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  1. The newer wrap style apartments on Westheimer (Alta City West & Crest @ Fondren) took the place of commercial developments rather than existing apartment complexes. The older apartments are a big contributor to the low rent feel to this stretch of Westheimer, but I guess they are too valuable to be razed and redeveloped as newer apartments. Maybe someone with Class B/C multifamily investment/management experience can chime in.
  2. They've done quite a bit of exterior work lately, but its been primarily on the west side of the building. They will most likely finish up the building before the August deadline.
  3. Anybody else notice the little parking lot at the corner of Skylark and San Felipe has been fenced off? There are a few pieces of construction equipment on site and a sign advertising a future location of Soverign Bank.
  4. As of lunch time today, this place still looked like a carwash and they were still working on it. Crazy that it's opening today, but I'm glad to have a new bar within walking distance. http://houston.culturemap.com/newsdetail/07-16-12-cheers-new-british-gastropub-the-west-end-opens-near-galleria-with-more-than-50-craft-beer-taps/
  5. That was meant to be in response to Skyline's question about the work on the St. Michael property. When the capital campaign was kicked off a few years back the church looked into purchasing the lot directly behind the ball field and adjacent to S. Post Oak. Apparently, the owner was willing to sell, but wanted upwards of $7 mil. Not sure if Wolfe owned it at that time or not.
  6. http://www.stmichaelcs.org/index.cfm?load=page&page=238 St. Michael is building a new two-story school building and ball field.
  7. Caravan of heavy equipment showed up with police escort around 7:30 pm this evening. They are currently erecting a tower crane. I guess that means the new theater isn't to be??? I didn't even know the property was on the market.
  8. Picture from this morning. I am surprised to see that they aren't demolishing the carwash, but instead utilizing its metal canopy as the frame for the new restaurant.
  9. My little block is blowing up! http://blog.chron.com/primeproperty/2011/10/washed-out-property-gets-restaurant/
  10. Reminds me of some of the newer apartment buildings in downtown Austin. A lot of the galleria area condo towers look exactly the same (tan/beige mediterranean), so the change is nice.
  11. Couple of renderings.....The first is the east side and the second is the south side facing Brownway.
  12. They've been out there clearing all of the debris off the site for the past few weeks. The construction notice hung this week says construction will start August 15, 2011 and end August 15, 2013.
  13. I live a stones throw from this site. They moved a construction trailer in this afternoon, so it looks like this one might actually move forward. I'm a little concerned about the traffic situation on Brownway St. both during construction and after residents move in. We really can't handle that many more cars since it's essentially a one way street (westbound). I'm thinking that the main ingress/egress will be on Sage. Since the property was purchased from the JW Marriott the developers probably negotiated an access easement through the Marriott's parking lot. The developer's other tower o
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