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  1. I love Chik Fil A's chicken strips and Whataburgers. I am kinda unimpressed with Raising Kane. They are kinda expensive.
  2. so sorry, I can't make it. I have a 14 hour day ahead of me! and midtown to me after that long of a job is a bit far. have fun though!! (why couldn't this mixer be on the weekend?)
  3. Congratulations on a job well done!!! Mazol Tov!!! I can't wait to see it in the Texas Monthly!!
  4. My dad hates those taco trucks. Why? Because why my dad is state, federal and professionally and has a in place business and while regulated these taco trucks may not be. Where do they wash their hands? (nearest gas station?) and while my dad pays so much money to keep his food business in tip top shape and has every regulator breathing down his neck to make sure he is doing things correctly. One fault and my dad can get shut down. however how do you know how well the food in these taco trailers are handled? I think the main thing is all about the public and health. I would def. be worried about water hookups, washed hands and permits because its the law. If people in the food business can't handle these simple tasks, more like get OUT of the food business and stop endangering the public's health. But yet, its more of a "eat at your own risk"
  5. The Walmart at Meyerland did get a little better. Its a litle bigger and they added some food in there.
  6. the place where I work is preparing for the hurricane season. Since we are in the food wholesale industry in case of a hurricane.
  7. ooh I just want to soo go back (or live there!) I never got a chance to visit the island off Toronto!! (down at their other airport)
  8. Meyerland is a nicer outdoor mall I think. I mean I heard it used to be pretty horrible looking but its still nice to go shopping in and about. To tell you the truth. A lot better then shopping West Oaks. Even the food out there is better eating! I think W.Oaks shouldn't have gotten rid of Chik Fil A. The only good food court food there is Arby's. Sharpstown I haven't been to in a while. I did go to Katy Mills. That mall is nice, I went to Memorial City not long ago too. It wasn't too bad either. I think one day want to venture out to First Colony Mall.
  9. How can you say West Oaks is a nicer mall? There is no music store, book store, Spencer's, and its all cell phone acessories and tshirt stores. To me is completely BORING! the renovation was nice but it lost alot of the better business's in my opinion.
  10. too bad the Grey wolves aren't there anymore. Just the Maned Wolf. The African animals will be taken to the new African Exhibit when its finished.
  11. I noticed everytime people came near the pen the Zebra stamped his leg too. (was it a warning?) LOL! he loved watching kids too. next time I'll see if I can get pictures. I'm planning on going back!!
  12. We may not have the best zoo but we have the best animals!! LOL! So personable! I still can't get over the Zebra! If anyone goes, please let me know if the Zebra acts that way to y'all too!! I am curious! My friend and I are actually interested in "zoo adopting" the Zebra to suppport it! We're looking into it. We'll let you know what comes of it. BTw, never heard of a duck that growls...was it at the duck pond?
  13. I went to the zoo yesterday with a friend and we went by and saw the animals. I felt bad for them because you know our zoo is really shameful looking if you compare it to San Antonio's zoo. (as well as the people who work the food kiosk have no idea where any of the animals are located!) So anyway we walked around and we came upon the Zebras. Well they looked like typical grass eating zebras. There is one that stands out VERY well. His name is "Adam" a zookeeper told us. Zookeeper also told us that he was hand raised and someone thought they could use it as a pet and train it as a horse but it started biting (They must have watched, "Racing Stripes" a bit too much!) so it was donated to the zoo. My friend and I were just totally loving and playing with this Zebra from our safe distance of course! First he comes up to the pen as close as possible! (I couldn't believe that) He came when called if he moved away from the pen for a while. If we asked the Zebra to smile, he'd grin his upper lips. (As much as a Zebra) could smile! But this gets better. After the smiling he took his rubber food bucket he plays with. He dragged it from the back of the pen and started rubbing it against the fence, and trying to throw the thing over the fence and playing with it. Then Adam came to the front of the pen with his food container, and he tried to show it to us. He was pressing it against the fence. (Like here you have it) So after a long day my friend told the Zebra..."bye, we have to go...byeeee.." and we started walking. The Zebra was following us alongside. We decided to run by and the Zebra ran side the pen... When we ran not only running but he was bucking and kicking playfully. He was so enjoying our company. When my friend and I left...we noticed other people trying to get him to run too. btw, to identify the Zebra if you go to see him he has a small dot on the side of his face hear his cheek bone. (or if you want to see him ask the zookeeper for "Adam") he's really one of the most unusual semi-wild Zebras I have ever seen. I asked the zookeper, "did you know the Zebra fetches?" and she only said, "I have seen him playful but I have never seen him this happy!" THEN I call for a cab to go home and this cab (if you are interested I have his card I can give you in whisper) was THE COOLEST cab I have ever been in! (if you need it) The guy had a awesome stero system with bass and 2 TVs in the back with a DVD playing in it. (Probably had more I didn't ask about) Well wanted to tell ya about this awesome Zebra if you wanted to check him out for yourself!
  14. I see someone running a red light in the pic! seriously though, how come all the renderings are always showing sunny days. Let's show a little clouds and rainy weather. Its like looking at car commericals. They are always driving over rocks and mountains. How about some stuck in traffic, idling, and doing big city driving!
  15. Space Center Houston is kinda weird about its promotions. My friends tried to get a Star Trek convention happening at Space Center Houston and they (Space Center Houston) declined it or turned it down as a venue. Thinking this is the space city that would be an awesome place to hold a "sci fi" event. (if course my biggest pet peeve is there IS NOT a sci fi convention EVER happening in this city)
  16. I got fired from a telemarketing place for "AT&T". I talked on the phone too much, not enough sales, and their phones on my end were so bad (it was hard to make a sale when there was so much static coming from my end of the line AND Embarrassing)..I want to sell you AT&T but my phone line is horrible!!... well one time I talked to this British lady trying to make a sale. I use a little Britishism that Quality Control didn't understand and mistook me saying something to the British woman for cursing (which I didn't) and the lady and I were even laughing at the Britismism I used. I hated the job anyway. I went home crying everynight the job was so horrible! the other job I was laid off from was Petsmart grooming. The employees treated me so wrong!! I had crazy hours, and I remember one time this employee was retiring. So the manager said "run next door to Randalls and get some plates/silverware (plastic) for our going away party) So I did just that and came back. The manager told me to go fluff out a poodle to finish what she was doing. I finish the job and I look out the window of the front room and I see them eating cake and enjoying themselves. I slid down the wall of the back room and cried while this Rottie consoled me. They distracted me long enough so they could enjoy themselves and I was pretty much not invited. (yet I bought their silverware/plates and stuff) I felt so used! I got wrote up there when a small dog bumped me in the mouth (while grooming) and I said "sh**!" outloud. I had just had dental surgery and was worried about my gums bleeding in that particular area. The manager wrote me up for that. some small dogs are kennel aggressive and when I had to take a small dog out I had to ask for help. The assistant working that worked with me didn't like helping me and got frustrated when I asked. I tried to put a muzzle on the pit bull when clipping its nails and they told me unless it was aggressive it would make it worse for the dog! (yea nevermind the fact I could lose a hand!!!) The hardest I think was trying to hold back the bigger dogs like German Shepards, Retrievers, Rotties, Pit Bulls, dogs with muscle and taking them in the back room to get washed when their owner is right there. I am glad I left there. But because of my petite size and learning disability in math its REALLY hard for me to find a job and Texas Rehab was NO HELP!
  17. When I saw the news yesterday this guy who (I guess) is in charge of Mexican-American studies said Houston intently called the name of the soccer team 1876 when whoever named it knew the history of the falling of Mexico and founding of Houston and knowing Houston was a diverse city. I could tell ya what gets me but don't want to start anything. But I can tell ya sometimes it gets sickening sometimes. Personally I am not a fan of the name Dynamo's and I'd rather have 1976. Dynamo's name is just too quick of a name to come up and reminds me of "Dynamite" (and I don't mean the "Good Times" quote). To me personally it doesn't ring anything in this city. I would have loved to see the space of Texas theme go on and be named something unique only to Texas. Even San Jose Earthquakes was more attractive to that region then.. "the HOUSTON DYNAMOS!" of course then again I am not a fan of soccer, or is it football? (would that offend the Mexican Americans too... --calling it soccer?--) Only cheer I can know that rymes. "Go Go dynamos!" ...you've reached your high, you reached your low, when is the next name change, who knows?
  18. Even though this is a little old. I think I found what I needed! Thanks!!
  19. well I did a quick sketch of a generic downtown skyline. but that first pic without the skyline is the real image. too funny!! LOL!
  20. My idea...btw, lose the little soccer ball, add a building in the background and/or put something houston related. Make the logo unique! Perhaps it made the logo a bit too busy. (the lower part of the screen would be a soccer ball) but then again that's what I get for being an artist who wants to mess with someone's logo!! ;-P I didn't design the Dynamos logos but I wish it was a teeeeensie weeeensie better!
  21. I wish they would have kept the old street names. Just imagined if you kept 1-10th street and then went to the heights! (talk about confusing!)
  22. LOL!! "I'm sthuck....guys i'm sthuck.....I'm sthuck, i'm shtuck....I'm shtuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!" *cries*
  23. ooh who can forget the pink soap in the mouth? *sings Jingle Bells the Chinese Resturant Version* HOOOOO-HOOOO-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! You'll shoot your eye out! *kicks Ralphies head down the slide.
  24. WOW!! How long has Westheimer been around?!! I found it on this map!
  25. I"ll shop at Ross for their shirts. Sometimes i'll go to Hot Topic or Kohls for their "Family Guy" shirts. (I love that show!) Target as far as discounted clothes is a bit steep (For me) I tried shoping at "Forever 21" at one time but its not my type of store. "Urban Outfitters" is too far for me to shop! I Wish there was a nearby location other then the Galleria! I know West Oaks is getting an "Apostle" -however you spell it- they have some great jeans there!! But then again I am more inclined to shop at cheaper stores. I def. know I won't go buy my clothes at "Big Lots". I do have my limits!
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