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  1. Old house behind the HPD substation located on Crocker and Avondale Street one block from Westheimer.
  2. There was an article about this project recently on Virtual builders exchange http://Virtualbx.com
  3. My source is the owner of La Columbe D'Or Hotel. He also showed me a concept of what the new residential high rise will look like.
  4. I saw that Variance request sign on the former hospital property some time ago but though that maybe the request had not been approved. Apparently it will be since they have torn down the hospital building. I like that old Mansion house that will be torn down. Its a shame to see it go. I wonder when it was built? Can Houston's infrastructure support all this new development?
  5. I would not pay $ 800,000 for these new townhomes, especially since they are so close to the freeway. I just hope they save that old ancient huge oak tree that is in the property.
  6. These new apartments look boring, nothing special about them, they lack visual vision on part of the developers. If I were in charge, I would incorporate some of the Spanish style architecture in these new apartments to fit in with its neighbor building on Isabella street.
  7. They are putting up a new wooden fence and taking down the old metal fence, I also saw some bulldozers, I think construction has started.
  8. That tower looks similar to the Hanover project in Montrose.
  9. That basement wall will probably be removed once construction starts sometime in August, also that metal fence that surrounds the property will also be replaced with a more better one. I know the owner of the La Colombe D' Or hotel next to the property he told me that he is considering building a 12-story-five star hotel behind his current hotel, considering he gets the financing for his project, he showed me some illustrations and plans of what his hotel would look like, its very nice and fits in well with his current hotel architecturally.
  10. I noticed a Variance request sign across the street at the former Social security building across from the Pearl Midtown on Smith street, Is Pearl going to build another apartment at this site? There was another "Pearl on Helena Variance request" sign also on Helena street in midtown at a former hospital building that is empty.
  11. What's left of 3400 Montrose will probably be demolished by today or tomorrow.
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