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  1. Gets the speed limit raised from 35 to 45! City will have to find a new revenue stream... My understanding is new councilman Scott Sherman got this pushed through.
  2. Kirby @ BW8. Finally! Will be nice to have something convenient on the west side of town...hope it is Spec's -esque.
  3. Shadow Creek Ranch July 4th, ~12:30 pm Neighbor's house was broken into. Walked right into their back yard, busted out a back master window, stole jewelery, set off motion detector alarm, then exited through the garage. Apparently the idiots left blood and fingerprints on the window and may have already been caught. Can't believe this would happen on a Saturday afternoon in broad daylight right next door...
  4. You are correct, I went by today and it certainly is a retention pond / man made water feature.
  5. I talked to a regional manager of Lowe's and he said they weren't sitting on the land with no plans to build yet. Said they take their time and make sure it's the best investment. But who knows...
  6. Mooyah isn't good enough to be gourmet, but probably not cheap enough to be fast food, so they are in an interesting place. Buns are good, burgers are very very thin (though double stacked), and just ok. Fries are excellent. Personally, my Red Robin experience was not good, I won't go back. I will probably still go to Mooyah's if I really want a burger on this side of 518 though.
  7. That's not a pond, just digging out for the foundation. Also curious what is going in there. My guess is strip mall or office space. I'll be shocked if someone doesn't put a gas station on one of the corners of Kirby/BW8.
  8. Kirby Commons plot was originally for townhomes, but now it's commercial. Any idea what (if anything) will go just north of Hobby Lobby? Nothing on that updated plan. Today it's just a field and retention pond. Hoping it stays that way since it's basically my back yard....
  9. My taxes have gone down pretty significantly in 2007 and 2008 as compared to 2006 and 2005. Partly the city, partly MUD pay down. Now down to just over 3% effective of appraised value. It was close to 4% in 2005.
  10. There is already a Walgreens at the corner of kirby and SC Parkway. Crazy that they'll put another 2 miles away.
  11. "Just heard from a inside source that Alamo Drafthouse or Studio Movie Grill wil be locating in the SE parcel of land at the Pearland Town Center." Now that is AWESOME news! Now why did I build that theater in my home....
  12. More Banks! Aren't these guys taking a beating right now? How in the world can 8 banks all survive within 2 miles of each other on the west side of 288?
  13. I live on the far East side of SCR and I'm pretty sure I smelled the landfill a couple times this week. In the morning and evening. Very chemically smell.
  14. Norton's has the best draft beer selection in Pearland. Also have a separate bar with wine and speciality martinis. Wild Geese Tavern has a nice interior, with a pseudo-separated bar and a back area w/ pool tables. Centercourt is always hopping on Friday, but it's pretty small. great pizza and decent beer on tap and bottled. BJs has a good bar area. Their own beer is decent. Haven't been to the Sam's Boat here. Nice patio for when the weather is good though.
  15. disappointing. guess I'll have to wait for Water Lights to get some better dining choices.
  16. Actually, it is a pretty big deal to get new stores near where we live. The HEB was truly exciting, and most people are looking forward to having the mall and new restaurants so close.
  17. I'm in SCR in one of the neighborhoods where homes originally were built in the $160-$260k range, the vast majority being <$200k. My neighborhood is extremely diverse. Just going down my street from the houses I know: Black Asian White Black (was white originally) White Asian Black Black Asian White White Black Indian Asian/Hispanic White Hispanic Hispanic Black South American? French Canadian? (white) Then there is a cul-de-sac where 4 of the 6 are Black, other 2 white. It's probably higher % black then most would expect. We like the neighborhood quite a bit.
  18. I'm not sure of the occupancy rates at this similar set-up in Sugar Land, but I do know several people who live there. It's downtown / big city urban living...out in the suburbs. Seems strange to me, too. Probably will be popular with many of the people who work in the medical facilities.
  19. Went to court today. Officer didn't show up. Prosecutor said "Unless you want to make a deal, this will go to trial" Me: Well, the officer isn't here, so it will get dismissed. Her: He's out because of surgery, so the judge could just reassign the date. Me: I don't think that's going to happen, but if you have something to offer let's hear it. Her: Deferred adjudication and $200 on the speeding, pay the no front plate. Me: Ha! You must be joking. Dismiss the speeding and I'll pay the non moving violation front plate, which is a BS anyways. Her: done I probably should have gotten the whole thing dismissed, but I didn't want to risk the judge resetting the court date if this officer was in fact out due to surgery.
  20. Yeah, you have to bring it.....so says Olive Garden, TGI Friday's, On The Border, IHOP, and soon to come Golden Corral and Taco Cabana. Wait, BW3s closed? Seriously? That place was ALWAYS packed. There is no way it wasn't making money.
  21. Oh. hooray. Taco Cabana. Will be a nice nightcap after I stuff my disgusting face at Golden Corral (yes, they are building one by Sam's boat). More crappy chains!
  22. It floors me that a place like Cabo goes out of business in 6 months, but all of these crappy chains flourish. Someone must have been stealing from them.
  23. I got pulled over here in December for going 52 (which is what everyone is driving, if not faster). The cop also cited me for not having a front license plate. Didn't give me a warning, AND didn't even tell me he was citing me. I thought it was just for speeding until I looked at it later. I have already scheduled a court date in March. I know they will find me guilty, but I want to be heard: 1. No front license plate - Officer did not verbally inform me that this was a violation. He made no mention of it at all. - I had the license plate with me in the vehicle and would have happily installed it to avoid the citation - I installed the license plate later that day (picture to prove it) - On the drive from my house to the courthouse I passed 20 vehicles that did not have a front license plate. It appears many of the taxpayers of Brazoria County are unaware that this is a violation. 2. 53 in a 35 on Kirby. - My argument here is that this road should not be a 35 MPH zone. - It is 2 lanes each way, with a 10 yd median in between. - There are NO roads or parking lots feeding in this zone - There are NO traffic signals or stop signs in this zone - The traffic is incredibly LIGHT - Everyone routinely drives 50 MPH+ on this road (and I now get my doors blown off when driving 35) (Pictures of Kirby) - FM 518 (Pearland's main road) is 2 lanes each way, with NO median, tons of strip mall entry, the busiest road in town by far, traffic lights galore, and is a 45 MPH zone! - McHard Rd (runs perpendicular to Kirby) is also 4 lanes with NO median, and is a 60 MPH Zone! - The old SINGLE lane road just west and parallel to Kirby, which has residential entries, is a 40 MPH zone! (Picture of this road and 40 MPH sign)
  24. I've lived on the east side of SCR, right off of Kirby, for 3 years. I take my dogs on walks around SCR all the time. I've never smelled anything Sewery or Chemically enough to notice, comment on, or remember.
  25. Beer selection is now VERY good. Wine selection is good, but their organization leaves a lot to be desired.
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