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  1. My brother said he had a friend wait in line 6 hours to audition and the friend turned around and went back to Houston! OMG!!! You know what its funnier then the bad singing (coming from Austin?) ..the wannabe cowboys and the HILAIROUS Accents!!!!!
  2. I was watching Ghost Whisperer and I was interested to find out where "Jennifer Love Hewitt" the star of the show (and Party of Five) was from. So I peeked in on www.imdb.com and found... she's from "Wakko"..er.. Waco, Texas. Little did I know Michael Dorn (not too long ago) was born in a little city between Houston and San Antonio. We know Dennis/Randy Quaid/Brent Spiner all went to high school in Bellaire (in Bellaire -Houston- Texas) (their so patrotic on red/white in that small city that even their street signs are red/white! ) of course we know where Kelly Clarkson is from (I forgot the name of the city, Texas) outside the Metroplex. The Cosby Show mom is from Houston (I can never remember her name) Patrick Swayze is also from Texas as well (went to Lamar high school in Houston) even bands I love are from Texas... "Bowling for Soup" started in the Panhandle I beleive (sorry again its a long day and my mind is shot) anyone think of other Texas born (not necessarily Houston people) actors/celebs? ---- P.S. Not the ones who reside here like Sandra Bullock out in Austin (we know she lives there right?) but the ones who are 100% pure Texan...born and ...somewhat bred down here
  3. what if Donald Trump, Hilton, and Tilman Fertita built a hotel and planned it together? what do you think it'd look like? I'd say it'd have a casino, with sharks in the pool with marble tiles at the bottom and pure gold in the rims of the pool. I'd say it'd be costly to stay at over night and we all can see a little green (don' t mean envy) in this trio. Reason Donald Trump doesn't want to come to Houston is because Tilman owns half the city in hotels! He'll bark Donald out of territory! (Like a mad Doberman tied to a dog house) sorry long day...and my attempt at bad jokes
  4. I look at how many people read this board (with login names) and I just want to say Congrats Editor on a job well done!!! Good to see so many people here!!! Keep up the great work
  5. Flash is now installed on my computer, ETRUST Virus Protector/Firewall was blocking it. Thanks everyone!! Now to work on Active X
  6. I am a bit confused. In my apartment I have seen some shiny new Escalades/Chevy Avalanches/Caddilacs, and some other Louisana cars have no front license plate. The thing that confuses me is this: In Texas it is by law to have a front/back license plate. If one is a evaucee or lives/resides here in Texas and has a Louisana plate...don't they have to follow by our laws? Their not in Louisana anymore. They are living there. So they can get away with the plate only in the back? If they need a front plate, why don't they cops stop them or something be said? (I don't know who'd say it but I'm just wondering) I remember my brother had his front plate in his windshield long ago and a cop stopped him. Even my dad getting ticketed for having a burnt out license plate bulb in the back of his car (that goes over the plate).
  7. "The Movies" game isn't an older game. Its extremely new. It came out in Late november for the PC. The graphics on that game ARE so intense! (Its more like SIMS 2 intense) it needed an ATI Radeon card to work better. After I installed the game w/o a strong graphics card, I was booted out of the game, and the game lagged alot! (I thought my graphics card could support the game) Also i can't see pictures my friends post on this site : http://on.starblvd.net/meet/nikkideboer (if the server is down..that's normal the server flutuates) I used to be able to post graphics and see them and now I can't. I have no idea when this actually happened butI noticed it recently I have ETRUST Firewall, antivirus, popup blocker, spam protection and unfornately something is blocking me from having Flash or it got wiped. Which I don't understand. My computer is only 2 months old or maybe 3 at most. Its not that old. I tried looking at the firewall to see if it was blocking (b/c I can lock my internet with a password) and some of the things I can unlock, I don't understand this is what I got trying to download file hippo: You are not authorized to view this page Well if this computer goes down, (which is going down pretty fast for a Compaq Presario compared to an "Emachine" then I will get a laptop. (for preferential reasons) File Hippo couldn't get flash to download either Why would a new game use an older Flash? Thanks for your help guys!
  8. how do I explain this? I can see pictures on this website, but when I post my own pictures on a message board elsewhere, I can't see them. On Ecards I can't see gifs, flash ecards, etc... I tried to download FLASH and everytime I go to Macromedia's website it gives me the: "Page cannot be found" I am thinking Flash or Active Direct X (are they the same?) left my computer when I uninstalled "The Movies" from my PC (from the PC CD ROM game)...I had a hard time playing the game in the first place! What do I do I want to see decent ecards again!! For example I went to masqueradetheatre.com (where I used to work) and usually there is some singing with the words "Masquerade theatre" in purple clashing into each other. (do y'all see that?)...I can't. Please let me know if anything can help. It'd be appreciated!
  9. I have noticed most Lousiana cars are also new looking as well!! I live in a crowded apartment complex and I notice as well that the Texas cars are all gone and yet the Louisana cars are still there. One car hasn't moved for 2 days. As far as being pushed out of their home, the ordeal was bad, but one can overstay their welcome and yet don't they have family they can stay with elsewhere in the U.S.? Getting kicked out of the hotel is not a surprise to me (and someone needs a edge or they'd (evacuees) would never leave. Did they think they could stay in this hotel forever? I say if anything if they don't find a place by Jan they should be removed. I mean they had since August, they have FEMA checks (to live off of for now)...what else could we as Texans do?
  10. Don't forget to visit Harwin St. (in the area) while your there. GREAT shopping at a discount (in warehouses but its near the area so why not)
  11. I know I sound cheap but I try to preserve as much money as I can. I had TIVO but (oh shoot I need to call them!) i got rid of it b/c I found out it works better on Digital cable not Analog and the subscription to TIVO is $12. Same with Satalite radio. Sometimes they play good music, sometimes not. I just can't imagine myself paying for Sat. Radio and yet have all those stations to fiddle with. I don't particularly like driving to really keep it in my car. But thanks for your suggestions though. I wish Radio was a bit better that I wouldn't have to resort anything else. But hey its free what do you expect?
  12. I love the mountains and the weather! I could never drive from Houston to El Paso (my stepfather did and that's a 13 hour drive w/stopping overnight in Ozona, TX AKA Middle of nowhere) and not much to see along the way. Once you leave San Antonio on I-10..it gets boring.
  13. El Paso compared to Houston is small but the city itself isn't really that small and not easy to nagivate around if you are uncomfortable driving around mountains. Its one of the largest cities in Texas actually. I loved El Paso but hated the scorpions. Those little buggers were everywhere! They hide in your clothes, in your dishwasher. they climb up walls. BUT El Paso has some of the nicest wealthier homes I have ever seen especially on the mountain side! just some examples http://www.teamolivas.com/ext_real-estate_...1883/index.html
  14. I know West Oaks may be a beautiful building but looks are decieving. The mall is SO BORING!!! I mean is it just meant for Mall walkers? They took out Meryvins, JCPenny's, No wherehouse Music, no bookstore, no toy store (I am surprised Disney Store is still there). They have about 100 friggan cel phone kiosk carts down the malls floor. I think really Alamo Drafthouse is the best thing there and I still say they should have moved down to Westheimer in a more central location. i am looking at going to Memorial City Mall for now on. West Oaks is a waste of a drive unless I want to go eat at a resturant or go to Best Buy and surronding areas. I guess I am disapointed in how the mall turned out for the worse.
  15. When I lived in El Paso, TX we used to get KTLA (which wasn't a superstation it was their actual station) however we never got the SuperStation from Chicago. Weird how that works. Anyway I used to watch "Channel 5 in the Sky" with Jennifer York and all the traffic reporters Jennifer York used to have early in the morning. It was kinda interesting! Especially around Christmas when they had the Christmas parade.
  16. PLEASE not another spanish station! Pretty soon I'll be dial-turning looking for English music! I'm sorry I listen to Spanish music all day at work and I have a couple questions 1. WHY does every announcer in Spanish have to have a squeaky high pitched voice? 2. WHY do they only play 4 songs and later repeat the 4 songs in the day. I swear, i hear those same EXACT songs within hours of each other. Don't know they any other songs? okay one last question: 3. Why does every morning station HAVE to have a host and a cohost format where the co-host thinks EVERYTHING is so funny (including the American radio stations as well)...I think that's a major turnoff for me. I think in the morning I'll listen to Sunny 99.1 at work (when the women I work with who don't know English don't care at the moment the music is in english) only b/c they play more music then Mix 96.5, KRBE I can't STAND in the morning, 93 Q plays slow songs to put me back to sleep. I want high energetic vibrant songs to get me going. Anyway just my little thoughts.
  17. i had an automatic payment with my apartment and they deducted twice one time out of my account. I paid my rent EARLY before going on vacation to Toronto when I came back I noticed the rent amount was deducted again and I figured NEVER again will I go through this mess. BTW, the apartment wouldn't refund my money instead gave me credit on rent for one month. I later noticed I hardly had money for my saved vacation b/c of what my apartment did. Only statement and money processing I go through online is Paypal and sometimes even them give me some trouble (you forget your password with them your screwed but its a good safety measure!) I send my mail out of Sugar Land-bill paying. I do all my bill paying up at work. Since my dad owns the company and I'm bad at math he helps me control my checkbook. Sounds a bit controlling but he does all the calculations and check book balancing only b/c as I said I have dyscalculia (problem processing numbers) (and my dad is having problems with missing checks through the post office) so its not just Houston apparently who is having problems with the post office.
  18. For some reason I don't trust bill paying online. I know y'all do but its no problem sticking a stamp on a bill. I just don't understand why bills just can't arrive on time. Now I probably have to send out bills the day I get them to be out on time.
  19. I think we know what happened to that mail carrier! Perhaps they are putting anything in our boxes to get the day over with and go home early. YET they want the Government benefits and holidays.
  20. I think I got one of our mail carriers at my apartment fired (and I don't care) ...I told her, "I haven't gotten my mail in 2 days!" and she looks at me like "like I care, how?" and she was on her cel phone listening to her "friend" or something. She then goes into the apartment mail sorting room and ignores what I said. So I called the number to 1-800-ASK-USPS (I think that's the number) and told them that this lady doesn't do her job, I'm constantly getting other people's mail, my Reader's Digest my dad gets at his house got there 2 weeks before I got mine, as well as now my bills are arriving late. I told them "I don't care if you fire her, she's not doing her job." Mail carriers job isn't to listen to their walkman all day and throw mail in slots hoping its the right one. I talked to SBC and they told me "they haven't had experience with Dallas mail being slow and it was Houston"..I told her, I don't care where its coming from how come when a bill was posted on Oct 15 to be sent to me I just got it 2 days ago? (the 26th of Oct?). I don't care if its Houston or Dallas's fault. I just want them to stop going Pony Express on us and get the mail delievered. Sorry but it get infurating. The reason I left this in the Dallas topic is b/c my bill is sent to Dallas, TX for SBC and I wasn't sure if it was Dallas or Houston who had the slow mail. There really is no inbetween the two locations.
  21. I am late on paying a phone bill to Dallas (DAMN SBC or POST OFFICE!) because it took 7-9 days to get deleivered to SBC! When does it take 7 DAYS TO GET TO DALLAS VIA MAIL! My brother lost a car payment going to Dallas! WTF is wrong with the post office lately?! We TRUST THEM WITH OUR MAIL! I have had mail going out to NY through Dallas arrive 3 months late (And it was my artwork!) Bills I have NO control over though.
  22. i knew there was a rally but why couldn't they hold it off until Sat. morning when more people could attend!
  23. Can we not argue on this board. If y'all have a tiff with each other can you take it off the board. I am enjoying this topic and I would hate to see it closed because two people are having a disagreement.
  24. watching PBS now..I can't watch the game...too scared!
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