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  1. Nope. Same as the peanut butter, per the inventor, and me, who was around when the GIF87A standard was created on CompuServe.
  2. Hi HAIFers, I've been leaving notes for the moderators when I work on stuff around here to let them know what's happening. But for some reason I never let everyone else know about it. Seems strange. So I'm going to do for the general populace what I do for the mods — create a thread each month with little updates. It's a place for you to learn about new features, bugs, and generally know what's going on behind the scenes. It's also a good place to let me know of any problems you experience with HAIF. Here's what I've been up to recently: Upgraded the forum to the 4.4.0 software. The auto-update feature still doesn't work and results in taking down the entire forum, which it did last night. It took me a few hours to put the pieces back together, but at least I make good backups so no data was lost. I think it's because we've been running on the same software installation for the last 14 years, and there's just a lot of cruft in there. Working on improving page load speed. I know that to us humans it looks fine, but the search engines think HAIF is a little pokey. Interestingly, when I run Google's speed checker on the actual forum of the company that makes the forum software, it gets really bad marks. So I think we've found where the problem lies. I'll try to optimize some of their problems away. Did some work on the SSL stuff to make it more compatible with more browsers. Installed a certbot to automatically renew SSL certificates Audited the HAIF plugins and removed those what aren't used anymore. Did some work on the visuals. There were some bits of code from 2006 that are no longer needed. You may have noticed that the top-of-page ad moved. This is why. Upgraded to PHP 7.2. Answered a bunch of user e-mails. As always, feel free to e-mail me directly (PM for address if you don't already have it). Especially if you notice a problem with the forum. Built new sitemaps for Big G. Investigating some Google issues. It doesn't like the way the forum redirects clicks on some images. Added an automatic maintenance cronjob that runs every five minutes, instead of at kind of random times. Hopefully this speeds some things up. Removed some dead links Enabled lazy loading of images. Some people like this. Some people don't. I've enabled it in the name of page load speed, and we'll see how it works. If it bothers anyone, let me know. Animated GIFs are available, but only for people who know how to pronounce it correctly ;). It is accessed from the new GIF button at the far right in the message editor bar. It is now possible for unregistered guests to post message. Well, almost post. They can write what they want, but when the press "Submit," they'll have to then register. It's a non-traditional flow, but actually makes sense in a way. If you bookmark HAIF threads, you'll now notice there are page numbers as part of the URL, and not in some query string that can get lost. The javascript has been moved to improve page loading speed. HAIF now supports HTTP/2, which doesn't matter at all to 99.9999% of our visitors. Default profile avatars are now SVG for speed. Increased caching of page headers, footers, and other bits that don't change very much. "Guests" see content that is slightly older than the content registered users do. This isn't to be mean. It's increased caching to make things faster for registered users, and to not spend so many resources on scanning bots. You may notice a change in the look of the emoticons. This was due to licensing issues. Yes, non-Unicode emoticons have to be licensed. If you were a Gravatar user (and if you don't know what that is, you aren't), that has been removed for privacy reasons. That's it for this update. More to come.
  3. This came in the e-mail today from Hines: --- New Lease Signed at 609 Main at Texas FEBRUARY 21, 2019 (HOUSTON) – Hines, the international real estate firm, announced today that EnVen Energy Corporation (“EnVen”) has signed an 11-year lease for 57,139 square feet at 609 Main at Texas, a 48-story, 1,073,075-square-foot office tower in downtown Houston. The independent oil and natural gas firm will relocate to the building this fall and will occupy the 31st and 32nd floors. With the signing of this lease, 609 Main at Texas stands at 80 percent leased. Other notable tenants include Kirkland & Ellis LLP, Orrick, Hogan Lovells, McKinsey & Company, Russell Reynolds Associates, Royal Bank of Canada, Goldman Sachs, and United Airlines. In addition, there are several transactions in progress which will bring the building to 93 percent leased. Hines Managing Director Philip Croker said, “We are thrilled to welcome EnVen to their new home at 609 Main at Texas. Adding them to our tenant roster is truly an honor for the firm, and we are very proud that they have chosen 609 Main for their new office space.” Hines was represented by Michael Anderson and Damon Thames with Colvill Office Properties while EnVen Energy was represented by Jim Bailey with Cushman Wakefield. Designed by the internationally recognized architectural firm Pickard Chilton, 609 Main at Texas’ north and south façade extend skyward, culminating in a dramatic diagonal crown, creating a new, highly visible downtown landmark. Amenities at the vertically integrated campus include a "hotel-style" lobby with a café and spaces for networking; a 7,000-square-foot high-performance fitness center and 8,000-square-foot conference center; full-height windows allowing for an abundance of natural light throughout the building; a sophisticated underfloor HVAC system; and private roof gardens in select tenant spaces. About EnVen Energy EnVen is an independent oil and natural gas company engaged in the development, exploitation, exploration and acquisition of primarily crude oil properties in the deepwater region of the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. About Hines Hines is a privately owned global real estate investment firm founded in 1957 with a presence in 207 cities in 24 countries. Hines has approximately $116.4 billion of assets under management, including $64 billion for which Hines provides fiduciary investment management services, and $52.4 billion for which Hines provides third-party property-level services. The firm has 109 developments currently underway around the world. Historically, Hines has developed, redeveloped or acquired 1,319 properties, totaling over 431 million square feet. The firm’s current property and asset management portfolio includes 527 properties, representing over 224 million square feet. With extensive experience in investments across the risk spectrum and all property types, and a pioneering commitment to sustainability, Hines is one of the largest and most-respected real estate organizations in the world. Visit www.hines.com for more information.
  4. Chicago recently changed the zoning of an industrial portion of its river so it could replace steel mills with Amazon's HQ2 (oops!). Even though Amazon isn't coming, a dozen or so skyscrapers are going to be built along the river, so it wants to change the river's character. Inspiration for the project is found on page 27 of its community presentation:
  5. While not ideal, being a decade behind the world's leading design trends puts Houston a decade ahead of most of the rest of the country. Seattle, Los Angeles, and Chicago are going through something of a skyscraper surge right now, and the results are... merely whelming. Still, I'd take a rust-stained brutalist abstraction over a surface parking lot any day.
  6. That's probably the best looking medical office building I've seen in a long time.
  7. editor

    201 Fannin

    Is that the building that had (has?) the justices of the peace offices?
  8. Some of you may have noticed that posting content occasionally makes the forum... let's call it "pause." Waiting for a bit causes the post to be posted, so there's no data loss. It's just annoying. I'm working on tracking this down, just so everyone knows.
  9. Thanks for letting me know. This sounds familiar, like a problem we had maybe four or five years ago. I'll see if I can figure out how I fixed it that time.
  10. Yep. We're back up. Sorry I had to take it down for a bit. I moved it to a new server with a new provider in a new city. Hopefully things will be much better from here on out. I can tell so far that it seems much faster, at least on the back end. Please please please kick the tires, and let me know via direct message if there are any problems still. I hope that all of the previously broken functions are now fixed.
  11. Sorry. That's my fault. I moved HAIF to a new server earlier today. Still working out the bugs. I should have those pictures back by the end of the weekend.
  12. You're right — I'm a little hard on Seattle. But mostly because I lived there for a while, opened up a business there, made a couple of partnerships in the tech space, then moved away when I realized it wasn't everything everyone thinks it is. The quality of the graduates of the University of Washington that I met was... subpar. But then, I've experienced that with a bunch of other supposedly top-notch schools: Northwestern, UNLV, Rutgers. It seems to be that excellence is more about the individual than the school they went to. One of the best employees I ever had was a woman who graduated from one of the crappiest colleges in downstate Illinois. I never tried hiring anyone out of Austin, so my image of its graduates hasn't been tarnished by personal experience yet.
  13. Plus, Apple already had a big operation in Austin. As someone who currently works in the tech "bubble" and previously worked in Seattle's tech bubble, I've never understood the attraction of either Seattle of Austin. San Francisco makes sense because of air transportation links, climate, and a good number of big city amenities for a city its size. But in my experience, both Seattle and Austin are more hype than reality. Austin, at least, has a big university churning out people who can think. Seattle has banana slugs and guys commuting to work at video game companies on unicycles wearing kilts.
  14. I wonder if they'll reuse the Joe's Golf Hole sign somehow.
  15. Help is on the way. PM me with any issues you have and I'll add them to the list of things to fix. Also, I tried to search the word "texaco" and it seemed to work. Can you be more specific about the problems you have with the search function? Thanks!
  16. Very infrequently. And almost exclusively with foreigners. American architects and architecture firms are usually flattered when people take an interest in their work. Most mid-sized and large firms have PR companies who send us photos and renderings to publish all the time. And in America, once you file your paperwork and renderings with the local government, they become public record. Perhaps things are different in Australia. I can only remember it happening once before, and that was with a Belgian company.
  17. The renderings have been removed. The Australians don't want you see them here.
  18. COMMISSIONERS COURT PRESERVES ASTRODOME;AUTHORIZES MAJOR REVITALIZATION PROJECTCourt Members Unanimously Approve $105 Million PlanTo Raise Floor, Add Parking and Save Iconic StructureHarris County Commissioners Court voted unanimously today to preserve and revitalize one of the most famous buildings in the United States, agreeing on a $105 million plan to raise the Astrodome floor, provide two levels of underground parking and convert the building's 550,000 square feet into useable public space.Court members unanimously authorized the Office of the County Engineer to spend $10.5 million on the plan's initial engineering and architectural phase.The vote was a landmark step in preserving the Astrodome, the first ever indoor baseball stadium and home to some of the nation's most memorable sports and entertainment events. The next step will be to present the plan to the Texas Historical Commission, which must approve any substantive alterations to the 51-year-old county-owned structure.Under the plan approved today, the county will spend $105 million to raise the Astrodome floor 30 feet to ground level and install 1,400 underground parking spaces. Numerous studies and recommendations have shown that elevating the floor to ground level vastly improves accessibility and the ability to redevelop and use the Dome's interior, and the increased parking will generate more revenue for that redevelopment.The county will spend a maximum of $35 million from the general fund on the development. The remaining $70 million will come from hotel occupancy tax and parking revenue. The taxpayers' share may be lowered even further through tax increment reinvestment zone (TIRZ) and lease revenue, as well as historical tax credits - meaning their cost to save the Astrodome would be even less than the $35 million estimated demolition cost."The Astrodome's days of sitting idle and abandoned are over," said County Judge Ed Emmett. "Instead, Harris County's most recognized building will again be proud and useful - as host to thousands of area residents attending a variety of business and community events. Hundreds of people worked very hard to see that happen, and I'm proud that this day has finally arrived."
  19. I've already deleted another comment that was posted after I told everyone to keep it on topic. Seriously, if you want to discuss crime and politics, there's a place for that on HAIF. This thread isn't it. If people insist on going off-topic, then the thread will be closed.
  20. Let's keep it on topic. If you want to talk politics, head over to the Way Off Topic section.
  21. Well, that certainly is curious. I'm not seeing it on my iPhone 5. What are you using?
  22. Thanks, BigFootSocks. That screenshot actually helps a lot. It's a beacon from Federated Media, one of the web site's advertising partners. What a beacon does is double-check to make sure that the ads that we say are being served are actually being served and not intercepted by ad blockers or something else. In this case, the beacon is malfunctioning or poorly written. I'll see what i can do about it.
  23. For those of you able to view mp4 videos in your browsers, here's a little time-lapse view I made from the same vantage point as that panorama photo I posted earlier tonight. tl2.m4v
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