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  1. Just wanted to say thanks again for all the helpful insight and speedy replies!
  2. Hello. My wife and I are moving back to Texas from New Mexico this September. We have a 14-month old daughter and have been perusing a number of townhomes (within the loop) and free-standing dwellings in The Heights. Specifically, we have targeted the Shady Acres area as the prices seem fairly reasonable. Much in the way of conflicting information from our realtor and my (metrosexual) Houstonite brother. We will be looking at some places in person in a few weeks, but I wanted to know in advance whether Shady Acres is a viable option. Specifically: 1) safety? 2) other young families? 3) proximity to restaurants/grocery stores/etc? 4) potential over the next several years? Many thanks for anyone and everyone's insight!
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