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  1. https://imgur.com/BbtgCQZ Pic I took a few days ago of the tower cranes. https://imgur.com/SkT13iN Ongoing Construction at the site.
  2. Maybe the reason no one has said anything to you about taking pics is because there is nobody there, and by the looks of your pics, it looks like it’s deserted. Glad you are taking pics.
  3. This “ Human Construction Webcam,” regarding this project has been officially turned off, I will no longer be posting anything regarding this project, not all, but most people who work on large building construction projects are big Assholes, they don’t like it when people take photos, even though I was doing nothing wrong or disturbing anyone, so I hope you can tune in to another “ Human Construction Webcam,” to keep up with what’s going on regarding this project...😠
  4. I’m post directly from my iPhone. I’ll see if I can try doing it on Imgr and see how it goes. Thanks I don’t think the concrete pour is going to happen today because of the rain? It may have to be done until Monday
  5. Not sure what happened to the first two pics that I tried downloading? I’ve been having trouble uploading pics on here? I keep getting a message saying I’m only allowed to download a total MB size file?
  6. The big black box- and second level added to parking garage structure.
  7. That tower crane operator has a lot of steps to climb up and down everyday, must be exhausting, but I bet the view from up there is awesome. There was a big concrete pour yesterday afternoon.
  8. Montrose Collective- Getting ready for a early morning concrete pour.
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