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  1. The new tower crane is much taller than the previous crane. The new tower crane is 17-18 stories tall, I think the new crane will function for both the pavilion and the new tower.
  2. New Tower Crane assembly-Residences at the Allen, I couldn’t stay for the entire assembly of the crane ☹️ but here are some of the pics that I took-ENJOY!😊 🏗https://imgur.com/gallery/y8sL8KI
  3. New tower crane is being assembled this morning, the crane that was previously there was removed, pics coming soon.
  4. Not sure? But I saw that the crane was being dismantled, I guess it’s a possibility?
  5. Montrose Collective- Double concrete boom pump pour this morning https://imgur.com/gallery/8CORLPS
  6. https://i.imgur.com/WDQgr7k.jpgMontrose Collective- tower crane at construction site this morning.https://imgur.com/gallery/RVfCQEQ
  7. Montrose Collective view from the Hanover Montrose.https://i.imgur.com/MH5n69b.jpg
  8. https://imgur.com/BbtgCQZ Pic I took a few days ago of the tower cranes. https://imgur.com/SkT13iN Ongoing Construction at the site.
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