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  1. The latest service alert on Metro's web site is from May 5. Why do you ask?
  2. It's been there at least eight months — that's when I first noticed it. But it's somehow not right, in that its size or position or design or something are wrong, and it's easy to not see. Which is the exact opposite of what a sign is for.
  3. I don't get that parklet. It's had a sign reading something like "temporarily closed" for the last year. How do you close a park? Why do you close a park? Closed to whom, since people walk through it all the time? Who thought that concrete ping-pong tables and zero benches were good urban furniture choices? At least if it was a big lawn you could use it for picnics. Right now, it's just absorbing sun and radiating heat.
  4. My wife met someone who lives across the street at Market Square Tower, who took a tour of Brava because she's looking for a new place. She said Braza was nice, but that MST is better inside. Higher-end finishes and such. But that's just one person's opinion.
  5. Things like this are why when I worked in TV news, she was often referred to as "Sheila Jackson Me."
  6. That was the intent of the Fifth Ward section I made recently.
  7. Top of my head: The Lancaster The Whitehall Does The Laura count? I haven't been there yet.
  8. I think it's OK because Seattle's is more a constant washing rain ("female rain," the Navajos call it), rather than the spaced-out torrents that Houston gets less often.
  9. When the interstate highway system was built, that was the intent. Traffic to a city uses different roads than traffic through a city. It's why loop roads start with even numbers, and spurs start with odd numbers. Back when the world was black-and-white, I used to drive across country a lot, and navigating from city to city was pretty easy, even without reaching for a map. Highways with odd root numbers: North and south Highways with even root numbers: East and west Highways divisible by 5: Long distance routes Three-digit highways starting with an even number: city bypass Three-digit highways starting with an odd number: spur into downtown Exceptions to those rules have become numerous over the years (*cough* I-99*cough*), but it was a pretty effective means of navigation at the time.
  10. What do you have in mind for the boundaries?
  11. Fraud is a rather specific accusation. For those of us who haven't been following this closely, can you elaborate or provide sources?
  12. Completely pointless trivia: Driving a 1980 Volkswagen Rabbit at 55MPH on I-80 westbound in western Pennsylvania, at the top of the last big hill before Ohio, if you throw it into neutral at the start of the song, you will coast across the border into Ohio right at the big crescendo. This is what we did for entertainment before the internet.
  13. Is it just me, or is it ironic that a project that's always flogging its environmental/new energy/futurist visions in public is building a parking garage next to a light rail line?
  14. I seem to recall that years ago, the building next door was supposed to be affordable housing for veterans. Is that still the case?
  15. An extended bed duallie with stacks, even! I was watching a show on ABC (Australia) last week, and the host referred to people who drive pick-up trucks (well, utes — the Australian equivalent) as "concrete cowboys."
  16. Adrian Newell's other pictures: https://unsplash.com/photos/fa4fpHIpOW4
  17. We may be moving in a few months, so I've sent this link to my wife for her impressions. (She's 90% of the decision process.) Between this and Brava opening, they'll'll hopefully keep the prices of apartments down a bit in 77002/010. Especially since some of the so-called "luxury" apartments downtown are priced beyond their worth.
  18. Twice a year? Even in the crappiest cities I've lived the streets got swept once a week. Except Seattle, where it's probably less necessary because of the rain. Which I actually enjoyed.
  19. I drove by this over the weekend. The big sign says it's part of a $20-million city-wide resurfacing project.
  20. It's so strange to see a golf course as part of any new development. Over the last ten years, there have been dozens and dozens of articles in the real estate press about the death of golf course. They cater to a rapidly shrinking demographic, and many of them are being converted into housing because they're wasted space and terrible for the environment.
  21. I think #3 wouldn't be as difficult as it seems. Don't offload the trolleys from the evacuation barge. Keep them on the barge and move them up the channel to a safer location. I won't pretend to be an expert in how things are done on the Gulf, but I know that during inland flooding events, barges are often tied together into what look like large rafts for safety. I don't think getting a tugboat to move the trolleys inland would cost that much. There are lots of tugboats, and the city wouldn't have to own one, just arrange for the barge to be move, just like any other barge. There's probably some written or customary standard for moving barges ahead of an approaching hurricane, so Galveston would just have to act earlier than that standard. It's OK for the trolleys to be put away earlier than a regular barge, since they're not as precious to the city a a company's cargo is to a shipper.
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