that is it would suck when you reserve a hotel room in the tallest building in the world (possibly whenever you make the reservation) only to end up 30 feet off the ground. But alot of residential buildings are reaching new heights nowadays (i.e. 1000+ ft.). Also where do you get the double the size of the Empire State figure? That would make it 2500 ft. While some claim it is going to be 200 stories, most are looking for closer to 150-160 floors.
  23. Isn't the Bank of America building supposed to be a very green building also?. But I guess it isn't mentioned because it isn't completed yet. I want to say though that they were trying for a Platinum rating.
  24. Those Syrians, always claiming Jerusalem as part of the Damascus metro. Or at least when it behooves them to do so. Reminds me of another metro
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