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  1. It looked like work was going to be finished yesterday on the panels being installed on the back side of the building but I guess not, hopefully this will be finished sometime today. The sky has been hazy for a couple of days, we need some rain to clear up the skies.
  2. The last sections of panels being installed in the backside of the building, the 28th floor terrace was being filled with dirt for the landscaping.
  3. Looking down from One Park Place at Discovery Green, last windows are being installed on the back side of building.
  4. Back side of building almost finished, work continues on the outdoor Terrance on the 20th floor, the 28th floor will be dedicated to an event space with a landscaped outdoor terrace.
  5. This view might give you an idea on the height of a 40-story building and how it would look next to this current building.
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