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  1. Test test test. Embedding video seems to work OK. I just pasted in the URL. It's possible that you were looking at some threads with videos in them that hadn't yet been converted to the new system. With a half million posts to process it may take a little time. But, as you can see above, new posts are able to have videos embedded immediately.
  2. You'll have to be more specific about what you want changed with images. I don't know what "shudder" means. As for copying and pasting links producing unexpected results, it sounds like you're copying styled text and when it gets pasted, that styling comes with it. This can happen a lot if you copy from another web site, or especially a PDF. I'm not sure what the solution is on Windows, but on a Mac you just use Paste and Match Style (under the Edit menu, or Shift-Command-Apple-V — your shortcut may vary). There's probably a Windows equivalent.
  3. Thanks. There's a discussion about it in the Other section. Please post bugs there. It'll be a few days before I get things worked out fully.
  4. Hmmm... You're right. I guess "preview" isn't really necessary anymore since the text editor is fully WYSIWYG. Before it was kind of a hybrid because not all browsers could handle the advanced features. But time marches on and those old browser versions are pretty much dead. I forget what used to be in "more reply options." Is there a particular function you miss?
  5. Yeah, there are some customizations I wrote for the previous software that don't translate into the new system. It's not really an "upgrade," so much as it's a whole new software package. So I'll have to re-write some bits. Let me know what else you notice is wrong.
  6. Check out the "Activity" tab at the top. I'm kinda digging the All Activity stream. It's kinda like HAIF:Now was.
  7. You've probably noticed that we just upgraded the HAIF software. There's a lot of things still churning in the background, so it'll take a few hours for most things to settle down. One it does, give me a few days to put all the loose pieces back together. Please explore the new features and such. Enjoy!
  8. Take a deep breath and try not to be an antagonistic douchebag. If you can't play nice on HAIF, then GTFO.
  9. I was doing some research on another topic, and happened across the Chicago Tribune's coverage of the Great Storm of 1900. It's a fascinating read, with a number of articles about the disaster. Most of what I've read and seen over the years has been filtered by a hundred years of re-telling, but these contemporary media reports have a lot of interesting details that I hadn't heard before. I'll post a few clips here. To read the whole thing, follow this link: http://archives.chicagotribune.com/1900/09/13/page/1/article/galveston-may-not-be-rebuilt
  10. Please re-read the note in the header of this forum, especially the part which states "Respectful discussions only." Also re-read the Terms and Conditions you agreed to when you joined HAIF. There are tens of thousands of discussions on HAIF. If you can't participate in a discussion about Dallas in a civil manner, then refrain from visiting the Metroplex section.
  11. Just re-read the Terms of Service you agreed to when you signed up for HAIF. It's in there.
  12. Lots of strange things happening with the networks these days. Up in Boston, WHDH (7) is losing its NBC affiliation for the same reason. Except in that case, NBC is moving its signal to the second channel of its Telemundo rimshot up in New Hampshire. That's a big problem because the Boston market is 20% OTA, and the New Hampshire signal BARELY puts a city grade signal over the northern tip of Boston city limits. In Las Vegas, the family that owned the NBC station there (KSNV 3) sold it to Sinclair, which killed the channel 3 signal and moved the NBC programming to a subchannel of its CW station. That one's not so tragic because every TV signal it's possible to received in that market comes from the same mountain and they're all about the same power, so no OTA orphans. And not that long ago, Los Angeles lost its PBS station. Now there is no real, true, official L.A. PBS station. Just a bunch of strung-together rimshots going by the brand "So Cal PBS." As for KHOU becoming "CW11," I don't think that will happen because Tribune Media was one of the founding members of the WB, and I think still has a financial interest in the CW network. IMO, it's more likely that CBS would land on 39.2.
  13. Please keep this thread on topic. If you want to discuss politics and the economy, there is another section of the forum for that.
  14. Received this press release this morning. Legendary developer and icon in the real estate investment business Gerald D. Hines celebrated his 90th birthday on August 15th, by announcing plans for the Hines Architectural Forum next month. While Hines spent the weekend with an intimate gathering of family and close friends, plans are underway for a more elaborate birthday celebration in September at the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design on the University of Houston campus. With some of the world's leading architects expected in Houston for the occasion, the Hines firm will host the Hines Architectural Forum: A Conversation with Gerald D. Hines and Living Legends of Architecture at the Cullen Theater at Wortham Theater Center on Friday, September 18th from 3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. The forum will be moderated by Paul Goldberger, noted architectural critic and contributing editor at Vanity Fair. The panelists include Frank Gehry, Cesar Pelli, Robert A.M. Stern, Henry N. Cobb, Jon Pickard and the late Philip Johnson's design partner John Burgee. These architects and their firms represent longtime architectural collaborators with the Hines firm, not only in Houston, but around the world. "Our successes over the past six decades can be attributed to our good fortune of working with the most talented and visionary architects in the world," commented Hines. "Great architects have assisted us in continuously raising the bar in the built environment. Timeless buildings, constructed of the highest quality, make the communities in which they stand a better place. I look forward to sharing the stories and expertise from this unprecedented panel with interested Houstonians, including our next generation of architects." The forum will be open to the public. Tickets are free, but will be distributed on a lottery basis, with architectural students receiving priority. Ticket requests can be submitted at www.hinesarchitecturalforum.com. Hines is a privately owned global real estate investment firm founded in 1957 with locations in 185 cities in 19 countries. Hines has $84.9 billion of assets under management, including $42.7 billion for which Hines provides fiduciary investment management services, and $42.2 billion for which Hines provides third-party property-level services. In 2014, Hines completed over $8 billion in transactions on behalf of its investment management clients. The firm has 104 developments currently underway around the world. Historically, Hines has developed, redeveloped or acquired more than 1,000 properties, totaling over 339 million square feet. The firm's current property and asset management portfolio includes 511 properties, representing over 176 million square feet. With extensive experience in investments across the risk spectrum and all property types, and a pioneering commitment to sustainability, Hines is one of the largest and most-respected real estate organizations in the world. Visit www.hines.com for more information.
  15. For the entire time that HAIF has existed, people in Houston have discussed here when and how Houston's population would eclipse Chicago's. In that time, Houston hasn't even been on Chicago's radar. Narry a blip in the local Chicago media (except sports), even when Houston is being ravaged by hurricanes. But that seems to finally be changing. Crain's Chicago Business (similar to the Houston Business Journal) recently ran an article titled "'Fourth City'? Here's how to encourage more people to live in Chicago" Chicago has been losing population for decades. It peaked in the 1960's, and though it's seen some very small increases recently, it's also seen some significant drops. Like after the really quite bad winter a few years ago when an estimated 80,000 households decided they'd had enough of the weather and moved away. Linky: http://www.chicagobusiness.com/article/20150729/OPINION/150729787/fourth-city-heres-how-to-encourage-more-people-to-live-in-chicago#utm_medium=email&utm_source=ccb-opinion&utm_campaign=ccb-opinion-20150729
  16. Received this press release today: Central Station Main to Open for METRORail Passengers Another plus for commuters as a new station is about to open on the METRORail Red Line. METRO Board members, staff, and special guests, including representatives of the Downtown Management District, will be on hand at METRORail’s Downtown Construction office, 712 Main Street, at 6:30 a.m., Wednesday, Feb. 18. Shortly after their arrival a ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place on the Central Station Main platform signaling the beginning of passenger service at that station. The station, located in the 700 block of Main between Rusk and Capitol, will also become a transfer point when the new East End/Green and Southeast/Purple Lines open in April. METRORail passengers will have a new station from which to access transit service beginning Wednesday, Feb. 18. The station will provide a transfer point for riders from the soon-to-open East End/Green and Southeast/Purple Lines. Central Station Main features works from artist John Runnels whose paving stones showcase time. Using language as art Runnels seeks to establish a positive transit experience by creating a "psychological space" where time is optimized.
  17. Europe is a lot more diverse than Paris. Visually, Paris is like Vienna and Prague and Rome and parts of Berlin. But none of them are anything like Stockholm or Copenhagen. And none of those are like Frankfurt or Manchester or Rotterdam. And none of the above are like Istanbul, Greece, and Malta. That hotel would fit in well in Hamburg or Rotterdam or some of the second-tier British or French cities. Also, once you get past the touristy zones of Paris this happens:
  18. Text herson: Midway Unveils New Details to Luxury 225-Room Hotel Alessandra at GreenStreet Downtown hotel to feature a contemporary and lavish design complete with aerial views, a sky-lounge bar, and opulent ballrooms and meeting spaces HOUSTON, TEXAS (January 29, 2015) – A new luxury hotel brand will soon debut in downtown Houston as demolition work begins making way for Hotel Alessandra. This week, Houston-based Midway, a fully integrated real estate investment and development firm, in partnership with Valencia Group, an award-winning hospitality management and development company, released a new rendering and details on the luxury hotel. Plans reveal a sleek and contemporary exterior design, complemented with sophisticated and luxurious finishes that emphasize Hotel Alessandra’s cosmopolitan feel. “Hotel Alessandra will bring together beautiful simplicity founded in a modern interpretation of European style,” said Jonathan Brinsden, CEO for Midway. “As we continued the hotel’s design development, we felt the design should be reflective of timeless sophistication.” Slated to debut in late 2016, the luxury 21-story sky-rise hotel will be housed at GreenStreet – the mixed-use shopping and entertainment development whose anchor tenants include House of Blues and III Forks Steakhouse – and conveniently located just steps to nearby downtown destinations such as the George R. Brown Convention Center, Toyota Center and Discovery Green. “Downtown Houston continues to experience a variety of successes, from the revitalization of its Historic District to the development of new residential and office towers,” said Brinsden. “As demand for high-end hotel in the downtown area remains high, Hotel Alessandra will serve as an important piece to the puzzle that will help transform downtown Houston into a vibrant and well-rounded urban environment,” Brinsden adds. Inspired by Houston’s towering skyscrapers and GreenStreet’s modernist themes, Hotel Alessandra’s interior design will reflect a strong vertical design and an overall minimalist approach to decor. An appreciation of height, space and natural light also will be apparent throughout the hotel, from the soaring ceilings in the lobby to the beautiful, luxurious decor of its suites and guest rooms. And while a traditional hotel lobby is typically found at the ground level, Hotel Alessandra has chosen to break hotel convention by allocating both its lobby, lounge and hotel restaurant above ground level on the second floor. Retail spaces will be reserved for the first level. International architecture and design firm, Rottet Studio, is spearheading the interior design of Hotel Alessandra. With an extensive portfolio of corporate and hospitality projects for the world’s leading companies and brands, the firm brings excellence to the design process. “Rottet Studio is pleased to personify the Hotel Alessandra brand through a luxurious experience and refined details,” said Lauren Rottet, Founder for Rottet Studio. “Alessandra transplants old world luxury to blend seamlessly with Southern charm, sophistication and a business savvy mindset.” “Hotel Alessandra will be the newest brand in Valencia Group’s acclaimed portfolio,” says Valencia Group President and CEO Doyle Graham, Jr. “The hotel’s unique location in downtown Houston aligns with our specialty in creating distinct properties that are appealing to the well-seasoned traveler who is looking for comfort, sophistication and an overall elevated hospitality option. We look forward to providing a luxurious five-star experience for visitors and locals alike,” Graham continues. Additional amenities to the hotel will include meeting spaces and a ballroom on the third floor, a decadent spa, pool and fitness center on the fifth, and one of the most highly anticipated features to the property, Hotel Alessandra’s sky-deck bar on its 21st floor. With sweeping views of the Bayou City, the hotel also has designated space on its top floor for additional meeting or event space. Plans also include approximately 225 elegant rooms and suites with oversized bathrooms. “The completion of Hotel Alessandra will be a significant milestone in the longstanding relationship between Midway, the City of Houston and our distinguished business partners involved in this project,” Brinsden continues. “With the hotel’s ability to offer world-class luxury in an ideal area of downtown, the hotel will no doubt be a major attraction and complement Houston’s ability in being a best-in-class destination for national conventions and events."
  19. GreenStreet's PR company just sent over this release and drawing: 150128 Hotel Alessandra Update FINAL.PDF Sorry about posting the PDF instead of text. For some reason the PR company's PDF resists my efforts to copy the text. I've asked them to send over a clean version that I can post.
  20. Got this press release in the e-mail today. ------ FREEPORT LNG RECEIVES FINAL FERC AND DOE APPROVALS Close on financing and start of construction on first two trains expected by month end HOUSTON, November 17, 2014 - Freeport LNG Expansion, L.P. (Freeport LNG) today announced it has received final approvals for its proposed natural gas liquefaction and LNG export facility on Quintana Island near Freeport, Texas. On November 13, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) denied pending rehearing requests and, on November 14, Freeport received a final authorization from the Department of Energy (DOE) to export to Non-Free Trade Agreement countries. "We're very pleased to have received the final two approvals needed to begin construction and operation of our three liquefaction trains," said Michael Smith, Chairman and CEO, Freeport LNG. "As I said at our ceremonial groundbreaking just last Monday, this project will have a significant economic impact on this region and our nation, and achieving these milestones is gratifying. We look forward to moving quickly towards financing close and start of construction." Freeport LNG received conditional authorization from the DOE to export the entire contracted LNG production volume of the initial three trains of the liquefaction project. On July 30, 2014, Freeport LNG received FERC approval for the initial three-train liquefaction project, and in October 2014, FERC granted Freeport LNG authorization to proceed with construction. Now, with receipt of an order from FERC denying pending rehearing requests and a final export authorization from DOE, Freeport anticipates closing on financing and beginning construction on the first two trains later this month. Financing and commencement of construction on the third train is expected in second quarter 2015. Freeport LNG awarded contracts to a joint venture between CB&I, Inc. and Zachry Industrial, Inc. to construct the initial two trains of the liquefaction project. The first two trains are anticipated to commence operations 45 and 50 months from start of construction, respectively, with the third train expected to be in operation approximately six months following the second train. Each liquefaction train has a nameplate design capacity of 4.64 million tonnes per annum. Approximately 13.2 million tonnes per annum of the production capacity of the three liquefaction trains has been contracted under use-or-pay liquefaction tolling agreements with Osaka Gas, Chubu Electric, BP Energy Company, Toshiba Corp. and SK E&S LNG, LLC. Documentation pertaining to the liquefaction project, including regulatory applications and related materials, is available on Freeport LNG's website at www.freeportlng.com.
  21. One way the developer is saving money is by re-using the name. Marquette Companies just finished a similar building in Chicago also called Catalyst. Lame.
  22. I was in the offices of SCB today, and they showed me this building in Houston. I was going to post the pictures in its thread, but couldn't find a thread here with its address: 2651 Kipling Street. Maybe it's under a different name?
  23. I was in the offices of bKL Architects on Thursday doing some research and interviews for HAIF's sister site, The Chicago Architecture Blog, and came across this in the model department. This is a new skyscraper for Austin. The one on the table is a previous version. The modeler is working on the new version that will be submitted to Austin's city council on October 27th. Unfortunately, the person I was with didn't know the name or address of the building off the top of his head. It's around 40 stories tall.
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