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  1. Awww the days of walking to "the little store" to buy kool-aid & candy cigarettes. It was a small grocery store that was owned by a man & wife. It was in walking distance. Nowdays can't let your children play outside in their own yard much less walk to a little store. Times have changed so much. Its not fun anymore for kids. No wonder they play video games. The world is to evil for kids to be kids. They will never experience childhood memories like we had. Drinking out of a water hose, playing outside till dark, climbing trees, kickball etc.. It's a real shame.
  2. My daddy was from Denver Harbor & grew up on Lockwood Inn barbecue. My grandpa & daddy ate there so much that all the employees knew them. Then daddy grew us up on this barbecue. There was/is no comparsion to any other barbecue. I am 50 yrs old & living in E. TN now & you brought sweet memories spent with my daddy back. Thank you for that
  3. My valentine today consists of Swamp People new season on now! Love them boys!!!

  4. Kaelyn stuck a little piece of candy up her nose and since she doesn't know how to blow her nose yet. This was scary. I was gonna use some saline drops to soften it but it just slid on out. I felt like a first time momma a nervous wreck. Being a grandparent is a wonderful thing until they get hurt.

  5. Listening to classic radio station 26 cents brings back such sweet memories of Sarah singing this pitch perfect brings tears to my eyes this morning missing those time!

  6. Hattiesburg tornado touch down hope all are ok

  7. Jamming on spotify to Journey

  8. Come on y'all give us some updates from Nerids parade today!

  9. 1-4" on the way from tonite till in the AM. Maybe we can build Kaelyn's snowman

  10. My uncle ran the 2 Point Gas Station Beaumont Highway. My grandpa & daddy worked there. This was a famous intersection on Beaumont Highway & lots of country western bands & rock bands stopped there for gas. My dad had great ''famous stories'' he would tell me when I was a child. My dad has been dead for 13 yrs now. My mom is 73 & this is where she met my daddy when he worked there in his late teens early twenties. I wanted to make her a scrapbook & include this special place for both of them in it. I was wondering if anyone would happen to have any pictures they could share long shot I know. Thank you very much for sharing any information you have about 2 Point Gas station.
  11. Will be moving back to the coast of Mississippi sooner than we thought. Yea!!! so excited. Can't wait to see my son and 2 grandbabies.

  12. probably moving oct 15thish

  13. Chelsie talked me into riding this innocent looking ferris wheel at the fair. I started having a panic attack. it went so high and it felt like it was gonna throw me out. Chelsie loved it she was laughing her butt off. It made me so sick had to take a phenergan. I knew there was a reason why its been years since I rode rides at fair.

  14. Rough nite all 3 of us are sick. Kaelyn woke up at 3 and I rocked her back to sleep. Bless her heart she keeps coughing. Miserable....

  15. 6 years ago today my life changed forever

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